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Here are just a few lessons I learned that were reinforced today.

1.  I crash and burn without my “me time” (aka days off).  Feel me K?

I was in a beezy of a mood all day today (come to think of it, I’d say I’m going on day 3 now).  Even one of the male (read: unobservant) NPs on the floor noticed and asked me point blank what was wrong, and told me I seemed down.  Shoot.  So much for my poker face.  He then asked me if I was “chemical” which was so hilarious, I couldn’t help but laugh.  How I managed to put on a smile for my patients is not just a miracle, it’s like the 8th wonder of the world.

2.  Sick fiancé plus working girl adds up to a disaster of an apartment.

Picture this: Dishes in the sink piled sky high.  Trash can filled to the brim.  Empty soap dispensers.  Dangerously low tissue/toilet paper/paper towel supplies.  Basically, I will NOT be joining the Real Housewives of NYC any time soon.  Working is one thing.  Working and single-handedly holding down the fort apartment, is another.  Kyle needs to get better soon because I am seriously starting to 95% already crumble (I may be 95% there already).

3.  Cold & rainy weather equals homeless/schizo patient overload.

I already discovered this lesson last winter, but I had forgotten how bad it actually gets.  When our floor isn’t filled, we HAVE to (grrrr) take Emergency Room overflow.  Since we are a cardiac floor with telemetry beds, all the patients need to get on our unit is “chest pain.”  Oh brother.  I have chest pain just thinking about the past shift.  Admit me.

4.  There is no reasoning with those who don’t understand reason.

Tough love is one thing.  I am good at whipping patients into shape against their will.  But why am I trying to argue with a guy who is definitely bipolar about why 7 suppositories are not medically advised (not only did he claim his past nurses allowed this [riiiight], but he also already had 3 bowel movements that day).  Or the lady who claims she only speaks Russian (after I conversed with her the entire day before in English) and refuses to participate in passive range of motion while in bed (never mind the fact that I can’t even drag her from her precious jungle of blankets, which will surely result in pneumonia).  If you have no desire to recover from open heart surgery, then why are you wasting my time.  Of course, the patients’ stories change the second the surgeons enter the room on rounds.  Manipulative buggers. 

5.  You can never pack to much food.

I took this pic and thought “there is NO WAY I can eat all this.”  Wrong. 


I ate it all.  And that salad is even in my BIG tuperware (if you are wondering why I had to use a different tuperware, see lesson #2).


I’m kinda on a Clif bar binge.  Loving the Z bars, especially the seasonal spooky s’mores.  The salad was the most random thing ever, and I was as excited to east it as I was to make it.  It did the job (which is hardly the way I like to feel about my food). 

The rest of the diddies you know by now: protein pretzels, raisins, dried papaya, dried mango, apple, mini Luna bar (almost out of the minis!), and sugar snap peas.

I got home from work EX-HAUSTED and was so relieved that dinner was already done.  I was definitely in need of a no brainer.

What we have here is a bit of snack plate action (times dos). 


First up, a leftover black bean pumpkin burger on a WF english muffin with hummus as well as a side of BN squash.  And on deck, an assortment of hummus vehicles, including apple slices, carrots, shrooms, my finger, and a spoon. 


It was even better the second time around (although that may have something to do with the fact that no prep was involved).


Like a Good Neighbor State Farm hummus was there.


Dessert was fruity (and a bit vanilla-y).

In D.C. for the weekend, and I’ll announce the winner of my giveaway when I get back!


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I had quite extensive pre-packed work eats. 


Check out the holiday flavored bars I FINALLY tracked down. 


I was soooo excited to try the Iced Gingerbread Clif bar AND the Spooky S’mores Z bar.  They were both excellent.  Sugary, but amazing.  Seasonal bars still don’t make up for the nast weather though. 

For dinner, I decided to finally tackle a dish I’ve been wanting to make for a while now.  After seeing that Whole Foods started to carry Candle 79’s black bean pumpkin burger, I knew I wanted to make my own version.  Similar to Diana, I like tweaking recipes, but I also don’t like paying through my a-hole for a single (store bought) burger.

Mine was way cheaper, and yielded several servings, so I would consider it a success.

First, I made black beans (from their dried form), and right before they were done, I added in 3/4 cup of TVP (texturized veg protein), and enough water to make it look like this.


After it was all stirred together, I added in 1/2 can pumpkin puree.


