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One of the perks of being a food blogger is you get to try new things that you may not ordinarily try.  For free. 

While I was in Europe, I received a Tasting Box by Foodzie


It had all kinds of goodies including:

Dried Pineapple from Peeled Snacks – Brooklyn, NY
Traditional Alfajores from Sabores del Sur – San Francisco, CA
Lemon Poppyseed & Almond Biscotti from Biscotti Bari – Petaluma, CA
Pure Southern Iced Tea from Pluff Iced Tea – Bluffton, SC
Assorted Fresh Herb Sea Salts from Woody’s Gourmet – Campbell, CA
Classic Seaweed Snack from Sea Snax – Los Angeles, CA


The peeled snacks were the first to go.  For 12 hour shifts I’m always looking for easy on-the-go eats that are healthy and practical (meaning portable and not messy).  These caught my eye because they were both organic and pure.


See that ingredient list?  Just one thing, organic pineapple.

You see, when it comes to dried fruit, there’s often some additives involved (sulphur dioxide) and occasionally extra sugar sneaks in, too.  Dried pineapple rings used to be my favorite snack, but the out of control sugar content actually got to be too much for me.  In my opinion, fruit doesn’t need help in the sweetness department, it’s naturally perfect on it’s own.  And as far as preserving the fruit’s color (which is why other companies use sulpher dioxide), I actually prefer eating food that don’t look like it has been plucked from the Land of Oz.  No offense to the Lollipop Guild.


I was nervous the pineapple chunks were going to be a bit tougher, given the natural state of the fruit, but I’m happy to report they were soft and flavorful.  I could easily see myself snacking on them all day (and night) long without breaking my jaw from chewing. 

Peeled snacks also offers mango, apricot, apple, banana, fig (!!!), and cherry flavors, which I’m pretty excited to try as well.


As for the rest of my work food…I was on night shift, so it was more snack heavy than my day shift eats are.  I had roasted almonds, candied ginger, Hersey’s special extra dark chocolate, dried apricots, two apples, and a big salad.

My salad was bit of a beast actually.  It had spring greens, roasted butternut squash, bell peppers, edamame, carrots, and those crazy addictive sesame sticks.  I’m 100% certain I could put those sesame sticks in every meal and I’d love it.  Why is salt so good?

After I got home from my 12 hours, I failed at falling asleep right away, so instead I made oats.


I kept adding more and more ingredients to the oats…


Unmeasured amounts of:

  • almonds
  • shredded coconut
  • carob chips
  • diced apple
  • mashed banana
  • raisins
  • cinnamon
  • Sunbutter


Just throw it in the bag…uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh.  [Son I’m from Brooklyn, what it look like!?]

Anyone else thinks of Fabolous when adding multiple ingredients to a pot?  No?  Just me?


FYI, I don’t cut corners when it comes to nutbutters. 


Normally I’m not an advocate of food induced comas, but after all-nighters, you gotta do what you gotta do.  And this girl needed to zonk out. 

This bowl (followed by a second one) helped me get into the very necessary sleep state. 


Because you can’t do a second night shift when you’ve only slept two hours.  Oh wait.  Yes you can.  [It sucks, but it’s doable]

Sadly, I woke back up before noon and had no success napping the rest of the day.  And then back to night shift I went…


I’m not even sure what meal I’d call this since timing is irrelevant in zombie-night-shift-land.  This combo is a staple for me – carrots, seitan, quinoa, and Bragg’s liquid aminos.  I rarely take pics of it anymore because it’s such a basic meal, but I love it immensely. 


I also love these caramel dark chocolate almond clusters immensely.  And since they cost FAR too much for the rate I’m downing them (is a box not a single serving?), I’m going to have to learn to make them myself.


I don’t think it’s overly complicated.  I don’t know if you can mess up chocolate and nuts.  And even if you do, the “mess up” will probably be delicious too. 

Super random question: When you buy a new product, what do you think is the most important thing that determines if you purchase it or not?  Does the cute package catch your eye?  Do you put the nutritional info first?  Are you more likely to buy from recognizable brands (that you’ve gotten other items from) before other lesser known ones?

I used to think that the cuter the package, the more likely I was to buy something.  But nowadays it’s an item’s price and ingredients that dictate what goes in my cart.


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I’m currently in our hotel room in Palo Alto watching Kyle nap.  It’s not as creepy as it sounds.  We woke up crazy early to get to Stanford for a weekend thing, and since I snoozed for 45 minutes on the way, he is getting his own beauty rest now so we are on level playing fields (sleep-wise).

