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Thanks for the support guys!  I am soooo excited to head West, and we don’t have that much time left until we peace out of the big apple either!  It’s crazy.  So my latest activities have been moving related:

  • truck rentals/appraisals
  • packing/storage research
  • transferring my RN license
  • changing my address for everything under the sun
  • updating my resume
  • renewing my passport (unrelated to moving but it does expire soon)
  • wedding, wedding, wedding

So cooking has been on the backburner…and pics of my AM eats are MIA, but trust me you’re missing nada.  Dinner isn’t exciting either, but I still got it on film.


Sweet potato & hummus (are you getting sick of this combo yet?), carrots, and a completely thrown together stir-fry thang.


Looks a hot mess.  Tastes the opposite.  It was the last of my TJs faux-meat strips (still pretty meh about them) with zucchini and edamame cooked in soy sauce. 


Look, the meal wasn’t anything I am remotely proud of in terms of plating, but I can’t deny how good it tasted. 


Earlier today this was full of luscious medjools.  They are insanely good, and I am so glad WFs has been stocking them again.  I savored every single bite. 

And now, in a completely random and non-Hungry Hungry Hippie related topic…

What happened to Lady Gaga?  Is it just me or does she seem much skinnier lately…


Circa Poker Face pictures. 


Cut to the latest Telephone photos.


I can’t help but notice the change in her arms, thighs, and face (she’s the third from the left below).


I still love her like crazy…just sayin’


The above photos are image clips from a video, so I don’t see how they could have been touched-up or edited in any way, but the below is a campaign she just did with Cyndi Lauper…her arms are definitely MIA, but that may be due to the magic fault of photo shop(?).


Regardless of her physical appearance, I’m clearly obsessed with her music and her willingness to fly her freak flag (love the little monster), but, it does make me wonder how the limelight has affected her own feelings about her role as an icon (yes, she is totally an icon) and her body image.  Opinions?

What are the chances my patients (or boss) would freak out if I wore my make-up like this?


I dunno…I’m bookmarking this one for Halloween, if nothing else. 

Night all!


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First coffee, then we’ll chat.


OK.  I know I’ve been withholding my big news for a while now, but the time has come to spill the beans.

For many of you, this won’t come a surprise, but Kyle and I have been trying to make our way back to the West Coast for a while now.  Obviously, with the economy on the fritz, and both of us having great jobs here in NYC, heading back home to CA isn’t going to be the smoothest transition. 


As I have talked about ad nauseum in the past, New York has never quite “fit” with me. 

At first, it was really fun, and the excitement of everything grand and new about living in Manhattan overshadowed anything negative I could ever say about the city.  But over time, what I originally found cool and refreshing, lost it’s thrill and I started to realize how important family, friends, and sunshine were in my life. 

Back when I first mentioned on the blog how I felt, I was flooded (seriously, FLOODED) with sweet emails and comments, which just reinforced the feelings I was already having.  And rather than continue to fake it, I knew the time had come to do something about it.  There’s no point in working hard to create a successful future for yourself if you are doing so at the expense of your happiness.  And that’s precisely how I felt.

Luckily, Kyle felt the same way, and so we made the decision to be proactive about our future. 

The other day, Kyle found out he was accepted into UCLA’s business school and I am so thrilled to announce (with the HUGEST grin on my face) that we will be returning to California. 

So.  There you have it. 

While making money is all well and good, and saving for the future is responsible and makes us feel like we are being mature and conscientious about what is to come, it’s just not worth it.  In the end, happiness trumps all.  And now that I know we are heading back to our family and friends, I am over-the-moon-ecstatic. 

The next few months will be…interesting…we are planning on driving across the country, doing some traveling, visiting family and friends we haven’t seen in far too long, oh, and then there’s that whole wedding thing too…haha. 

Be prepared to follow what will surely be a fun and chaotic time in our lives as we live off a dwindling bank account while leaving NYC with a bang.

And now back to the food.


The day started with the (loud) pitter patter of rain…which is actually somewhat soothing if you are not heading into work.  I got cozy with a frothy mug of coffee (see way above) and several blankets, followed by an apple

After that, I got myself into a semi-waterproof state and braved the elements to run a few errands before meeting up with Jess at Peacefood.

Do we ever tire of this place?  No.

I ordered the only sandwich left that I hadn’t yet tried: Roasted Japanese Pumpkin. 


It had pumpkin mashed and seasoned with a little sea salt, ground black pepper and extra virgin olive oil, topped with caramelized onions, ground walnuts, vegan goat cheese and seasonal greens.


