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If I had to summarized Monday through Thursday in a single post…well…I can’t, so I don’t know how to end that sentence.  But, where I was going with that intro was to say my week has been packed and amazing.

Highlights reel?  Sure, why not.

Monday slash Tuesday I had night shift stuff.  The only thing of note food-wise was how many berries I consumed over the course of the day. 


I have likely met my Vitamin C quota until October. 

I also made a pita pie (for those of you who keep asking about the-best-pita-ever, it’s from Whole Foods and the brand is called Turlock Pita Bread). 


My gorgeous pie was toasted then layered (generously) with Tropical Traditions coconut peanut butter and very thinly sliced golden delicious apples.


Any meal that has fewer than five ingredients, takes under five minutes to make, AND tastes this good should be illegal.  Or accepted into the Foodie Hall of Fame.  Is there such a thing?  Nope. 


I also did some late night therapy baking.  I find it a very soothing thing.  Just me and the oven, and the rest of the day fades away…


Kyle’s a big fan of these nights.  Unlike retail therapy, they don’t cut into our vacation rent funds, plus they yield delicious treats.  Who else uses cooking/baking in this way?


(Vegan) peanut butter and jelly thumbprint muffins.  Recipe on the way!

Wednesday morning wasn’t notably interesting, but I did make a really really yummy tropical smoothie.


I had it with a massive bowl of cherries (since the strawbeezies are done-zo).


I didn’t measure anything, but it had: light unsweetened soymilk (365), vanilla soy yogurt (Stonyfield), frozen tropical fruit mix (Costco), and some ice.


I tried to go slow and eat cherries in between, but you know I froze my brain up because I have no self control.

Of course to compensate I had to make some tea.  I may be having issues with my body core thermal regulation, because I always seem to be the temperature of whatever I’m eating.  Humans are supposed to be warm blooded.  I may be a lizard.  My poor patients have to deal with my frigid hands poking and prodding them (ok, ok, I’m not that rough).  Good thing I suck down coffee like a fiend all morning long which is when I do most of my assessments…at least the heat from that helps my hands stay a bit warmer.  I’m sure the fact that I’m cracked out of my mind and bouncing off the walls doesn’t even phase them. 


Fact: I drink Yogi tea more for the inspirational messages than the flavor of the tea.  This flavor happens to be Cocoa Mayan Spice.  It’s no Chai, but it fills the roll when my Tazo stash is on empty.


Wednesday afternoon we picked up our friend at the airport.  In our new car.  His name is Carson and he’s a new 2011 silver CRV.  Yes, we name all our cars.  Who doesn’t? 


The best feature is the cup holder in the door.  It fits a Kombucha perfectly.

After navigating our way back to Santa Monica (LA traffic wasn’t that bad actually), we immediately dropped off Dean’s luggage and walked to dinner.


Blue Plate is one of my absolute favorite places ever and I have been craving their falafel burger for a solid month now. 


We started with chips ‘n guac for the table.


Plus a nice white bean dip with bread crisps (on the house).


Kyle got the chicken & veggie soup and the falafel burger


Dean got the falafel burger with fries.


And I got the falafel burger on a salad with fresh greens, cucumber, carrots, sprouts and huge amounts of avocado


I used all the balsamic dressing, plus the remainder of the guacamole that wasn’t eaten with chips.  It would be a crime for avocado to go unclaimed!

SO GOOD.  There’s no two ways about it, Blue Plate makes a damn fine falafel.

Wii tennis and golf duels took up the remainder of the night.  We are party animals!


Thursday morning was not meant to start at 5 am, but that it did.  Why you ask?  Because we have crazy effing birds that crow incessantly like they are the alarm clock for the entire West Coast (and their home base happens to be directly outside our window).  The rage I was feeling…gah!  Let’s just say there’s probably never been a more conflicted vegan.  I may not be a member of PETA, but I’m still not into shooting down angry birds.  


In any event, our plans to got for a hike in Malibu were simply pushed forward a few hours.  So after a trip to WF for coffee and a picnic lunch, we headed off to Point Mugu State Park.


