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Some days I just don’t like my job. More on that later though.

To start, I made my lunch last night. The normal sando ๐Ÿ™‚

Plus, apple slices and a combo of raisins and yogurt covered raisins.

I left for work early, headed to starbucks for my AM soy latte and before I could blink it was noon and I was barely under way with my work load. Seriously, I can’t put into words how insane all my patients were today. Thank goodness I got a venti this morning because I didn’t get to step out for a lunch break until 3:30 (and I didn’t even realize how late it was either, that’s how busy I was with these crazy ass patients).

Soooo, by the time I got to east my food I was running on empty…I needed soy latte recharging in a major way. Naturally, I enjoyed my lunch with another venti soy latte, and then refilled the cup with plain soy milk from the bar (yes, I’m crafty like that).

I easily downed the second venti soy milk along with the raisins that I packed.

The remainder of work went similarly horrible…let’s just say, I discharged my bipolar patient before I left for lunch and when my shift was over I was still dealing with him (oh, and did I mention the hospital security had to get involved). Awesome!

Clearly I was in NO mood to work out after the day I had. I left the hospital super late, I was exhausted, and all I wanted was to curl up with a soylicious treat. So I did.

2 vanilla silk soy milk bottles and a venti iced coffee…which I enjoyed as 3 servings

Here is the first one in a beer stein (check out how much of the venti iced coffee is still left)! After this I was ready to go to bed, but Kyle forced me to eat more…and I caved.

I had the rest of the raisin bran, which was 3 huge bowls with (you guessed it) MORE soy milk.

Then I had even more yogurt covered raisins. WAY too much food.

No gym + food coma = ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Some days I just can’t get moderation under control…I am a very all or none girl. One minute I am content with coffee, the next I’m downing my 4th dinner. Geez, talk about a bipolar day.

Ugh, some days I just DON’T like my job.

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I got up early today (weekend early, not work early) to have a couple cups of coffee before I headed out in the rain.

After getting a decent caffeine buzz going, I walked to Jess’ apartment to pick her up and we took the subway together to Union Square for a pilates class/fundraiser. It was a breast cancer event (after all, it IS nearly October) so everything had a pink theme. Clearly, I can’t pass up on anything pink, especially when it is for such a good cause, and it didn’t take much persuading to get Jess on board too. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t really cooperating for the event, and despite the huge tents, we were soaked. We got there early (which is shocking since Jess was involved) but only because I personally escorted her (I have no doubt in my mind that if we had decided to meet there, she would have arrived 45 minutes after it started). Either way, they were running behind schedule so we ducked into a Starbucks to chat. I couldn’t resist ordering a grande iced coffee, which I loaded up with soy milk (mmmm…) as we waited. 30 minutes later, we went back to check in and get our gift bag full of goodies. Dripping wet, with nowhere to put all our umbrellas and crap, they had the nerve to tell us we wouldn’t get the free pilates mats until AFTER the class! (WTF?) This was not what we wanted to hear, and being the fickle losers that we are, Jess and I bailed on the event, grabbing our free bags before the class even started…haha. In all seriousness though, the ground was wet, muddy, and they expected us to take our shoes off!?! Ummm, I don’t think so.

So, shopping we went!

Jess spent $$$ at forever 21 on new teacher clothes. The change in weather called for a new wardrobe and I was more than happy to shop vicariously through her (since my work attire of scrubs is not thrilling in the least). Then we went to Trader Joe’s for some vegan grocery shopping. We (accidentally?) had 3 servings of vitamins each because the gummies were so good they tasted like candy. Oops.

On the way home I stopped for another (yes, ANOTHER) iced coffee (grande in a venti cup). I added Silk vanilla soy milk once I got home.

Watching the soy milk swirl as I pour it in is seriously one of my FAVORITE things (I know, I’m weird).

And here is the final soylicious drink.

For my super late lunch I decided to make some breakfast pita sandos. I was ambitious and prepared 4 pita halves for packing.

To put in the pita: egg beaters, homemade blueberry rhubarb jam, and plain ff Chobani

The jam is the last of several delicious homemade jars from Kyle’s grandma.

Half way there…

…and all of them stacked up, ready for consumption!
The warm eggs made the greek yogurt melt together with the jam, which was amazing. They were perrrrfect. Warm. Breakfasty. Very rainy day.