Then popped it in the bullet…


Molded them into patties…


The extra (uncooked) part was so tasty, I ate it on its own.  I may be repeating this recipe with a few alterations for a hearty chili in the future…


They came out quite nice, but probably could have used some kind of egg replacer to help them hold together better.  There’s always next time.


With sweet potato rounds on the side, I served it up, and dug in.


Kyle was still sick, and had to stay home from work again, so I had some Newman’s Own pretzels with hummus while he was computering the PM away with work schtuff. 


I’m kinda obsessed with the apple cinnamon combo right now.  Back to the grind manana.  Peace out.

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Nursing on my day off

“Please put on your own oxygen mask before assisting another.”

In nursing school, they taught us we had to take care of ourselves before we could take care of others.  Sometimes, I forget that advice, and sometimes, it just isn’t possible. 

Last night my ailing fiancé went to bed really early (we’re talking before the sun), and since he was thisclose to hacking up a lung, I stayed in the living room.  I could hear him coughing all night, poor guy.  Anyways, that (and several other issues) prevented me from getting a proper night sleep.  In my effort to try to keep myself healthy, I didn’t set an alarm, hoping to get a few extra hours of sleep. 

Negative ghost rider.  The pattern is full.

Kyle went to work, but returned home by 8 am with a temp of 101.  At which point, I went into nursing mode…


Welcome to the toxic zone.  Please note the following: cold compress melting on the wood, WF bag of sputum filled tissue, fluids, tissues, more tissues, and more fluids.

Since most of my day included limiting Kyle’s germs to a small area of the apartment, as well as cooking for and cleaning after my sickly beau, I don’t have interesting (or photo-worthy) eats. 

Here’s what went down in the HHH apartment:

  • white rice
  • veg/noodle soup
  • white rice
  • POM tea
  • Clif bars

Since I was making the above, and sterilizing everything immediately after, I had such uninspired meals.  I’m talking toast, granola, and fruit.  Blah.  I’m annoyed just writing about it.  I hate to be such a downer about it, especially because it sounds like I resent Kyle for being sick (which is definitely not the case, since he clearly didn’t choose to be sick).  But, I try so hard to make the most of my days off, getting errands done, prepping and cooking meals, and exercising.  So, it’s especially frustrating when I eat uninteresting, boring crap, don’t get a single errand done, and never make it to the gym.

Ok, enough whining. 

Here’s the one GOOD thing I ate today:


Plocky’s Hummus chips!!

I had never heard of or seen this brand before, but lovely reader, Courtney, was kind enough to send me a bag in my massive birthday package

I was so excited to try it, and since I had no hummus (gasp!) in the apartment, this was the closest alternative.  They were so good!  They were thick, but had a great crispy, crunch to them.  Plus, there was definite hummus flavor, but it wasn’t too strong (they still had a definite “chip” flavor).  The nutritionals were pretty decent too.  Of course I finished off the entire bag in one sitting (none of this 3 servings bullsh!t).  Now, I want to try all their flavors!!  If only I could find them in stores…

Back to regular (non-complaining) blogging tomorrow.

Don’t forget, time to enter my giveaway is tick-tocking by!

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I had probably THE worst night last night.  “Que paso” you ask?  Well, the abbreviated version goes something like this: boy catches cold, cold causes hideous symptoms, symptoms keep girl up all night, girl sleeps on couch.  Boo. 


I stumbled back into the bedroom after Kyle left for work, and (fortunately) managed to fall back asleep.  Unfortunately, I unknowingly turned off my alarm somewhere in the bed-to-couch-to-bed process.  I woke up just before noon, very confused, and very annoyed. 

I immediately got to work on a very frothy cup of coffee and a very cinnamon-y apple. 


After that, I rolled up some of TJ’s flattened bananas with peanut butter.  Brillz.


My only issue with the bananas was the texture.  It was kinda weird.  I don’t really know what I was expecting, but it was a little bizarre to be eating a banana that had the texture of a fruit chew.  It took some getting used to.


Since I woke up so late, I didn’t have lunch until nearly 2 pm.  The Nature’s Pride 12 grain bread is so hearty.  I love it.  There are visible chunks of oats and grains, so it breaks my heart that I’m nearly out.  I toasted two pieces and added some ‘fu salad (the OG flavor) and spinach.


If you look closely you will notice that I definitely burned one of the pieces.  I’m talking black and crispy.  Lunch dessert was the second apple of the day, also with cinnamon.  Obsessed?  Maybe.  But I’m also trying to keep the MDs away since Kyle is producing enough bodily fluid for the both of us.