I guess the seasonal greens were a few pieces of lettuce?  I’m not really sure.  The sando was good, but small, and not as stuffed as I’m used to (like when I make my own sandwiches).  It was really flavorful though, and despite the ingredients that I would usually shy away from (nuts and goat cheese definitely aren’t among my fave foods), I enjoyed them together.  The walnuts added a nice crunch without tasting walnut-y, and the cheese was so minimal it worked well.  I never would have thought of it on my own, but it turns out  that caramelized onions and pumpkin are a great combo! 

After lunch I continued my errands…

A word to the wise: do not decide to take a passport picture when it’s pouring rain outside and you have to walk several blocks to get to the place where they take the pictures.

I will NOT be showing you my gorgeous glamour shots because (1) I look like a drowned rat, (2) I have a frizzy afro (yes 1 & 2 can occur simultaneously), (3) I appear to have a lazy eye, and (4) I look like I want to murder the man behind the camera. 

The best part is that I was too tired and drenched to give a sh!t, so I just had them print it…looks like I’ll be enjoying that photo for the next 10 years of travel! 


I don’t know how, but I actually managed to go to the gym later on (talk about the success of my life!).  To be honest, I only went because I had to give them 30 days notice that I was going to end my membership.  I can’t wait to run in the CA sun.

Dinner was home-made falafel (I will do a more detailed post on those babies later), cauliflower mash, and carrots & hummus.


The cauli mash was a similar recipe to the mashed UN-potato recipe (with nooch, miso paste, rice milk, salt and pepper). 

Hummus basically ended up coating the entire plate, though.


I had another plate after this one with mostly carrots, leaving not much in the Yorgo’s hummus


Dessert is fairly self-explanatory. 


But in case you forgot what heaven tastes like, try dates, carob chips, and nuts all eaten together. 

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After the long (but relatively smooth) work weekend, all I wanted to do was sleep in ‘til noon.


Unfortunately, I had (have) a to-do list the size of China, so that was out of the question.

I felt like a full time secretary with the amount of time I was on the phone and doing paperwork.  Ick.  Those things should be illegal on days off.  Hey Barack, can we get a bill passed on that?


Since I was buried in boring, my brain kinda stalled out on me, and so I had what is probably THE most uninspired breakfast/brunch ever.

H&H has good bagels, I’ll give them that, BUT they are certainly not a blog-worthy item.  I didn’t even have the decency to jazz it up for the photo.  I even ate it plain (I debated adding Justin’s nut butter but in the end decided I wanted to keep my hands clean and non-sticky while gettin’ sh!t done).

Multi-tasker?  Yes.  Successful blogger?  Uh, fail.


I made up for it later with a green monster that couldn’t fit in the klassy glassy.

  • kale
  • spinach
  • soy milk
  • frozen strawberries
  • frozen bananas
  • ice ice baby

Followed by some plump dates.  Speaking of plump, did anyone else watch Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution this past week?  Kyle and I tivo-ed it and watched last night and I was nearly crying while simultaneously going through the stages of shock.  I am so appalled and yet utterly grateful that people like him (a) exist, and (b) are willing to suffer the wrath of vicious cooks lunch-ladies to get the point across.  America!  Wake Up!  This crap is killing us!!


I could have eaten a pound of medjools…thank goodness there were only 5 left.  Eventually, I changed out of PJs and (reluctantly) made my way to the gym.  Did I mention reluctantly?  I was really getting into the outside running.  Rain clouds be gone!  I still managed to push through 6 miles and some weights for my arms.  My wedding dress is strapless, yo!  Time to get some tone.

Post work out I snacked on some carob chips, raw almonds (a bazillion more than shown), spelt pretz, and raisins.


I like home-made trail mix way mo bettah, because I can control the ratio to my liking.  Dried fruit is usually way underrepresented in the store bought kind.  Plus, I haven’t found any store bought kinds that have carob, or the salt factor that pretz bring for that matter…

The mix was purely for my mouth’s entertainment distraction while my lunch got baked (sweet potatoes are such stoners!).


16 ounces of hummus should last a person longer than a day.  “Should” being the operative word… But I loooooove Cedar’s.  Ever since Whole Foods had it on sale, I have become addicted like no other.  If Whole Foods ever decided to carry Sabra too I don’t know what I’d do!?  (Since this is a pretty major concern of mine, I think it’s pretty obvious that I have my priorities out of whack)


Anyways, for my (late) lunch I stuffed my baked sweet tater with roasted red pepper hummus and topped it with pepitas.  On the side I had broccoli with raisins and carrots with (you guessed it) MORE hummus.


Evidently being productive makes my appetite go into overdrive as well, because I had 3 apples over the course of the afternoon, despite the fact that I knew I was going for a very special dinner.  Love me some manzanas.

