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I’m glad you guys are enjoying my tips for navigating the veg friendly parts of Cabo San Lucas…

For our last night in Cabo we went to Hacienda El Coyote for dinner. 


The interior was on the eclectic side, but this was still probably one of the more “fancy” restaurants we went to.


In addition to the restaurant area, they had a Tequila Lounge, and a few different outside seating areas.


Navigating the wine list was the first priority after being seated.




Second order of business, the menu.

Kyle started with a tomato salad that I “borrowed” a few bites of. 


The balsamic dressing was so tangy – it was really yummy.  The waiter ended up bringing me a plate after he saw me stealing so many bites ;)  I steered clear of the Oaxaca cheese, but the rest was very tasty.


My mom and dad split the house salad (aren’t the plates pretty!).

And then dinner arrived…


Finally a place that had vegetarian tacos as an actual item on the menu!!  They each had a different corn tortilla (the red was my fave) and inside was a delicious mix of veggies.  It was easily one of the best meals I had in Cabo.


Oh wine, the silly things you do to me…

Anyways, we didn’t dine out every night though…far from it actually.  On most nights (and for almost all our lunches) we ate back at the villa. 

Here’s an example of the BBQ action: steaks for the boys, chicken for my mom, and veggies for moi.


The zucchini was sliced in half and drizzled with EVOO, S & P while the mushrooms were marinated overnight in a Italian vinaigrette.


We also had (steamed) corn and a simple salad (with romaine, tomato, avo, and carrots).


Outside dining.  Love.


The left plate was mine before I heaped un monton de ensalada on top of everything.  Such a delish meal.  My pops did an extraordinary job on the BBQ – I have never had such juicy grilled veggies.  Note to self, marinate overnight.

Before I say adios to Cabo, I thought I would leave you with a pic of our friend from yesterday.


If you follow me on twitter, you probably saw my tweets about the baby skunk we found trapped in our trash can.


To answer the implied question – no, we didn’t get sprayed.  He was a baby (and adorable at that), and didn’t seem to know how nervous we were.  In fact, he was quite intrigued by all the pics I was taking (it almost seems like he was posing, doesn’t it?).  Such a cutie!  Clearly he, too, could live off of beer and hummus…now how could I not respect that? 

We took a video of my Dad setting him free (he tied a rope to the garbage can’s handle and pulled it over from a few yards away).  It was hilarious until we realized we hadn’t closed ANY of the doors to the villa…and as the critter headed toward the house we felt like white trash morons running after a skunk with our beers in hand.  Classy.


Heading back to CA now…adios Cabo!


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1. Cabo Coffee Co.

This was some damn fine coffee!  The Cabo Coffee Company has two locations in Cabo, and if I had even an inch of extra space in my suitcase, I’d find a way to smuggle a few pounds home with me.  Looks like those souvenir shot glasses are gonna get the boot.  😉


Paired with some lactose free milk (leche deslactosada)


Nothing like some fresh local java to put some pep in your step (not that anyone needs to be productive while in Mexico…).

Runner up coffee selection goes to Blason Premium Coffee


It’s from Oaxaca, in the coffee producing region of Pluma; and although I loved it, the rest of the fam was only so-so about it (hence the switch to Cabo Coffee Co).

2. Produce, produce, produce


There’s a commercial grocery store near the Cabo airport (called Mega) which, in addition to regular groceries, has fresh baked goods and amazing produce.


(I have a million and one strawberry, apple, banana, mango, and blueberry pics, so I’ll spare you and just post these)


Also at Mega, they have baked goods on display and you take a tray and serving tongs and pile on whatever you want and then take it to the counter where they wrap it all up for you.  My parents and Kyle went with the sweeter breakfast items while I stuck with the freshly baked rolls.  It’s safe to say I dominated the carbs on this vacay.  Bread…chips…tortillas…all winners in my book.

3. Baja Brewing Co.


We heard about this place from a few different people…and who turns down a recommendation for a good brewskie?  Nobody in my fam (well, except my non-hops-lovin Mom).


The brewery is located atop the Cabo Villas (one of the hotels on the main beach), and the view alone is worth the trip.


