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Clean Food Comeback

You guys are so sweet.  I was simply floored by the response to my wedding post – your comments were overwhelmingly kind.  I felt like the luckiest girl on the planet that day, so I guess it came through in the photos.  I’ll try and get the second half of the big day posted soon, but I don’t have pictures of the food yet (I didn’t bring my camera to the wedding – the horror!!).  Don’t worry, I made sure the photographer captured my meal on film (I am a food blogger after all).  So once I get those proofs, I’ll be sure to share the reception highlights and late night festivities with all y’all (BTW, here’s the link for the first part of the wedding if you missed it).

After a queasy start to the week, I’m happy to report that I’m feeling much better now, so it looks like all I needed was some rest…and rehydration.  I guess jetlag was to blame?  Or maybe I could just borrow Lindsay Lohan’s excuse and call it exhaustion?  Either way, it was nothing a day of clean eating couldn’t fix.

Blog 450

Unlike the past few mornings, Santa Monica was bright and sunny when I woke up.  Thank you sea breeze!  Oddly enough, I opted for tea over coffee.  Whoa, didn’t see that one coming dija?  I must be missing the islands, because this coconut flavor was calling my name.

Blog 444

Golden Moon Tea is starting to give Tazo a run for it’s money.  Full disclosure: this individual loose leaf tea packet was a gift from the company.  It had been hiding in my pantry and was recently discovered during our move to the West Coast.  I felt like a paleontologist discovering a species I thought was distinct, I was so thrilled.

Blog 445

Loose like the red light district.

Blog 447

Added to my handy dandy tea leaf holder.

Blog 449

And steeped for a few minutes.

Blog 452


The Coconut Pouchong flavor required no sweetening at all, it was a perfectly subtle blend with only a hint of coconut.  The kind that you taste and go “hmmm…what’s that flavor, it’s familiar, but I can’t quite put my finger on it.”

Blog 453

Along with tea, I had a green monster.  I wasn’t really craving one, but I knew (perhaps a bit of wishful positive thinking?) it was the medicine my body needed.

Blog 457

I was so right.  The power of positive thinking (and fluids) should never be underrated.

Blog 454Blog 455

In addition to spinach, my green monster was also packed with frozen tropical fruit (dude, island fever much?), and ice.  This massive bag was another Costco purchase.  They have yet to do me wrong.  To be honest, I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the quality of their produce.  Fresh, frozen, dried, whatever, it’s all good!

Blog 458

The consistency was a bit too thick for the blender so I added VitaCoco coconut water which then made it a bit too liquidy…go figure, right?  It tasted good, but my proportions are all off.  I’m used to making smoothies with the magic bullet, so I’m going to have to start measuring things again until I get myself trained in the proper amounts with this blender.

Anyways, since I was feeling better, I decided to seize the day and tackle my massive to-do list.  After yesterday I’d already given up on winning wife of the year.  Now I have my sights set on the “most improved” category.  At least I’m realistic with my goals, right?  I picked up the dry cleaning, ran to the frame store, hung all our pictures, cleaned the apartment, opened presents, wrote thank-yous, and went grocery shopping…not too bad for a (jobless) day’s work.

Lunch was somewhere in between all that.

Blog 431

Sabra hummus, egg-less egg salad, and apple slices.

And if my productivity wasn’t impressive enough already, my “stroll around the block” turned into a 35 minute run.  It was a fast one too; I felt like I was sprinting at certain points, I was so full of energy.  I tell ya, once I skip a few days in a row of exercise, my body craves it.  I was practically skipping through the neighborhood!

This post is getting a bit lengthy, so I’ll skip straight ahead to dinner.

Blog 466

Course one: roasted asparagus with Garlic Gold’s EVOO + garlic nuggets.

Blog 470

Course two: local and organic heirloom tomato with balsamic vinegar and Garlic Gold’s EVOO + garlic nuggets.

Blog 046

Course three: falafel and hummus sandwich

Stay tuned for a giveaway post this weekend!


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