Gym: elliptical for 60 mins, abs for 5 mins, stretching for 3 mins (lazy sunday)

For dinner I wanted something warm, veggie-ish, and easy. So Health Valley canned soup it was. I usually add vegetables to prepared soup just to supplement it with something extra and bulk it up with wholesomeness (technical term).

It was good, but not great, just blah soup.

I also had a veggie souffle that I got from our whole foods. I LOVE these things. They have tons of different kinds of vegetables in them. I think I mentioned them in the past, so I will refrain from going into the details for the second time. Basically, yum.

While we watched football, I snacked on the rest (3-4) of the dried pineapple rings from Zabar’s.

Bed time. Work early tomorrow!

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The weekend started off productive.

#1 – I cleaned out my closet to donate bags of unworn (and no longer fitting) clothes for the salvation army
#2 – Kyle and I finally bit the bullet and bought a 32 inch flat screen HDTV (sweeeeeet!)
#3 – I did some cooking (and tried a new recipe)
#4 – I dragged Kyle with me to the gym

So, Kyle was with his student at Minds Matter in the AM, allowing me to leisurely sip 2 cups of coffee while doing the crossword…until 3 pm! (btw my coffee was starbucks’ blend with ff vanilla creamer, ff lactaid, and stevia sweetener)

I was so caught up doing errands around the apartment, by the time I realized how late it was, Kyle was on his way home. So, I asked him to pick me up something on the way home…

This is a VENTI – obsession much? Here is when you know you have a problem, when you are SO hungry and yet, nothing sounds appetizing EXCEPT a soy latte. Good thing I have a loving boyfriend who enables my habit ๐Ÿ™‚

While we were out at Circuit City I needed food so I popped across the street to Zabar’s for some snacks. Kyle and I were both having incurably hypoglycemic days, like bottomless pits!

After cabbing it home with our new baby (a Toshiba 32″ LCD HDTV) it was gym time. Kyle begrudgingly agreed to go with me. Actually, I think we were both less than thrilled at the thought of exercising…either way, I made it there. Too bad my work out sucked. I was dead tired and devoid of energy (probably because I hadn’t eaten enough) so I hit the road. No joke. How unlike me is that!? I didn’t even really stretch. I literally hit a wall on the treadmill and subsequently got off and walked home. On the way I stopped for sugar (a healthy natural source of sugar).

Fresh juicy melon! Honeydew, cantaloupe, and watermelon, oh my.

This was just what I needed. I don’t know why it took me all day to figure it out?

Anyways, for dinner I decided to get my chef on. Attempt 2 at baking tofu:

I started with Nasoya Lite Firm tofu (check out that fat slab below). First, I pressed it several times to get it as dry as possible.
Then, I sliced it into 7 flat slabs (approx 1 cm wide) to cook faster and added salt and extra virgin olive oil so it would brown nicely in the oven.

The tofu came out great. I am so happy with my success, considering my past record with baking tofu. Plus, it is way cheaper to marinade it on my own, and also healthier. It tasted great, not too soft, not too hard. It was flavorful and just the way I like it with browned crispy edges.
Once the tofu was done I stir fried some veggies (edamame, baby corn, carrots, pea pods, mushrooms, water chestnuts, and bamboo shoots) with teriyaki sauce.
I snuck a few bites before the tofu made it’s way to the veggies…

But when they finally did meet, they made a delish dinner!
Look at the zoomed in view of the teriyaki tofu and veggie stir fry (mmm…).

Post dinner we watched football and I snacked on a bag of salty dried edamame. Why won’t my hunger go away?
“The problem is you’re using a hatchet where you need a scalpel.” -Obama

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Rain. Boo. Good thing I was stocked up with these little silk soy milks ๐Ÿ™‚
So I had 2 cups of coffee (basically a latte with the massive amount of vanilla creamer and soy milk I used) to which I added stevia for some sweetening. I also had a soy milk by itself while I watched yesterday’s (2 hour season premiere) episode of Grey’s Anatomy that I had tivo-ed. Here’s my review: HORRIBLE! I couldn’t even finish the episode, it was that bad. Seriously, I can’t even believe how ridiculously awful the show has become. So sad.
After a few errands, it was lunch time, so I decided to try out Wednesday’s new purchase, lemon pepper smart tenders. I figured I’d like them since they are by Lightlife (I mean, I can’t live without their other products, especially the smart deli “turkey”).
My review: They were very pepper-y and since I’m not a big fan of pepper I think next time I will get the “savory chick’n” flavor. They were definitely good though, and since it is hard to find a non-meat substitute for chicken that actually tastes like chicken, I was pleasantly surprised at how close this came. I will definitely buy it again. I think for future meals, it would be even better sauteed…maybe cut into chunks and added into a risotto or pasta dish with other veggies so the pepper flavor can be diffused by other food. I think I have some good ideas, so stay tuned.
I went to the gym after lunch and had a great workout! New music purchases on iTunes always lends itself to a high intensity gym sesh! I did ab work on the mats after and then stretched forever…I was kinda delaying leaving the gym because it was raining outside again.