Here’s the annoying thing about waking up so late, by the time I had digested lunch, my effing day was already gone!  I wanted to go to the gym before heading to my PT appointment, but time was NOT on my side.  😡

I squeezed in a mere 20 minutes on the elliptical before I was forced to head home (sans stretching) to shower and dash out the door in literally 10 minutes.  Literally. 

Rather than call it a day on the exercise front, I decided to return for the second half of my work out after PT.  But I needed kcals first.


Top 3 best pairs: Chuck & Blaire, Jim & Pam, and dates & peanut butter. 

I don’t know how, but I actually DID make it to the gym after my dried fruit/nut butter snack-fest.  Even more shocking, I found an open treadmill.  I hate hate hate going to the gym between the hours of 6 and 8 because it’s just so friggin’ crowded.  I ran 3 miles while mentally planning dinner.


The only ingredient I knew I wanted was an avocadoDo you ever make meals centered around a single item?  If it’s good enough for Elaine, it’s good enough for me.  I’m talking about the “big salad” of course.  Carrots, tomato, chickpeas, avo, and spinach with a side plate of butternut squash.


The BN squash didn’t last very long on the sidelines…next thing I knew, errrthang was mixed together. 


Lordy, this was mighty fine.  I was pretty much in veggie heaven. 

Feeling that I had maxed out on my apple quota for the day (is there such a thing? gasp) I switched it up for dessert tonight. 


I suppose a peanut butter sandwich isn’t so much dessert, as a second dinner, but who’s keeping track?  On non-burnt bread, I lathered peanut butter and cinnamon, and let a 10 second trip to the micro work it’s melty magic. 

I love peanut butter.  It seemed to find it’s way into several meals today, which is great, but I’m feeling lost without my beloved chickpea spread.  Where’s the hummus love?  I’m not quite going through an identity crisis…yet…but I do need to work on some re-stocking.  Sabra?  Are you reading this?

Oh, and don’t forget to enter my giveaway!

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If I had to design a perfect birthday weekend, I definitely wouldn’t include two days of work.  Unfortunately, my boss didn’t agree. 

I guess I can’t really complain about it though, since I just got back from a week vacay in CA.  I was totally prepared with a buncha pre-packed food.


Fruit, of the dried persuasion, included mango and pear slices, as well as a strawberry chewy-thingy (Nike race freebie), while fresh fruit was limited to a smallish apple.  I also bar-ed it up with the Blueberry Crisp flavored Clif, and a Cashew Cookie Larabar.  Other “side dishes” included Newman’s Own protein pretzels and ray-rees, but it was this simple and yet delish salad, that was the lunch time star.


Spinach (and I mean a LOT of spinach), Tokyo seaweed salad, arame, and raisins filled this tuperware and my tummy right up. 

The day was actually surprisingly relaxed.  Weekends can be that way…until the cold weather hits.  Then we get all the homeless crazies looking for shelter and a meal their methadone. 

I knew EXACTLY what I was going to make for dinner when I got home.


Spiralized zucchini!


How beautiful is this bowl…and how interesting disturbing is this leftover piece.


I still ate it though :)  And to top the “pasta”, I heated up some vegan meatless meatballs and organic tomato puree.


(Left photo) + (right photo) = (below photo) aka heaven


Yes, there was nooch involved.  AH-MAZE-ING.

I made some fake ice cream for dessert using frozen nanners, chocolate AND vanilla protein powder, Xagave nectar, water and ice.


Yeah boi.  If you enter my giveaway, you can try it, too. 

Sunday brought more of the same.  Work.  Packed food.  Patients. 


I used this Baked Tofu salad to create a lunch salad in 5 seconds (just add spinach).  To be honest, I was a bit nervous about how good it would be, because it had some kinda random ingredients (parsley, seaweed AND hot peppers together?).  BUT.  I’m happy to report…


It was really good!  I’m glad I got to try this product for free because I have seen it before at my local health foods store, but never given it a chance because of the (seemingly) odd flavor combinations.  But now that I know it’s a winner, I will definitely buy it again.


The rest of my lunch included bars (honey graham Z bar, apple pie Larabar and a mini s’mores Luna bar), fruit (apple, dried papaya, dried pears, and dried mango), and a pretzel/raisin mix.

The entire subway ride home I contemplated what to make for dinner.  I was so sad because I knew I wanted spiralized pasta, but had no zucchini at home (tear).  Taking an extra 10 minutes to grocery shop on the way home was not an option – I was too tired, lazy and just plain hangry – so I figured I’d just wing it.  As I walked in the door, I was greeted by my K-love and two beautiful zucchini :)  He knows me so well.