After doing Jillian Michaels’ yoga at 4:30 am I guzzled a Starbucks soy misto on the road.  My on-the-go breakfast consisted of an apple and Larabar.  Which explains why we were ready to grub when we finally arrived at our destination.

First we had to swing by this small company to say hi to our friend Mark. 


Have you heard of him?  [kidding]  A friend was meeting another friend here so after we dropped him off at facebook, Kyle and I skedaddled off to lunch.


Knowing my food preferences, a friend recommended Sprout Cafe to me and I was in love as soon as I saw the place.  It is conveniently located block from our hotel (and in a very cute part of town I might add – reminded me of a union of Santa Monica and Santa Barbara). 


Busy much?  Apparently everyone else feels the same way about this place. 

The concept is simple – salads and other cafe fare made quickly to order.  In other words, fast food that’s not “fast food.” 


They have a long station for salad assembly, similar to many places I’ve been ton in NYC.  Unlike NYC (or other chopped-style restaurants), the ingredients are exceptional.  I’m talking toasted pumpkin seeds, dried currants, mango, roasted butternut squash, brussel sprouts, fresh buffalo mozzarella, etc.  The list of ingredients goes on and on…and that’s just salads. 

They also have Mighty Leaf tea (love) and natural beverages aplenty.


I stuck to the (free) cucumber water, while Kyle went with the fresh lemonade.



After debating between 5 different salads on the menu (they all looked so good!), I finally decided to make my own.


I’ve never been so excited about so many ingredients for a salad.  This was like the Whole Foods hot bar on crack.  It was veg lovers paradise. 


In the end, I made a beautiful creation with:

  • baby spinach lettuce
  • bean sprouts (you have to get sprouts at a place called Sprout Cafe)
  • quinoa
  • grapes
  • carrots
  • red bell peppers
  • jicama
  • dried cranberries
  • roasted butternut squash
  • avocado
  • furikake crusted tofu
  • balsamic vinaigrette

*I highlighted my favorites, although they were all absolutely perfect when combined together. 


Seriously, this salad was SO good. 


The crust on the tofu was divine, while the sweet grapes and savory roasted squash added some textural variation.  Naturally, the quinoa and avocado packed a hearty and lasting kick to hold my appetite over. 


The fresh sourdough bread was also super soft, and in the end the only thing I would have done is ask for more dressing (this is my own fault though since I ordered “light” dressing).  For future Sprout Cafe diners, don’t worry that your salad will arrive doused in dressing if you order the normal amount. 


Kyle got the Hunter salad with grilled marinated tri-tip steak, red onions, roasted bell peppers, avocado, aged sharp white cheddar cheese and bleu cheese dressing.  He adored it as well.

And now we are off – I’m the (self designated) official cheerleader for Kyle’s basketball team!

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When I think of island vacation getaways, I think of coconuts.  When I think of winter comfort cooking, my mind goes to butternut squash.  So why not combine the two? 


Oh yes I did.

The base of the dish was made and then frozen nearly a month ago…back when my friend gave me two cases of butternut squash.


I used the slow cooker, adding an entire butternut squash (cubed) and a box of Vita Coco coconut water and leaving it alone for 4 hours to do it’s thang. 


Before and after.


Then I tupperwared it up, threw it in the freezer, and forgot about it for a few months.

Cut to the other day…

I took the coconut squash out of the freezer and submerged it in a warm water bath in the sink to thaw.  When it had reached a semi-liquefied state, I put it in the slower cooker to both finish thawing and start cooking.  


After a couple of hours the formerly cubed squash chunks started to puree on their own from simply being cooked for so long. 


At this point I added in a can of chickpeas and 1/2 cup coconut flour and let it cook for another hour.  The flour thickened up the squash and absorbed the excess liquid perfectly.


Had I planned ahead (or known where I was going with the dish), I would have cooked the pasta in the crock-pot, too.  Oh well. 


I cooked them separately, then combined them in a casserole dish afterwards.


Coconut & Butternut Pasta Casserole


  • 1 butternut squash, chopped
  • 1 1/2 cup pasta shells (dry)
  • 1 can (15 oz.) chickpeas
  • 1 cup coconut water
  • 1/2 cup coconut flour
  • salt (to taste)

*note: I may add in broccoli next time for a contrasting color/texture



This pasta bake was a surprising success.  Most casseroles use cheese to hold the ingredients together, but in this case, the butternut squash did the trick. 