I ordered the Baja Blonde, which (from the menu) is “a German style lager, similar in many ways to traditional Mexican lager beers.”  It was light and refreshing – a success in my book.  My Dad went with the Peyote India Pale Ale, which was a true IPA (aka aggressively bitter).  He loves that hop bite.  They warn that this flavor intensive ale is not for the weak beer drinker but if you like to challenge your palette, this hop extravaganza will satisfy.  Kyle opted for the Peliroja.  For this brew, “a well balanced combination of malts and hops come together to produce a red full bodied beer.  Aromatic at first, the malt soon dominates the flavor of this ale, finally giving way to a smooth hop finish.  This beer has the most flavor, aroma and body of the three beers.”  Oddly enough, they don’t recommend this beer for those who say they like light beers…which is funny since Kyle likes light beers, but also enjoyed this one. 

We all passed our pints around, and I definitely liked mine the best.  My Mom hates beer and stuck with Coke, which was probably a wise choice in the end since I found myself rather tipsy at the end of the meal.  Day drinking is NOT for the faint of heart. 


For the food part of lunch, I went with the Butter-Parsley Shrimp Salad
which was mixed greens tossed with pepper-lime vinaigrette, Tuscan white beans, cherry tomatoes, and jicama.  I actually tasted a few of the shrimpies, but they didn’t do anything for me, so my Dad and Kyle took care of the rest.

4. Pancho’s Restaurant & Tequila Bar


I had some issues with this place at first, but it won my heart over in the end.  Well, actually, it was Kyle’s crafty ordering that smoothed things over, but either way, I was satisfied with my meal, so who cares how it ended up in the win column, so long as it made it’s way there, right?


After single-handedly finishing this bowl of pico de gallo with two baskets of tortilla chips, I wasn’t exactly hungry.

Still, I wanted a little somethin’ somethin’ and I figured it wouldn’t be too hard for them to through together a taco with beans and veggies.  Not so.  Apparently, since it wasn’t on the menu, it wasn’t able to be entered into the computerized billing system.  Unable to figure out a way around the system, Kyle my Prince Charming swooped in to save the day.  Instead of ordering enchiladas, he ordered the combo platter (which comes with a tostada, burrito, and taco) and asked for the taco to be veggies only.


That broccoli/carrot filled number on the end was mine 🙂


It also came with a side of bean and rice, which I added into the taco.


My Dad ordered fried plantains for dessert, which I know will make one girl very jealous.

5. Costco bulk buys

Yes, there is a Costco in Cabo.  And if you are a Costco member in the US, your card works in Mexico, too.  Although this store doesn’t have Sabra, I think I may actually prefer their brand (gasp!).


This is basically just an excuse for me to show you how little my lifestyle (eating habits) change regardless of my location.  Sure, the tubs of hummus are suited for a family of twelve…but has that ever stopped me before?  Not so much.


Again, this is a tiny fraction of the veg platters I created while in paradise.


The first thing I noticed (and liked) about Sibari Humus was that it was WAY more dense than any other brands (tortilla chips broke off while scooping).  The second thing that really sealed it’s place in my heart was how it was topped with sunflower seeds, and also had a uniquely sunflower-y nutty flavor to it.  I’ve never tried SunButter, but now I am intrigued…maybe this winning marriage is the result of a tahini replacement (by it’s cousin seed the sunflower?).


Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately), like all other Costcos, everything is sold in bulk (read: you better have a bomb shelter to store whatever you are about to buy), so we had to go to a regular grocery store (or in our case Walmart) to get a six-pack of soda.  Not everyone wants to consume 800 servings of Diet Coke crack in a week (please note I said “not everyone,” but I didn’t necessarily include myself in that group).

6.  Avocado

I believe there is no explanation needed for this.


If anyone could live off of dips alone, it would be me.  Hummus and guacamole should be in their own food group.

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Hello from Cabo San Lucas!

Picture 025

Last time I was here was January of last year and it was so fun I have no idea why I haven’t returned sooner…oh wait…there was that little job thing…

Now, I feel like I’m on summer vacation.  Even though living out of a suitcase can get old, I’m very aware of how lucky I am to be able to spend time off (post-move/pre-wedding) relaxing, visiting with friends, family, etc.

Prior to heading to the airport on Thursday morning, Kyle and I made a few essential stops.

1. Starbucks

[non-pictured soy misto]

2. Whole Foods


Who knew they would have such a legit wrapped up meal ready to take on the road?  Well, duh, it IS Whole Foods.  I swear to never again doubt you my love.

I was a bit worried about the little tub of teriyaki sauce, but I’m happy to report that my 4 ounces were safely smuggled through LAX’s security.


I ate half while waiting for the boarding to begin, and the rest on the plane.