Special dinner?  Where does a hungry hungry hippie go for a special dinner in Manhattan?

Candle Cafe.


I. Love. This. Place.

The last time I went to Candle Cafe, I licked my plate clean.  And since I was a new blogger back then, I didn’t take any pictures of my food.

Now I have no shame, and felt like documenting each glorious bite.



After much deliberation, I finally decided on the Chile-Lime Grilled Seitan (but for the record, I wanted each and every item on the menu x 2).


This delicious feast contained the most amazing seitan, along with roasted vegetable quinoa pilaf, sautéed greens and an avocado salad with a black bean sauce and chipotle coulis. Could you die?  I nearly did.

The seitan had a bit of a kick that had me reaching for my glass of water at times, but never in a way that was too hot…it was as close to perfect as you could get without molesting it.  The quinoa/black beans/greens with avocado was like a Mexican feast but better.  The entire dish was incredible.  I can’t write anything eloquent enough to do it justice.  I wanted it to never end.


My date got the Tusca Lasagna with grilled zucchini, peppers and onions, tofu basil ricotta, tapioca cheese and seitan ragout topped with tomato sauce.  It was also served over sautéed greens…and since the plate was left with nary a morsel, I know she liked it.

The best part about living in New York is having exceptional vegan options like Candle Cafe.  I love being able to go to a restaurant and browse the ENTIRE menu (and moreover want to try the entire menu) rather than feel limited by the veg options.  For the veggies out there (or the non-vegetarians who appreciate a nice meat-free meal) how many crappy salads have you had to suffer through? For me – too many.


Later on back at home I put together dessert.  Apples to apples.  Tea to tea.

And now for the giveaway winner announcement:  As per a random generator, the Nature Made goodies (including a 6 month supply of Nature Made’s CholestOff, CoQ10 and Fish Oil supplements as well as an aluminum water bottle, yogamat and carrying bag yeah, I decided to channel my inner Tyra Banks and reiterate the actual goods being won) will go to…

Lauren @ BIOCHEMISTA who (much like everyone else) said “My favorite cholesterol-lowering food is OATS.”

Congrats Lauren!  Now send me your addy so I can get this ballin’ gift out to ya!

Tomorrow will be a HUGE post and  I can def guarantee that I will have news to share.  I swear I’m not trying to string you along so much!

All y’all can blame Kyle for the lack of news because believe me I wanna shout it from the rooftop.  What I will tell you is that I’m not preggo (since that seemed to be a popular guess).

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Sorry to go AWOL on you all this weekend…I was livin’ it up in the hospital (or a less fun sounding version of that story).  Either way, I was packing lunches, eating on the fly, and here’s the quick and dirty…



Salad, fruit, veg, bacteria coated baggy, super protein Odwalla bar. 


First at bat, a salad with spinach, red bell pepps, edamame, raw cauliflower, and dried cranz (with a heavy handed pour of Bragg’s liquid aminos on top).

On deck, a bag of carrots, and a bag of pretzels (and by the way, I never mention this but I buy 365 spelt pretz), pepitas, sunflower seeds, carob chips, more carob chips, and raisins.

Delicious AND nutritious.



More bars (super protein Odwalla, apple cinnamon Luna sunrise), more apples, Chai tea, carrots, and two different tupperwares of yum.


On zee left, spinach, carrots, edamame, dried cranz.

On zee right, hash browns Idaho potatoes (steamed with salt, pepper, and paprika), red bell pepps, and corn.


After I packed this, I thought I might want a little somethin’ somethin’ more (since Saturday had me turning to $$$ Kombucha and copious amounts of coffee to completely satisfy me)…so at the last minute I threw in another pretz/carob/nut/seed mix.

More to come tomorrow…but since I’ve been teasing you for a few days now…


I figure…


Maybe an explanation is in order…


Maybe in the next post.  ;)  Such a tease!

In the mean time, a few reminders:

  • Today is the LAST day to get a 15% discount at my OpenSky shop on the Measure-Up bowls using the code HUNGRY15 at checkout.
  • Tomorrow I will announce the winner of my Nature Made giveaway, so if you missed it, enter now (or forever hold your peace).

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I’m not sure what all the hype is about…I mean at least our country’s leaders understand how important and significant their work is.  By no means is this blog a political one, but I just think that after pushing and pushing and pushing for this bill, it’s somewhat of a relief to see Biden drop an F-bomb over something so major for our nation. 

I mean, what seems more genuine, sign on the dotted line with a poker face or bleep your way to the podium (I’m liking the second option, but I’m also a potty mouth).