Kyle was the first to dig in, taking a little scoop before heading off to a dinner meeting.  He doesn’t even like squash on it’s own, and he liked the dish so that says a lot.


The squash almost seems cheesy (a good way to sneak in veggies for those who may have trouble fitting in all the recommended servings).  Plus, the healthy vitamins, minerals, and fiber of squash certainly trumps the nutritional profile of cheese.  When combined with chickpeas and durum wheat shells, the stats of this vegan dish are beyond impressive – all macronutrients accounted for. 


I served my portion up alongside a spinach and Bragg’s salad.


The subtle coconut notes were the best part of the dish.  Seriously yum.  I had a second serving that was even more generous than my first.  I’m pretty sure this is the perfect way to ring in spring. 

Before I go, I wanted to spread the word about a donation rally raising funds for the American Red Cross’ Japan-related relief efforts.  The Blogging for a Change Donation Rally will be going all week and 100% of of proceeds will go straight to the Red Cross to help Japan rebuild!

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Happy (belated) St. Patrick’s Day!  I seriously forgot to wear green – yikes!  My grandpa would disown me if he knew such a thing!  This is also the first St. Patty’s in a long time that I didn’t celebrate with green beer.  I’ll try and make up for it this weekend.  But more on those plans later. 

I definitely had a rough time waking up yesterday morning.  It didn’t help that midnight came and went and I was still awake…

My alarm buzzed me back to life at 4:20, at which point Jillian and I got our sweat on.  [That sounds dirty] 


Since I had such success with this combo the previous day, I went for a repeat combo.  This time it was sans Attune cereals, but I made a mix as close to the OG version as I could with Love Grown Foods Cocoa Goodness granola plus Three Sisters Cereal Honey Puffs.  It was another brilliant breakfast combo and I made it til noon before my stomach needed more sustenance.  Baller. 

I had an apple as a snack since my lunch break wasn’t until 2 pm.


This beauty was what I had awaiting me when I finally broke free from my patients. 


Spinach, strawberries, alfalfa sprouts, avocado, pepitas, and balsamic vinegar.  100% amazing.


On the side I had an Alvarado Street tortilla dunked piece by piece into a mini-tub of Sabra hummus.  The tortilla and salad combo was a bit like a deconstructed wrap when eaten together.


Naturally, I packed half the produce aisle with me too, including a few cuties and a pair of galas.  This lunch I brought the pure green tea flavor of Ito-En Teas’ Tea.  Kinda strong for green tea, but maybe I am just a wuss.  I’m trying to decrease my stevia intake a bit, so the fact that their teas are unsweetened is nice.  The candied ginger is a given.  I’m probably on my 800th box at this point.  If I could grow it myself, I’d probably cut my Whole Foods bill in half.  No seriously.  It’s an addiction. 


The last piece of the above scene is the newest PROBAR.


Halo S’mores – The Sinfully Healthy Snack.  In a word: fabulous. 

Work was especially exhausting, made even more so by the fact that I had some patients with heart breaking diagnoses that required LOADS of attention.  When I have these kinds of cases, it’s a good (yet, sad) reminder to ditch my own unnecessary stresses.  Life is too short to worry about the ridiculous things that you can’t control.  [Sigh] 

I got home to a clean apartment and freshly folded laundry.  Now that’s a how you pick a husband.


Dinner doesn’t require much in the explanation department.  Butternut squash, red quinoa, falafel.


After a nail biting UCLA game, I was finally able to relax a bit.  I had seconds of the above meal, followed by a chocolate packed dessert.

I decided what this flavor of Love Grown Oat Clusters & Love reminds me of. 


Skor bar flavored oats!  Crispy, chocolaty, sweet, crunchy bliss. 


Love love love, love in my tummy!  So, I had 3 bowls to polish off the bag.  And now I’m off to pack!

Guess where we are headed this weekend.  Here’s a hint…

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I was going to try and throw down a quick recap of this “holiday” weekend, but alas, my ramblings got the best of me…it may be picture dense, but it’s not so quick. 

Saturday was the main event, if you will, but Friday was pretty sweet too. 

Kyle and I made a Costco run – always dangerous when you’re a foodie living on a student budget.

Key purchases worth noting…


Almond Butter (this jar is the size of my head)


Sabra hummus x3 including spinach artichoke and roasted pine nut flavors plus individual mini tubs (bets on how many months days these will last?)