It was the best thing I have eaten on a plane in I-don’t-know-how-long.  Also, (for all the IBS-ers out there) in terms of foods that are easy on the tum, brown rice and tofu are about as benign as it gets.  There were a few greens and roasted red peppers too though, so I also felt like my veg quota was semi-met.  Happy Hippie 🙂

Once we landed my parents picked us up (they had arrived a few hours earlier and had already gotten the rental car and done the grocery shopping – talk about perfect timing!).  If you read the previous posts I linked to above you know that my parents own a house in Cabo, so I am familiar with the area, but this was Kyle’s first trip. 

Picture 028

I got right to work once we got to our placePacifico time!

And shortly thereafter we headed to dinner at Mi Casa.

Picture 002

Corona time!

It’s fairly easy to be vegan in Mexico (or at least meat and dairy free) – as long as you like beans, guacamole, and salsa (check, check, and check!).


There’s no telling if there is or isn’t lard in the tortilla chips/tortillas, so I’m operating under the ignorance-is-bliss theory.  I ordered a salad which came with beans, corn, bell peppers, tomatoes, and tortilla strips (I nixed the queso but otherwise it was already a menu item so it wasn’t a big deal for them). 


Once it arrived, I added a very generous portion of guacamole to it, as well as (more) pico de gallo.  Perfection.

In the last few days I’ve been inhaling so many chips you’d think it was my last meal on Earth.  I think I’m on vacay mindset, but I suspect (slash hope) my love affair with the crispy blue corn buggers will naturally wane.  I don’t want to deprive myself because, hell, I’m in friggin’ Mexico, but at the same time, I have NO intention of altering the size of my wedding dress…ya dig?  So, that said, I’m trying to get a good balance of indulging with moderation.


Blue corn heaven.


Produce galore.


Lunch.  Aka TWO avocados, one massive tomato, half a lime (juice), S & P.

Anyways, you get the idea…it’s summah time and the livin’s easy 🙂


Other good veg Mexican options include vegetable Fajitas, vegetable tacos, a beans & rice combo platter or (if you’re an avo lover like I am) straight up guacamole for one. 

And when all else fails, just order fish tacos without the fish.  The other night I had to get creative because they enter the orders in via computer.  It put a bit of a glitch in my ordering, but in the end I got crafty. 

Ok, that’s enough for now…time to get back to the beach…

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There are several areas on the Westside that I adore, one of which is Montana Ave.  Since our friends live nearby, they took us to Pradeep’s.


I love Indian food!  (Side note: I just discovered that this place has nutritional information available online if you’re into that…for some reason that seems a bit bizarre for an Indian restaurant in my opinion…not sure why, but whatever).

We started with the “famous samosas” which were filled with vegetables, mint and tamarind chutney, and then fried to crispy perfection. 


Yum.  Not heavy or greasy at all.  Simply delicious.


When dinner was ready, they brought out rice and salad to accompany the dishes we ordered…as well as our (double order of) naan


My dining companion was willing to do veg, so we got two dishes to share, while the boys got their meat on. 


First up was Aloo Mattar (on the left), which is potato and green peas cooked with onion, tomatoes, ginger, garlic and curry spices in case you’ve got a V-card in the Indian food department.  We also got Saag Tofu (on the right), which is slowly cooked spinach with aromatic curry spices and fresh herbs. 

Both dishes were fantastic – flavorful and complex – and I don’t think I could pick a favorite.  The only thing I would change was the level of spice.  In terms of tongue searing/eye watering/pore sweating, we ordered fairly benign dishes…and usually I like my food with a little more heat.  Next time…

The boys got Chicken Masala Curry (on the left), and Lamb Saag (on the right).


They were equally satisfied.


This was my first plate :)  Man can’t live on bread alone?  Hmmm…that’s debatable.  I could certainly live on naan alone. 

Anyways, after dinner Kyle and I went back to Westwood (we are staying with a friend) and took an evening stroll to Le ‘Bucks for a night cap. 


PS  Thanks for all the kind comments about our car issues.  It has since been resolved and we are now the proud owners of this beaut.  His name is Rolf (yes, I’m the obnoxious type that names my property).

PPS  We leave for Cabo today, so next time we “chat” I will be in Mexico.  Adios!

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After saying goodbye to this:


And saying hello to this:


I LOVE YOU CALIFORNIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Talk about feeling like I returned home.  Everything feels right in the world now.  Seriously.  There is no other way to describe it.  I just feel like – at long last – I’m back to the city where I am meant to be. 