Anyways, health care reform aside, yesterday was a big day for me too.  So big, that I hardly even want to blog (too excited!!)…but I will post my eats because that’s what a good foodie does I’m too type-A not to.


Java love with frothy lactose free leche.

Half way through my second cup of coffee, Kyle emailed me to “call asap” – which is a bit alarming since he is in Brazil for work.

I was instantly nervous, but I’m happy to report that all is well.  Better than well.  Sorry for being so vague and secretive…I promise to explain soon.


After hanging up with him, I decided to make a green monster with my leftover coffee…BIG mistake.  It. Was. Nasty.  I tried to trick my taste buds into enjoying it (because I hate wasting food), but I just couldn’t do it…down the sink it went 😦

Instead, I moved on to oats.  With all your giveaway entries I have been craving oats like NO other. 


So savory oats was on the menu…with tons of nooch, red bell peppers, corn, and peas


Not a typical AM food for me (usually I’m more into sweet things in the morning), but I really can’t seem to get enough of savory oats lately. 


Just a reminder, my OpenSky discount on Measure-Up bowls is coming to a close on Monday…

Once my tum digested these 2 cups of yum, I headed outside for a run in the sun.


Check out this cool running shirt that Kyle’s parents gave me!  I practically skipped through Central Park, I was in such a great mood.  Lately, I’ve been REALLY into classical music on my runs.  Does anyone else every blast Tchaikovsky while covering major mileage?


After my run, I made a snack plate of Soya Kaas mozz “cheese,” carrots, and apples…and the thing that unites all food, hummus


I finished this container off, in case anyone was wondering (as if you had any doubts).

Then I headed to WFs for some shopping, followed by cooking up a storm in the kitchen.  When I can’t focus, it’s very therapeutic for me to get my chef on.  I blasted music the whole time.  You’ll see some of the things I made in the coming days…

For now, I’ll just show you what I made for dinner.


I swear, I’ve been searching high and low, and this is the last delicata squash in all of New York.


I’m sorry if my potato & hummus combo is getting old, but I’m freakin’ obsessed!!!  This plate had a steamed sweet potato with hummus, delicata squash, quinoa (cooked with coconut water again – try this!), and a random carrot…all topped off with raisins and pepitas


This dinner ranks high in my list of faves.  But the day just kept getting better…after dinner I skyped with Kyle and he told me he’d be coming home from Brazil early!  Woo hoo!


And as if my natural high wasn’t already through the roof, my dessert was practically pure caffeine and sugar.


This picture is not remotely representative of my actual portions…I had the above many times over, mostly eaten as you see below.


Tazo Earl Grey tea + medjools = dance party!

No joke, our neighbors probably thought the apartment was taken over by a bunch of psych patients given the amount of audible screaming, dancing, and singing that was coming from the HHH casa.

Before I sign off, I wanted to thank everyone who left such sweet comments on yesterday’s post.  It makes me love sharing with you!

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Guess what blog trend made it’s way to hippie-ville?  The flashback series!  Ok, not really series, since this is the first (and only) installment. 

It just so happens that last year, on March 28th, my best friend asked me to marry him. 


Happiness.  Shock.  Pure.  Elated.  Love. 


Crissy Field, San Francisco.


It was a gorgeous day in the Bay, and Kyle and I were headed to lunch…or so I thought…

I’m pretty dense, so Kyle’s secrecy was probably all in vain, but still, he did a great job planning the best surprise of my life.  I thought we were going into the city to meet up with his parents, as his Dad was in town for a “business trip.”  My sis lives in S.F. so we decided to stop by and say hello. 

We climbed up to her rooftop to check out these views…


The reason I mention this random fact is because we were actually hugging when I commented to Kyle that his heart was POUNDING.  He laughed it off, making fun of me for being a “cardiac nurse” and thus noticing such things, but I realized later just why his heart was racing…

Anyways, after dropping by my sister’s apartment, Kyle got a call from his Mom saying they were actually right in her neighborhood and we should meet up with them for lunch.  How perfect!  (It all seems so obvious in hindsight, but I was really clueless).

We started walking…I had no idea where…I just assumed Kyle had discussed it on the phone with his Mom…

Kyle was making a bee line toward the water at an Olympic speed-walking pace, and I was like, “slow your roll homie, I can’t keep up!”  Turns out he was nervous as could be…next thing I knew he cut off the sidewalk into the middle of the grass.  I was so confused.  “Where are we going?” 

I just kept thinking, “we are in the middle of this massive lawn at Crissy field, how are we ever supposed to find his parents?!?”  I even told him to call his Mom back and ask where EXACTLY she was.  And that’s when Kyle pulled out a ring, and told me we weren’t meeting up with his parents…he was asking me to marry him! 