This picture just makes me giggle.  I swear I’m not 5 years old! 


To top the raw zucch noodles, I made a “meat”y sauce with LightLife’s Smart Ground veggie crumbles, chickpeas, and Chobani plain greek yog.


Ignore the nasty color/appearance of the sauce (it’s never a good sign when I can draw comparisons between my dinner and something I’ve seen come out of a patient earlier that day).


It was good, but not great.  At first I was going for a meat sauce, but then, when I discovered we were out of BOTH marinara sauce AND tomato puree, I switched to a faux cheese sauce (using greek yogurt).  Unfortunately, the sauce lacked in the flavor development, so next time I would pump up the seasonings (I’m thinking parsley, onion, oregano, basil, etc.). 

About half way through my own meal, I was tempted with Kyle’s neighboring dish…365 tandoori naan and hummus – ummm, yes please!


Never mind the completely random (and admittedly contrasting) flavor profiles of eating Italian and Indian meals simultaneously.  He was nice enough to share, so I was happy to indulge in the cross-culture yum yums.


He even remembered to get some fruit for dessert!  Since we split it, I needed a little something extra to fill up my tummy (hence the additional apple with cinn sprinkled on top).

Don’t forget to enter my giveaway!

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Yes, there is a giveaway at the end of this post.  And yes, it’s sweet.  But before you get to that, you have to endure my birthday ramblings. 

First of all, a huge THANK YOU to everyone who wished me a happy birthday the other day.  It was so amazing to be bombarded with your lovely comments – I definitely felt the blog love.  My coffee was feeling it too.


I woke up with a huge grin on my face.  Hmmm…that’s odd, who in their right mind is thrilled to be older?  (whatever…I’ll go with it).  This year has a LOT in store for me, I can tell already.


I had cake for breakfast.

Yes, you read that correctly.  CAKE. 

But why not?!?  What are birthdays, if not excuses to disobey the normal and monotonous yadda yadda ho hum of daily life, right? 


Knowing I would also want cake in the PM, I had the (surprising) presence of mind to only cut a small sliver.  Well, that plan kinda backfired and the “sliver” ended up just whetting my (sweet tooth) appetite…so I further indulged in some more desserts.


Averie’s treats are now all gone :(  I can’t believe I had the self control to savor them for THREE whole days.  That is for sure a record for desserts lasting in the hippie household. 

Like a cracked out Lindsay Lohan, I was nearly twitching from the sugar high.

Present time!!


Momz and popsicle got me the Babycakes cookbook full of their delish looking recipes…stay tuned because you may just benefit from this little gift 😉

Sissie-poo also got me a perfectly fabulously awesome gift.  Drum roll please…


A SPIRALIZER!!!!  Happy happy joy joy. 


(A preview of what’s to come…)  THANKS Laura 🙂

Lunch time came a bit early (duh – my metabolism pounded through that sugar faster than B. Spears and a pile of blow).  I decided to treat myself to several “courses” (which is the klassy way of saying I grazed all after noon long).


Course 1: Hummus & apple slices     Course 2: “Pumpkin butter” & carrots


Course 3: Steamed BN squash (nooch may have found it’s way to this dish)

Noon-time snackface, much?

After lunch, I headed out to get my window shopping on.  Brrrr.  I lasted 30 minutes in the chilly weather.  Instead, I turned to Gossip Girl in PJs (a WAY better refuge).  A snuggie would’ve completed the look, but fortunately, that day hasn’t come…yet.

I did manage to bundle up enough to get to the gym, where I put forth a solid 6 mile effort on the elliptical.  Loves.  My iPod still doesn’t work, so if anyone has any suggestions, holler at me porfa?  (the Apple store has exhausted all options, so I’m at the end of my rope)


I got ready for the opera (an outfit photo just for you Kailey) while munching on some WF stoned wheat thins (blasting The Phantom soundtrack in the background), then I went to get my nails did, and meet up with my boo for a hot date at WF.  Where else?


Little bit ‘o this, little bit ‘o that (and a whole lotta oil). 

Tummy full.  Happy Hippie.


It was raining, but whatevs.  I was soopah excited 😀

L.O.V.E.D IT!!!!!


I finished off the cake when I got home, then packed my lunch, and hit the hay.  Work weekend (boo)!

And NOW, for the moment you’ve all been waiting for scrolling to get to…


Remember the other day when I mentioned my newfound love, agave?  Well, the amazing peeps at Xagave have offered to give one of my readers the very same cookbook AND bottle of Xagave…and that’s not all!