Crackers, chips, and bars, bars, bars (Clif, Kashi, Mrs. May’s, Chewy – you name it, we now have it)


And don’t even get me started on the massive amounts of produce

Sometimes Costco’s baby bell peppers are on the weaker side, but this bag was atypically large with a fantastic crunch.  [J’adore]

I could hardly fit everything in the fridge!  In addition to the bulk baby bell peppers and blueberries, there was a block of cheddar cheese so massive that it could double as gym equipment. 


The fruit basket was a whole other story.  Avocados, bananas, and galas, oh my!


I resisted temptation and didn’t buy the uber cheap crate of strawberries because they weren’t organic, but the pesticide-free blueberries were fair game. 

How is it that a gum and toilet paper run turned into a $250 trip?  Mysterious. 


So back to the eats…I clearly helped myself to some hummus lovin’ for lunch.




Alvarado Street sprouted tortilla, Sabra hummus, spinach, bell peppers, and raw shredded cauliflower

What else does hummus go with?


Honestly, what doesn’t hummus go with?


I’ve been having a damn near impossible time finding Sabra in stores, so that’s why I found it necessary to stock up on enough to feed an army (as if I need an excuse).  Still, it’s comforting to know that should disaster strike, I’m good for a while. 

Side note: why are the LA Whole Foods only carrying one kind of hummus nowadays?  I’m not okay with this.  It has drastically reduced my (previously) record breaking chickpea consumption. 


Dinner was a seitan stir-fry that I was able to throw together in less than 10 minutes. 


Home-made log seitan plus frozen stir-fry veggies…tossed in a pan with Bragg’s liquid aminos.  No more.  No less.

After a romantic candlelit dinner with my boo, we were joined by my homegirl Alene for some wine and chit chat.


We got a year long wine club membership to MacRostie as a wedding present and this Cab was the first we’ve tried.  Wow.  I am a Sonoma wine snob after all…  🙂


Totally delish.  It’s bold flavor rocked my face.


Saturday started with an “o” meal of oat bran and whole rolled oats.  Sorry that it’s less than thrilling, but not every letter has an appetizing letter that corresponds. 


The AB does add to the excitement though, yes?  MaraNatha is yum.


I heaped it on like I was storing up insulation for the winter.

Before working out in the afternoon I did some baking…and snacking.


[With such delish dough, these activities really were one in the same]

Then Jillian got me sweaty and Kyle forced me into normal clothes.


Sunday was a detox day.  Back to back wine nights is so not like me! (read: I’m old and can’t handle such frequent boozing)


I had a hearty breakfast (oats, peanut butter, and a chopped apple).


Followed by a hearty lunch…and a half-hearty workout


Every veg in the apartment salad (BN squash, spinny, bell pepps, carrots, cauli, yadda yadda topped in heaps of hummus). 


Five pounds.  Yes. 

Post-lunch and post-workout, I played in the kitchen (again).  I’m on a roll folks.


Sorry I keep teasing you with this granola recipe.  I swear it will be coming soon!  This once full tupperware was the perfect afternoon snack.

Anyway, Sunday’s lazying about all led up to a 7 pm call time.

Night shift. 😦


I packed the above (leftovers from North End Caffe) with roasted butternut squash, apples, and dried fruit.


Add in teas by the kilo, and that’s my night in a nutshell.

I ate shortly before midnight and the hours rolled on without incident. 

I got home by 8 am and guess what!?!  I went straight to bed!  [Okay I showered first but still – I actually fell asleep and didn’t wake up until 11:45 am]

This is progress.

It helped that Kyle was still asleep and so crawling under the covers didn’t mean missing out on normal people awake time.

As you’d expect, I woke up ravenous. 


I fueled the beast with AB toast before contemplating what (more substantial) breakfast lunch I should make. 


This MaraNatha almond butter is shovel-down-by-the-spoonful good.  I need to slow my roll or the Costco sized jar is going to be empty by the end of the week!


My second course was a bowl of granola with bloobs and apples.


Oh sweet heaven, this stuff is divine.

No napping occurred in the PM (sadly).  I did attempt a beach front jog that left me pretty invigorated. 

Come 6 pm I wound up back in scrubs and headed back to the hospital for a second shift.  My stomach was being kinda questionable, so I didn’t really have a full meal before leaving. 


I did grab a couple of slices of pumpkin banana bread before hitting the road, though. 


I struggled through the first few hours of work, feeling pretty yucky. 