Kyle and I have been running all around So Cal, seeing friends, organizing our lives, buying a car, frequenting the WF hot bar, frequenting Starbucks, and y’know, just vegging out. 


Oh, did I mention the WF hot bar?


I can pack those cardboard boxes like it’s my j-o-bizzle.  If navigating the hot bar were an Olympic event, I’d take the gold medal without even batting an eyelash.  My latest list of essential goods: falafel, lentil salads, edamame salad, veggies, and enough hummus to satisfy an Israel army.


Psst, I have a crush on you, Kombucha

This smorgasbord of a post comin’ atcha is very representative of this week’s assorted eats.

But first, let me just vent a bit about the current state of car financing.

What. The. Eff.

I realize the past year has been a bit rough in the auto industry, but seriously, Kyle and I are two of the most financially responsible people, and yet, nobody will let us buy a car!!!  Yeah, I’m jobless and he is starting school, so the income thing isn’t on our side, but we deliberately set aside money for this.  Strike one.  Also, the dealerships seem to take issue with our lack of a permanent address (we aren’t looking to get an apartment for the next few months since we will be traveling so much).  But I consider CA my home state, my license has always been a CA license, and my parents have lived in the same house in Nor Cal for well over a decade.  What more do I need to do to prove I’m a CA resident?!?  Strike two.  And then there was the ridiculous excuse for customer service.  I was prepared for pushy salespeople, but I was NOT prepared for apathetic employees.  It was like nobody cared if we bought a car or not.  My sister works in a similar area, so I’m very familiar with how important being personable is in making a sale.  She would NEVER treat her costumers this way.  Strike three.

The most frustrating part of the whole day (9 hours, 3 dealerships…shoot me) was the fact that I was told nearly 20 times that I needed to get a job.  After the first few times, I started to get realllllly annoyed.  Mind your own business.  What about me screams slacker?  Could it be my organized file folders with old pay stubs?  Or maybe the perfect credit score?  UGH.  I wanted to pull my hair out.  


At least I had good food 🙂


I’m definitely in a Mediterranean rut.  Falafel.  Hummus.  Quinoa salads.



Oh, and crusty bread (with hummus obviously).


That roll was almost the size of my face (aka perfection).  Cedarlane hummus was cheap, but I don’t think I’ll buy it again.  There was something a bit tangy about it. 


This vegan hummus was out of this world, though.  It was one of 4 hummuses (hummusi?) available at the Santa Monica WF’s prepared foods bar, and was downright amaze.


Also buried way under there was BBQ tofu and savory tofu (with pineapple), which weren’t the best, as well as four pita wedges (two white, two whole wheat), and veggies naturally. 


Kombuchapple = best snackage around.  Why do some flavor explode more than others?  I can’t seem to solve the mystery on Kombucha de-fizzle-fication, but there MUST be some kind of science to it, right?  If anyone has tricks to keep the overflow to a minimum puh-leeze hook a sistah up! 

And even though I have made my love for the ‘Bucks very well known by now, here’s yet another reason why this company is so. damn. cool. 


See that?  Annie’s, Lucy’s, and Two Mom’s In The Raw.  Coming soon to a Starbucks near you!  I’m so proud of you Starbucks!  Way to pave the way for other eateries in raw, vegan, and gluten free options.  I tip my hat hummus filled fork to you.

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This post is super old but I didn’t have internet for the looooongest time…let’s back track a few days:

Kyle and I were up at 6 am to do some last minute prep work before the movers arrived. 


Naturally a run to the ‘bucks was in order.

Once 9 am rolled around, the movers arrived and we sat back and watched the magic happen (wow!!).  Talk about perfecting their craft (I’m taking the liberty of describing moving as an art form – if you’ve ever done a big one, you will agree with me on this)…this experience seriously spoiled me; I am never moving without hired help again.

Soon enough our tummies were rumbling so I ran to Le Pain Quotidien for some breakfast goodies.


Hello lovers.


Glorious carbage.


Then I ran to Starbucks for a (free) refill for moi.  While the refill was free, the cashier used a new cup and handed me back both my old one AND a new one.  WTF?  Totally defeats the purpose of the refill idea…sigh.  Did I lecture her on being green and wasting paper?  No.  I’m not that extreme.  Did I want to?  You betcha.


Sitting around watching them pack can really get boring.  I started to go a bit stir crazy…so since the rain had stopped, I decided to go for a walk.