I picked up a treat on the way home ๐Ÿ™‚ soy latte #3 (but only my first starbucks one for the day)
Pre-dinner snack was half the bag of edamame (post dinner snack was the other half)
Talk about a protein loaded day! All I wanted for dinner was even more “chicken” so I heated up some Health is Wealth vegan chicken-free nuggets. I love these, and the smell of them cooking always makes Kyle want to steal them away from me.
BBQ sauce and honey mustard on the side. Mmmm…

After dinner (and the presidential debate) I went out to meet up with Kyle and his boy posse (he had dinner at Rosa Mexicana with some of his work friends). I was the only girl for the night, but I didn’t really care. We went to The Rusty Knot and I had a pretty gross glass of white wine. To say the menu was minimalist would be an understatement, there were 3 types of beer (one of which nobody had ever heard of) and one red and one white wine (which I later discovered were from a box)! One of the boys ordered their special (a word I use reluctantly to describe the concoction), called a “dark and stormy” which was dark rum, ginger soda, and some kind of beer (?)…nasty. The drink was passed around all night but still didn’t get finished. I’m not sure I will be going back there. Still, the night was fun and I got to see people that I don’t work with, so it was still a good Friday night.

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Ok, first things first – here is a photo of the coconut date rolls I was raving about yesterday. I had 3 last night, and the remaining 3 for dessert tonight (so mentally insert this picture again later after dinner). They are so dense! I have been looking FOREVER for these deliciously sweet snacks. In the past, every time I have seen coconut date rolls there have been almonds in the ingredients (yuck!) which immediately ruins them in my opinion…so I am excited beyond words to have finally discovered this new health food store that carries the un-nutty version of the bite sized treats. I also had half a bag of salty edamame last night, so here is the picture of that.

ANYWAYS…I had work again today, and as per the title of the post, I had a LOT of soy lattes. We are talking heart palpitations, people! I am fairly certain that if I had been on an EKG monitor I would be getting treatment.

Work today was fairly uneventful – nice and slow, as it has been lately (so I am getting spoiled). Not that people can control when they get heart attacks, but it seems like with the approaching JCAHO inspection, everyone is ditching the hospital, patients and staff! I wish they would just come and get it over with. Even after combining the 2 pods of the step down unit, there were still more nurses on the floor than patients!

But enough about work…lunch was the same sandwich of smart deli meat on Ezekiel bread, with a banana as my AM snack and yogurt covered raisins for my PM snack. Plus, another soy latte. I also went to the gym after work, despite my exhaustion and the rainy weather. It was even a good work out (probably because my baseline heart rate was still in the 110’s from all the caffeine).

For dinner I was super lazy. I wanted something warm, but not too filling. I grabbed a can of organic lentils and heated them up (protein).

Then I went with my latest staple of hummus with veggies.
All together now.

The meal was lacking int he carb department, so I had a pita with the hummus too (no photo). And yet I still felt like I wasn’t quite satisfied…
There is no way I could have foreseen the mess to come, I mean who would have thought popcorn would have been such a disaster to make? To make a long story short, I nearly burned down the microwave (and thus the apartment) because for some reason I got defective bags. Rather than pop the kernels, the bag set fire (seriously, fire). So, the edible yield of 3 bags was probably only 2 servings! Whatever, I guess that is divine intervention telling me to stop eating.

The salvaged portion.

I am pretty sure I had a few handfuls of raisins after this…tomorrow starts my 3 day weekend though, so I can get my cooking on and stop being such a sloth in the kitchen.

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Seriously, meals were kinda a lost cause today…I was doing random errands all day so I was in and out of the apt and grazing (like a cow?) the whole day long. Not that being busy is an excuse, because when it comes down to it, I was just lazy.

I started the day with some java x2. Mmmm…stevia and ff vanilla creamer included.