In order to make this giveaway more personal, I will also be baking a new recipe from my Babycakes cookbook using the Xagave syrup, which one of YOU will win as well!!


So, here’s how you enter to win.

(1) Comment mentioning the very first thing YOU would like to make (if you were the lucky recipient of said agave).

(2) Comment telling me what you’d like ME to make (the cookbook is full of awesome recipes, so I need your help).

(3) Guess what place I came in in the San Francisco Nike half marathon.  Whoever gets closest will get an extra 3 entries (hint: there were 20,000 runners).

That’s it!   You all have until Marathon Sunday to enter, and then I will be choosing a winner the following Monday (11/2/09).  Good luck 🙂

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I’m 27 today!!!  And I’m gonna partay chow chow like it’s my birthday!

In lieu of a birthday post (which I will save for tomorrow) I am going to instead share yesterday’s eats, as well as my offish results from the San Francisco Nike Marathon…I actually have plans for today that don’t involve working or blogging 🙂

By now, you all know I love running.  I ALSO happen to love my readers (which is a simple and very understated way to put it, but for now it will have to do).  So, when a certain commenter (ahem, Caitlin) stroked my ego and asked me to write more deets about last weekend’s race, I was happy to oblige.  Well, next thing I knew, my response to her comment was half a mile long, which made me think, maybe I have more to say on the subject than I originally thought.  Now, the LAST thing I want to do is bore you all with an “ode to running” manuscript.  SO, if you have no interest in what I’m about to share (or think I’m full of myself), please scroll ahead. 

Consider yourself warned.

My time was 1:43:43 which averages out to 7:55 minute miles.  Considering the hill factor, I was quite pleased with this.  For comparison’s sake, last month’s half marathon time was 1:42:07 which is a 7:47 minute mile pace.  I’m not a robot, I swear!  I was a little bummed since I was trying to beat that time, but that was before I realized that I would be climbing 75 degree inclines for miles on end. 

As an avid runner, I consider races to be the pinnacle of the sport for me.  It’s not just the path getting there (training, pushing myself, etc.) but it’s also the thrill of competition AND simultaneously of camaraderie.  When I’m running I feel surrounded by others who all share this passion for lacing up our sneakers and putting our best foot forward, time and time again.  At times it seems annoying to sacrifice sleep or socializing when training, but during races, it all comes to fruition and I feel a bond with others who made similar decisions to get to that place.  Crossing that finish line.  WOW.  There is NO better feeling! 

Throughout the race I felt AMAZING.  Sure there were moments in which I was exhausted (aforementioned hills), but the crowds were so supportive, and I truly felt strong and in shape and prepared for all 13.1 miles.  Never once did I feel like I couldn’t go on. 

In terms of my training, I’m not what you would consider a model athlete.  I don’t follow any organized plan, I have never done any research on how one is “supposed” to train, and I have no clue if the miles I log leading up to races are what’s recommended.  I’m pretty sure I could improve my time if I made racing more of a priority, but I have a job and a life and I consider running (not racing) my passion.  So, while I like being timed, and competing, I am also happy with my more mellow approach to events such as the Nike half marathon. 

Additionally, running that early in the morning is usually NOT my cup of tea.  In fact, most days I work out in the afternoon because I prefer to eat lunch (for energy) and allow time to digest before getting physical.  I have heard that you are supposed to train in “like conditions” to the race for which you are training.  However, for me, that would mean 5 am wake up calls on my days off of work, which in my book is NOT cool.  So I basically disregard that out of comfort.  I am NOT a morning person.  I require ample amounts of coffee to make a sentence coherent.  And for that reason I will NEVER EVER share my race photos (they are SO horrible).  Shockingly enough, I went to bed early before this race (10:30 pm is early for me), and got nearly 6 hours of sleep, so I felt pretty alert for it being 5 am.  Side note: due to the insane winds, my eyes were tearing the entire race long (no joke, I had streaks all down my cheeks), but it didn’t really even phase me…I only discovered it when I took a (rather scary) look in the mirror on the ride home with my sister.  Oh, and then I saw the photos on the Nike website…anyone know how to burn virtual pictures?  These MORE than need to be confiscated.