I had an apple around 11 pm, but didn’t feel like anything else at all.  Fortunately I had Yogi stomach ease tea with me, which helped sooth my system. 


By 1 am I was starving, so even though my GI tract wasn’t game, my priorities were all about ending the growling.  More fiber probably wasn’t the best dinner option, but it’s all I had…leftover lentil loaf with butternut squash on a bed of spinach

Booyah.  Work weekend done.

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The titles I was considering with the letter “K” would all be flagged as inappropriate if taken out of context, so I will simply say, I had 3 different meals with “K” foods the other day. 

The first was more of a breakfast snack really.  Enjoyed with a home-made cappuccino. 


Make that a kappuccino (meaning it was dairy-free).  I frothed up a full cup of rice milk then heated it and added it to a shot of caffeine.  The foam took up half the cup, but the rest of the milk made the most rich and creamy mug.



But back to the “k” food. 


Last week I received a shipment in the mail from Kookie Karma.  They make raw, vegan goodies that truly make you drool just seeing the names.

  • raw cherry cashew
  • raw carob truffle
  • almond crunch grawnola
  • raw granola bars
  • holistic chocolate chip

There are way more than those listed above (check out the website), but I don’t want you to ruin your computer keyboard with saliva…

The best part is that they are a small company, dedicated to creating high quality (and completely healthy) snacks.  Everything is made by hand and above all, they are totally determined to make their treats tasty.


Gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, egg-free, flourless, hand made, organic, vegan, delicious.

So yeah, I should have taken a photo of it after I opened it, but instead, I just ate it.  You KNOW something is good if I’m so into it that I can’t even remember to take a picture! 


FOr lunch I had a few slices of toast with vegan “tuna” salad.


To give it an extra kick in the pants, I splashed on a few (tiny) drops of Tapatio hot sauce.


The oomph was more than I anticipated, but still damn good.  I may be jumping the gun here, but how awesome would that salsa picante hombre be as a Halloween costume?

I managed to run some errands in the afternoon, which involved a depressing shopping trip (why are shorts so crazy short?).  I can’t be the only person who finds it hideous showing that much off.  It’s not cute.  I don’t care if you’re a supermodel, I’m still not okay with it.  [It also doesn’t help that I’m not a supermodel, but that’s a fairly ridiculous statement, so I’ll forego expanding on the topic]


Back at the casa, I snacked on several bowls (too many) of salty roasted almonds until my tongue was raw from sodium intoxication. 


So I switched over to fresh fruit. 🙂

For dinner I made the same pea/avo mash that I made here.


This time, rather than top some toast with it (which is awesome btw), I decided to mix it up with some kelp noodles.


The supply of these noodles (by Sea Tangle) is hit and miss.  There is one Whole Foods that carries them occasionally, but other than that location, I haven’t seen them anywhere else.  Hoarder that I am, I always buy the place out when they do have them in stock. 

On their own, the noodles are bland, but with flavorful toppings, they are awesome. 


Exhibit K


Once I mixed it all up I savored each and every bite. 


For a second course, I had an open-faced squash sammie.


First I toasted the bread, then I added roasted butternut squash, and finally I spread Artisana’s raw cashini butter all over the place. 


Oh my. 


My jar of Cashini is nearing it’s end.  This sad event will have to be remedied asap because I have been finding it hard to go a day without just a little taste. 

My next post may be a huge catch-up post given I have L, M, and N still in camera/computer limbo land.

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This weekend was so much fun.  I had Friday through Sunday off and Kyle was actually caught up with all his MBA shiz, so we got to spend a lot of time relaxing (together).

I’ve shown you the d & e meals, but Superbowl Sunday was definitely the highlight.  PACKERS what whaaaat!   

Friday morning started with an early breakfast for me.  I was up and at ‘em with the sun garbage trucks (which was fine since I had fallen asleep at 7:30 the night before). 


I made myself a warm bowl of oats and buckwheat


This was actually an overnight concoction, but since it was kinda dried out I added warm ricemilk to make it more creamy and rich.


I kept it simple and sprinkled the top with just shredded coconut.  Yum.  Buckwheat has a different flavor than other breakfast grains so I find that when it’s combined with oats, it makes a simple meal much more complex for the taste buds. 

Kyle, on the other hand, wasn’t hungry until later.  Eventually he made breakfast for himself while I sucked down coffee number two.


Can we just admire the bed head here?  LOVE.  Clearly he was stoked with his breakfast burrito creation. 