Making progress…


For lunch, I went to our local health foods store (Gary Null’s Whole Foods Uptown), and grabbed a sammie & apple which I ate on the roof top.  After much debate I decided on the eggless “chicken” salad sandwich, which is just a vegan spread using veganaise and vegan bread.


Ellie, I thought of you while eating this 🙂


I ate on the rooftop, so I could say goodbye to our beautiful views of the Jerz.

After lunch we wrapped things up and shipped on out.


I know my bags look like regurgitated creamed spinach and I happen to find it quite amusing thankyouverymuch.  I bought them a few months ago because I thought they looked delightfully hideous and I was sick of not knowing which bags were mine coming out of the carousel.  Not only has that problem been eliminated, but I crack up every time I see them…as do my fellow passengers.  It’s a win win!

Worse than my baggage, however, is the fact that for the next THREE MONTHS I will be living out of these bags and these bags alone (Kyle managed to fit all his stuff in 2 suitcases…being a male must be so rough [sarcasm alert]).  Please note, if you see me on What Not To Wear in the near future, now you will understand why.  Suffice it to say, packing non-stop for three days, often until 4 am, will undoubtedly lead to some odd choices in what you deem “necessary.”  And apparently the same goes for the unnecessary as I already realized I didn’t pack my Soni-Care toothbrush.  Whoops!

Since our apartment was stripped bare and our flights weren’t until the next day, we stayed at Kyle’s boss’ midtown apartment (ahem, the CEO of the company).  And yes, I did just specify which of the CEO’s apartments we were at…baller much?

You. Have. No. Idea.


This place is INSANE.  And it’s smack dab in the middle of Manhattan.


The elevator opens to a single door, so the apartment mansion is the entire floor of the building.

Get ready for a seriously disgusting montage…


Part of the library.


The dining room (with quite the view I might add).


A few of the bedrooms.


Seriously, how much more of a bedroom view could you ask for?


Oh, hello Times Square.  Oh, hey there, Carnegie Hall.

And don’t even get me started on the kitchen…


Two ovens?  Sub-zero fridge?  Temperature gauged wine rack?  I mean, I couldn’t even get the full kitchen of this place in one picture!  (For reference sake, our entire apartment can fit in one frame).


Basically, this kitchen ALONE is the size of our apartment (sadly, that’s not a joke OR an exaggeration).

And the fact that this place is only for the CEO’s business trip accommodations (while traveling in the US) makes me a little sick…and by sick I mean jealous. 


I know I’ve never mentioned who Kyle works for, but here’s a bit of a hint.


Did you catch that?


After we picked our jaws up off the floor, we went out to enjoy our last few hours in NYC.  Which means another Starbucks run (iced coffee with soymilk) and an obnoxious trek through Times Square to get to a movie theater (it was a true New York summer day yesterday – humidity and all – so the chilly theatre was exactly what the MD RN ordered).

In case anyone was wondering, Hot Tub Time Machine = worst movie ever.  It took all self control to not walk out. 

As for my last meal?  I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Why mess with perfection?  Especially after the macro disaster the other night.

I had three tofu balls covered in sesame seeds, and a box full of assorted yummies (most of the buried treasures are not visible to the camera). 


I also tried Honest Kombucha for the first time and I have nothing but good things to report!  I went with the Apple Jasmine flavor, but all the other options sounded delicious too.  It wasn’t nearly as vinegar tasting as other Kombucha, and not really as fizzy either (aka it didn’t blow up in my face upon opening).  Plus, it was on sale (2 for $6).  Definitely my new fave.  Well done Honest.

After dinner we walked around more…and then called it a night. 

Now I’m at JFK and I won’t even go into the drama it took to get 7.5 pieces of luggage here with just the 2 of us.

I’m now in LA and getting my wine-face on.  I’ll be in and out for the next few days…

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…But only because of my ridiculous trip to HR today, which felt more like The Amazing Race than an exit interview…

The building has 19 floors.  The elevators are split so they don’t all go to every floor.  I had to go to the 19th floor, then the 5th, then the 19th, and then the 5th again.  Because I have nothing better to do right now…like, oh, I don’t know, packing maybe?  The lobby guard thought I was out of my mind as I went back and forth between one set of elevators and the other.  He wasn’t too far off…but hey, at least I get my last pay check now!  Definitely worth it 🙂


In other uninteresting news, my insomnia has returned in full force, and in the last 72 hours I haven’t slept more than 8 hours.  I guess it could be due to the stress of moving, but I don’t feel stressed, so who knows.  Sometimes the subconscious is a tricky devil woman.