I basically blacked out at this point and (fortunately) the rest of what happened was documented on film and/or retold to me after…


The key point is that I said yes…well, actually what I really said was “I guess so.”  I may never live that phrase down.

I immediately called my parents, who were (ever so conveniently) in the car with Kyle’s parents around the corner.  They met up with us, as well as my sister, and we all had a celebratory lunch at Greens Restaurant.



We all spent the day in the city…then we went to dinner at Kokkari


Favorite picture.  Ever.

Hope you enjoyed this flashback Friday.  I wanted to share the best day of my life with you all (so far)…and now it’s only 4 months ‘til the wedding. 


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Do you see the problem here?


I don’t know WHAT I was thinking when I was packing this food up…clearly there was no shot in hell that this amount of food would tide me over for my entire 12 hour shift. 

Salad? Check.


Apples? Double check.

Pretz/carob/raisins? Check. 

Drank? Check.


And yet, all those goodies weren’t even close to enough food…by my 2 pm lunch break I was left with nothing but my ensalada.  Where the bars at, yo?!?!

Indeed, supplementation was very necessary (see below).


I bought this big a$$ tub of nuts/carob chips/seeds/dried fruits/yummies because I knew it would make up for the lack of bars in my packed eats.  Oh and did I mention the totally inappropriate amounts of caffeine.  My heart rate was probably in the low 200 range.  Where better to be than the cardiac ICU, right?  YUM-MAY!


My feelings about this MIX1 dark-berry high-fiber antioxidant drink can be summarized in a word sound effect:  hmmmm. 

Pros: Hellllooooo, did you SEE those nutritional stats?  Amazing.

Cons: I couldn’t figure out if it was a watery drink or a creamy drink.  So weird.  It was almost like a watered down version of a yogurt.  Ok, that sounds nast.  It was a very subtle flavor, and not as sweet as the other flavors I tried (and loved). 

So, the big question, is it worth the $$$?  I’m thinking no.  The other flavors were just so dang good that even though this one wasn’t bad per se, it just couldn’t hang with it’s sister MIX1 dranks.  Looks like the vanilla blueberry flavor set the bar too high!

After my lunch break I was actually pretty busy, so I didn’t really want have time to eat my bonus buy until 6 pm.  Awwww, nuts.  I like when days are busy though, so before I knew it, it was time to meet up with my girlfriends for dinner.

This month was Heather’s turn, which means East Village navigation.  Thank goodness for my brand new Blackberry’s google maps app.  I only made a few extra turns, as opposed to the usual 30 minute detour scenic route. 


Eventually, I made it to Antibes bistro.  The above photo is compliments of my new phone I’m in love with it in case you hadn’t deduced), however, it doesn’t have a flash 😦 so all pics after this were too dark to make out.  Picture a mini-bucket of focaccia bread and a bottle of wine (2006 Baron E. de Rotschild malbec).  Now picture the bread in my hand.  Now repeat that image a few times. 

As usual, we could have chatted forever and ever and ever…food was definitely not the highlight of the dinner.


(Heather’s cell phone does have a flash) 

For dinner I got the Roquefort & Poached Pear Salad (minus the roquefort) which was said to have arugula, poached pear, toasted walnuts, dried currants, and a shallot mustard vinaigrette.  I spotted this on the menu and thought it sounded delicious, but it fell a bit short.  Why you ask? 

1) No walnuts were anywhere to be found

2) The “poached” pear was kinda soggy and haphazardly placed on the plate

3) This salad was actually an appetizer and when I asked the waitress if I could have it as an entree (read: please make sure it is big enough to fill me up), she said the size couldn’t be altered (??)

4) Presentation?  Boo.  Size?  Boo.

5) They were all out of the butternut ravioli (the ONE veg option)

At least the waitress was kind enough to offer me a side of sautéed green beans.  Still, anyone who reads my blog on a semi-regular basis knows that these portions are not gonna fly with my voracious appetite.

Get with the times Antibes…not everyone wants to eat meat.  Alternatives would be nice, I mean, how hard is it to offer brown rice and a seasonal vegetable? 


I definitely had a big snack plate (slash second dinner) when I got home.  Served up on the side of Tazo green tea was Soya Kaas mozzarella cheese, dates, and apple slices


OoOo…this tea was dang good!  Unfortunately, it kept me up later than I wanted, hence the second sweet treat.


If you want to give your taste buds a wild ride, add carob chips to Oikos caramel Greek yogurt. 

Back to the grind tomorrow.  Night!

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