This is pretty standard weekend breakfast fare for Kyle.  I can vouch (from personal experience) that he has definitely perfected the art of hash browns. 

Unfortunately he hasn’t quite perfected his wrapping technique. 




Sad face. 

Post digestion Kyle and I went on a run together on the beach.  Usually I don’t like running with him because he has the advantage of longer legs, and our paces just don’t align.  But I wasn’t feeling the run at all, so having him to drag me along motivate me was just what I needed. 

After our workout we hit up Kinkos, the bank, the car wash, the hardware store, and the grocery store.  Phew.


Back at home, I was in need of major sustenance.  I polished off the hummus and quickly moved onto the next best dip.   


Artisana’s cashini butter is without a doubt my best discovery of the year.

I ate it with apple slices, then some spelt pretzels, and finally with nothing but a spoon. 

Dinner was all about durum.  [Nut-shell casserole]


With a late night snack (raw nuts, seeds, and dried fruit) while ignoring the new Wall Street movie (1 star).

Saturday morning was another easy one. 


The farmer’s market was busy!


Gorgeous beets.


Look at the colorful greens!?


Note the starbucks cup in the lower corner ;)  Aside from my grande misto, all I came away with from our morning stroll was a spaghetti squash.

For some reason I decided to torture myself further with some window shopping at Anthropologie.  That store and Barnes & Noble are really my favorite places on earth.  Okay, Whole Foods as well. 


At noon, we met up with friends for brunch at Jack ‘n Jill’s.  It’s next door to Real Food Daily in Santa Monica. 

It was pretty packed, but we still found a table for our group of 4.  It’s more cafe style than restaurant style because you order at the register and then they bring you the food.  My only issue was that our food arrived way after that of our friends’ (because we had ordered separately).  I realize they go by the order number and not really by table, but still, the place isn’t that big and it was clear that we were a group.  Ah well. 


Kyle got the breakfast burrito.  Standard.


I made my own scramble with silken tofu, avocado, spinach, and tomatoes.  It also came with fresh fruit and multi-grain toast


The toast was super grainy and hearty, which made it awesome on it’s own – no jam necessary.  The fruit is not really worth mentioning but I will say the pineapple was mighty juicy.  As for the tofu scramble?  Well how can you mess that up when avocado is involved.  Other people would probably prefer a bit more seasoning, but I like the simplicity of it.  The portion was legit, too.  I had leftovers (which I ended up eating an hour later).


This ambrosia accompanied my leftovers rounding out my afternoon snack with a sweet somethin’ somethin’.  I am really into ambrosia apples right now.  Note the copy of my work schedule (let’s hope that having a copy will prevent more incidents like this one).

The rest of the day went by in a blur.  And I already showed you dinner.

So that brings us to…SUPERBOWL Sunday.

Pre-game, Kyle and I both did Jillian’s Shred Level 3 and caffeinated ourselves.


Apple Pie Hot Breakfast

  • 1/2 cup dry oats
  • 1/4 cup dry buckwheat
  • 1 apple, chopped
  • 1 loooong squeeze agave nectar
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract


Now that’s how you warm-up for the big game!

After the fast was broken, we headed to our friends house to cheer on the Packers.  (!!!!)

What an exciting game!  I think I caught myself holding my breath several times throughout the 4th quarter. 

Since we were playing a drinking game that involved “socials” every time the announcers mentioned Chico, Butte, or Cal, it was a fun time 🙂

Copious amounts of hummus, Coors Light, and guacamole were my snacks of choice.  After Aaron kissed the trophy and the last of the confetti came to a rest, we headed home and I had a quick “f” dinner before passing out.


I cheated.

Whatever.  It’s hard enough to think of lettered foods and plan ahead…making them in advance wasn’t going to happen without a little help from a box.


The ingredients on the Fantastic World Foods box were clean and simple.  Just add water then roll into little balls…and bam!…falafel


I put them on a lined baking sheet and popped them in the oven for 30 minutes (on 350).

The instructions tell you how to fry them, which is obviously how you make falafel traditionally, but I’m not into grease if I can avoid it.  Plus, baking them is way easier and safer (and healthier).


Oh, I had a batch of butternut going on too.


The final product smelled AHHHHH-SOME.


So I popped a few of these falafel balls after the game, along with some (more) hummus and butternut squash.

Then I watched Glee (love!), packed up my lunch for work, and hit the hay.

What a freakin’ weekend! 

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