What?  You wanted a food related post?  Ok ok.


Another raw oat creation (with banana, raisins, cinnamon, stevia, etc.)


Followed by a caramel apple


Well.  Caramel greek yogurt + an apple.  But, it’s basically the same thing…


For lunch I made a vat of guacamole with the remaining 1/2 of an avocado, raw corn off the cob, carrots, red bell peppers, and Garlic Gold salt nuggets.


I supplemented my raw guac with a side plate of raw Livin’ Spoonful raw crackers, carrots, and hummus.  This is a big plate, so you can see how big the crackers really are.


And yet, two raw crackers ALWAYS turns into four.  Why only four you ask?  In case you were thinking that I suddenly grasped the concept of moderation, think again.  The crackers are sold in packs of four. 


Later in the afternoon I snacked on apples and peanut butter.  Lately, I haven’t been liking peanut butter.  I think almond butter has ruined it for me.  In an effort to stimulate my taste buds, I mixed crunchy (blech!) PB with soymilk and cinnamon to make a peanutty sauce which I then drizzled over the apple slices.  Not so great.  After eating half, I scrapped the rest of the nuttiness off and finished the apples solo.  I have such issues with nuts.  I really want to like them, and sometimes I’m all about them, but other times the sound of them makes me nauseous. 

For dinner, Kyle and I took a break from our semi-contained zone of destruction (it looked like Haiti up in hurrr) to grab dinner with some friends (my last monthly dinner date with my girls).


I had been wanting to go to Souen for quite some time, but when I saw how Maggie raved about it a few days ago, my mind was made up. 

SoHo isn’t exactly an easy commute from the UWS, but I’ve been macro curious lately, and anyways, I needed a break from staring at piles of clothes, books, pots and cords.


The restaurant went from nearly empty to full in a matter of minutes.  Thank goodness we arrived a bit early.  We snagged a table for 4 just in the nick of time.  My girlies arrived, and still the wait staff was beyond aloof.  Tick tock tick tock…finally we flagged someone over to order wine.

In a word: blech.

I don’t generally like Bordeaux’s, but I wasn’t the one picking, so I went with it.  The wine was far too warm and pretty mediocre all around.  In Heather’s defense, the choices were minimal, so it was kinda slim pickins.  Kyle had to order three different beers (from the menu) before they finally had one.  Not a great start…


We decided to start off by sharing the Steamed Dumplings (six wheat dumplings filled with seitan, nappa, ginger and scallions).  Not impressed. 

I can definitely appreciate clean food, but the dish was devoid of flavor all together! 


Even the accompanying sauce wasn’t able to rescue the appetizer.  They were basically plain steamed rice noodles.

Despite the two strikes, I was still optimistic about my dinner.  I had a serious craving for warm veggies and kabocha squash, so I found the perfect dish on the menu.


A huge bowl of Hayato Soup (with tofu, cabbage, sprouts, broccoli, squash, shiitake, onions, carrot, bean sprouts and green in miso broth).

It arrived piping hot and took well over 20 minutes to cool down to a reasonable temperature, but I waited patiently.  And waited.  And waited.  And finally tasted it…

Macrobiotic = bland

Plain and simple, this soup had nothing going on in the flavor department.  And I really wanted to like it, so believe me when I say, it was VERY disappointing.

Kyle ordered Blackened Cod which looked great, and he liked it a lot, but the portion was TEENY tiny and didn’t fill him up at all.

I did try Heather’s Pad Thai which had an AWESOME peanut sauce with lime.  She had the best order for sure. 

Marisa got Vegetables and Soba Noodles in soup, but she had the same issues I did.  It was too hot, and when she finally did taste it, it was just plain bland.

I was sad that I didn’t love this place, but even more sad that I didn’t even LIKE the place.  Their service was slow, they didn’t seem knowledgeable about the menu, and half the items on the menu weren’t actually available.  Bummer.


I had an apple upon returning home and then set back to work packing.  Gah.  Will packing ever end!!!  The movers come tomorrow and here I am blogging.  Brilliant. 

Before I sign off, though, I wanted to let you all know that I have a guest post up on Kate and Maggie’s blog Eat The Damn Cake.  These lovely girls have such mature and thought-provoking posts, in which they discuss all the dirty little secrets that go on in the complicated minds of females…I was honored to share my own two cents neuroses. 

Also, my girl Ethel has (finally) posted on her NYC visit.  Check it out for more pics of us frolicking in the (long since deceased) sunshine.

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