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Another sunny day 🙂 I think spring might be here to stay, yes?

My camera spazzed out, and the photo evidence of my work eats are nowhere to be found.  So all I have is dinner and dessert for ya.  Ok?  Here’s the day starting at 7:45 pm (give or take a few minutes).


With the new season, comes a new chapter in Terry Walters’ cookbook.  I love Clean Food.  It’s my go-to book for ideas.  They are simple but delicious.  After the hummus heavy day I had, I definitely wanted a lighter dinner…and the (vegan) Caesar salad immediately caught my eye.


First I made the dressing, which was silken tofu based (sorry I can’t give you more ingreds, but I’m pretty sure Terry would want you to buy the book, as opposed to having me show you the recipe here online).


I did make a few additions to the recipe though (extra firm tofu and tomatoes). 

Side note: I’m sooo excited for the latest produce that’s starting to come with spring (corn, tomatoes, etc.).  Next thing you know summer will be here with all it’s stone fruit and melon glory!!!


I then turned this toasted piece of bread into croutons.  In case you were wondering, knife + toast = mess.  In the future (when I’m more patient and not as lazy), I will cut the bread first and then toast it in the oven.  But for now, this is what it looked like all together.


Plus dressing…



For dessert all I knew was that I wanted chocolate, but that’s as far as the planning went in my head…


Here’s what I ended up with.  Chocolate tofu pudding topped with a mix of carob chips, pepitas, sunflower seeds, and raisins

Best.  Dessert.  Ever.   

So, anyways, I was going to talk about this article (forwarded to me by a friend), but it appears as though the entire blogging world has already read it.  In case you live under a rock haven’t seen it on one of the 8 million other blogs that cited it, check it out – it’s a fun and interesting read for anyone curious about how/why people started taking pictures of their food.

And in more fun blog-worthy news, tomorrow I will be hosting a giveaway, so be sure to check back in for that!!


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