After coffee I had a bunch of soy bacon (some of which I photographed below) and headed out for a very important mission. Operation denim. I love shopping and hate it at the same time, especially for jeans.

Also, I had some santa cruz organic lemonade this morning. It is tart and sweet but doesn’t leave that lemony taste in your mouth. In fact it is quite good, I think next time I’ll buy their raspberry lemonade flavor.

After hours of browsing I returned home with less $$ and more clothes, so I guess it was a success? While I was out I snacked on both raisins and yogurt covered raisins ๐Ÿ™‚

I also grabbed a soy latte on the way home (no surprise). Then I polished off the last of the hummus with the end pieces of the Ezekiel bread.

…and here I am mid grub sesh

Next up: gym! Nothing to report here, my work out is just so not interesting…

Dinner was more snacking. Nibble here. Nibble there.

Ok, here is (or what was) a MONSTER bad of yogurt covered pretzels I picked up on the way home from the gym. I literally ate the entire bag of them, which could have been anywhere from 50 to 75…I swear, once I discover something I like, it is only a matter of time before I go and overdose. I am definitely on the fast track for that, I can tell it is only a matter of time before that happens. Now I’m bouncing off the wall.

But still snacking…yes, that’s Kyle in the background doing some cooking of his own.

Dessert (aka more snacks) included coconut date rolls (the most decadent things EVER) and half a bag of dried salty edamame. Since I am a lazy ass, I have no pictures, but let me just say, these coconut date rolls are like rich dense pieces of heaven. In the words of Ms. Ray, YUM-O!

Ok, off to pack my lunch for tomorrow and watch heidi klum (project runway).

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Here’s the thing – I am very superstitious. The reason this is stupid is because at the same time I am very logical and I always look for rational explanations for everything. I can’t explain why I still believe in good luck or random events being “signs” but I just do. The reason I am mentioning this is because on the way to work today I found 2 (not 1, but 2!!) pennies heads up. I always pick up pennies if they are heads up, and I never pick up pennies that are tails up (which is weird, I know), but I just think they are good luck. And as if that isn’t bizarre enough on it’s own, I actually think it is bad luck to pick up a tails side penny and even worse bad luck to walk past a heads up penny and not pick it up. I will refrain from elaborating on all my other freakish superstitions, but the moral of this story is that I knew today would be a good day since I had 2 heads up pennies in my pocket.

And it WAS a great day. I had such an easy patient load (only 3 patients, 2 of which I discharged by the afternoon) and jcaho didn’t come. What more could I ask for. Plus I got to work with my fav peeps today. Other than that, my meals were the same as they are every other day I work (I am so boring lately).

Lunch was the same: sando (Ezekiel bread, greek yog, honey must, smart deli meat, and lettuce) and silk soy milk latte

Snack was the same: berry smoothie power bar

After work I hit up starbucks for a subway ride/pre-gym treat. At this point, I was really feeling unoriginal with my ordering. So I got a grande iced coffee in a venti cup, and then dumped soy milk in all the extra space. In the end, the drink wasn’t that different than my other orders, but oh well.

At the gym, I “ran” on the elliptical for an hour, stretched for 10 mins and traded in my ab workout for grocery shopping. Here are the goodies I got:

I was almost out of smart deli “turkey” meat so I got more of those. Also, I wanted another little silk vanilla soy milk, and I had to replete my supplies (propel H20, split pea soup, and yogurt covered raisins). I also grabbed tofu chunks for dinner tonight (more on that later).
I made a pita stuffed with a tofu salad for dinner (ingreds shown above). I took a spoonful of ff greek Chobani yogurt to spread in the pita pocket, then I loaded it up with cherry tomatoes, and the tofu salad I got from our whole foods. It has tofu chunks, edamame, corn, and a variety of spices, and is SO good. It was kinda hard to take a picture of because it was exploding, so I was doing everything in my power just to hold it together. The rest of the tofu that didn’t fit in the pita I ate on the side ๐Ÿ™‚

I was still hungry, so I had the tofu I got at the store. This macro and vegan product is by Karen Sisters, and is all natural tofu with a cabbage/carrot/ginger salad on the side. To be honest, the salad isn’t that good, but I know ginger is good for the GI tract so I ate it anyways. I didn’t have the sauce though (on the side above).
I may have had a handful or 2 of yogurt covered raisins for dessert, too.

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