Anyways, as far as my mental state during the race was concerned, I wasn’t paying attention to mile markers until about mile 6.  In past half marathons I have done (this was #3), I have had a WAY more trying time.  Psychologically speaking, it can be hard to ignore the mile markers and not keep a count down going in your head, so I really heavily on music to entertain me for such long hauls.  This race, however, had so much going on on the sidelines that I was pleasantly distracted and the first half of the race flew by.  The crowds were amazingly loud and cheerful for 7 am.  There were live choirs, bands, bagpipes, free style and street dancers, and people with cow bells and clappers.  It was crazy.  Miles 7-9 were almost all hills, though, so I was really digging in and focusing.  Not on the distance really, but more on trying to keep up my pace and not fall too behind (because I felt like I was running at a stand still)!!  Throughout these miles there were also awesome crowds, including people with trays of orange slices (don’t mind if I do!), Luna moons and mini-bars, halves of bananas, and of course water.  I think I got more orange on my chin and sleeve than actually made it into my mouth (but really, I was so nasty, who knows what was sweat and what was orange…).  Around mile 10 I felt like I was home free…the time and miles flew by.  We were in Golden Gate Park by that time, so there weren’t really many major hills left.  Next thing I knew I saw the finish line.  What a sight that was to behold!!  My goodness, there is no better view.  As I crossed it I burst into a smile (I know this based on the race photos).  I was so elated to be done and to have accomplished such a feat.  Each and every person volunteering for Nike (from the tuxedo clad man handing me my Tiffany’s necklace to the teenage kid offering me a towel) said “congratulations” in such a sincere way, it made me really proud of myself and all the other runners.

Here’s the breakdown of my time over the 13.1 miles:

5K – 24:07    10K – 48:38      15K – 1:13:37    (ummm, steady much?)

Moving on to the FOOD now.

Thinking I wouldn’t need it, I set my alarm for 10 am as a back-up.  Boy was I wrong!  I don’t actually remember turning it off, but when I finally came to consciousness, the clock said 11:00, so clearly something happened there. 


I broke the fast with coffee and donuts. 


For the record, I only bit into this to show you the texture my hideous cuticles…I popped the rest in my mouth whole.  Averie’s raw vegan chocolate donut holes and macaroon blondies were the BEST way to start my day.  Granted I haven’t had real donuts (or holes) in ages, but these were pretty authentic.  They had a more “bread-y” inside than I was expecting and they weren’t super sugary.  Who knew a light donut could exist?  The macaroons were just as amazing as last time I had them.  The coconut was perfectly balanced with the rest of the ingreds, and they crumbled in my mouth.  So good.


A bit later I got my fruit fix, while perusing the latest NY Runner mag and some trashy tv. 


Look famil?  I added some of my ‘fu fest leftovers to some quinoa and topped it with soy nuts.  I like multi-texture dishes, so this fit the bill perfectly. 


Maxed out soy intake – check!  After digesting playing catch up with the tivo, I decided to hit the gym.  It felt great to get back into the routine, but weird because (a) I had nothing to train for, (b) my iPod was is still broken so I was tune-less, and (c) the gym was eerily empty.  With the NYC marathon coming up soon, it’s very rare to find a gym with open machines, but I guess the weather was nice enough that people took to the streets instead.  7 miles later, I headed home sweaty and high on endorphins. 


I had a snack of home-made ghetto pumpkin butter (WF canned pumpkin, NuNaturals vanilla extract, cinnamon, WF vanilla protein powder, and Xagave agave syrup) with apple slices.  Not gonna lie, I was pretty pleased with this poor man’s version of pumpkin butter, especially because (unlike the canned versions), this one didn’t have enough sugar to send me into a diabetic coma.  Success!  After this snack I headed off to my hot date physical therapy appointment.  I cheated on my regular PT because my spine was in desperate need of some man-handling (and he’s only avail on Mon/Wed). 

On the way home I stopped at WF for some basic groceries, and then got home to prepare dinner.


Here’s the arame seaweed soaking (ironically it is ON the stove, but only because there was nowhere else to put it).  After 15 minutes, it was soft and ready, so I drained the water, and added in the rest of the Tokyo seaweed salad.  The excess oil and vinegar from the packaged salad coated the arame that I made, so in the end it was a less saturated dish. 


On the side, I had some vegan sushi.  You’ve seen me eat this several times before.  It is actually my go-to meal before races because of the perfect ratio of carbs to fat and protein, and it is very easy on my stomach.  I love brown rice in sushi and even more, I love TVP in sushi.  I wish more sushi restaurants went with vegan options aside from simple avo and veggie rolls.


How amazing does this look!!  I think I am in a seaweed rut. 


Dessert was fruit.  What else? 


OK!  I’m off to celebrate my birthday 🙂

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