We had a fun hike.  It was relatively mild and only took a bit over an hour.  The weather wasn’t really cooperating, but if we had waited ‘til later on, the cloud cover probably would have blown off.  Sun or no sun, we enjoyed the views. 


After reaching the bottom again, we made our way to the beach for lunch. 


Not too bad of a view. 


I got a veggie sando from WF with hummus, avocado, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and mustard


I could’ve used more hummus, but that’s pretty much always the case.  In life.


The rest of the day was mellow.  We strolled on the Promenade, stopped by the Santa Monica Pier, watched some volleyball games, and enjoyed the sun that finally did show up.


For dinner there was no question about what we were making.  Dean simply HAD to try some home-made vegan waffles.


We tried out Surprisingly Vegan’s latest flavor and I have to say, it’s even better than the OG recipe.

They really are SO good.  Unfortunately, they take quite a while to make from scratch…and grinding and blending and mixing everything uses up just about every single appliance and counter space in our kitchen.  Needless to say, I’ll be glad when these babies finally hit shelves, because just-add-water is so much simpler. 

The good news is that by late summer they will be sold online!!!  Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to let you all know when, where, and how you can get your hands on them. 


Vegan, gluten-free, delicious, and nutritious.  :) 

If you’re wondering about the above creation, it’s a waffle ‘wich that I made with two waffle squares, blueberries and Follow Your Heart vegan cream cheese.  I had two servings.  And even though I was very full after my double serving, I didn’t feel like my stomach was coated in lead.  Heavenly!


And now I am getting ready for a Friday at the hospital.  Big salad, quinoa with tofu, Inka Crops corn nuts, apple (x2), Nana’s fudge bites – yep, it’s gonna be a good day. 


Lunch is packed and I have a breakfast of vegan waffles ready for early morning leftovers.  Yeah buddy. 


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MERRY X-MAS EVE!!!!!!!!!

As of this morning, today was looking like a near disaster…but wouldn’t you know it, the day quickly turned absolutely AMAZING!
Somehow I managed to hit snooze without realizing it, so when I looked at the clock and it said 6:33 am, I FREAKED out! My shift starts at 7. That’s kinda a problem. I called the unit to give them a heads up that I was running a bit late (understatement much?) and then hauled ass to get my butt on the subway.
I was trying not to stress, since there wasn’t much I could do at that point, but I was looking at my watch literally every 15 seconds.
Anyways, by the time I got to work, I was only 20 minutes late! Plus, the night nurse who was giving me her patients loves me, so she was pretty cool since I felt horrible and kept apologizing.
The funny part is I am always the first one to arrive at work, it’s a running joke that “late” for me is only 15 minutes early. What can I say, I like being prepared, I like being punctual, and I don’t like starting the day off behind. So I got to work and there were 8 (yes, EIGHT) nurses there (for only 10 patients). I guess they totally overbook staff on the holidays as a present to us, since it sucks to be running around like a psycho when everyone else is home opening presents. Plus there are hardly any patients on the unit anyways (who wants open heart or lung surgery on Christmas)?
Thus: excess staff + patient shortage = fabulously stress-free shift
I only had 2 patients (easy, nice ones too) and I was working with 2 of my lovely girlies.
Obviously, running so late, I didn’t have time to make coffee or stop on the way to work, so I had to suffer without coffee for the first few hours of work (my poor patients, morning elise can be rough). At 9, I ran outside and got coffee and a HUGE water. I’m so proud of myself for my water consumption lately. It wasn’t snowing, in fact it wasn’t too cold.
I had a late lunch (3 pm). See below.
Last night when I was making my sando I didn’t realize I was out of smart deli meat until I had spread mustard and chobani on each slice…improvise!!!
It ended up turning into a (s)BLT: soy bacon, lettuce, and tomato. Not too shabby, but by lunch time, the bread was pretty soggy from all the tomatoes. Still tasty!

I also had a veggie tray (the kitchen brought up a veg meal for a non-existent patient) – score for me! The tuna scoop in the middle was even mayo free 🙂
Cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, brocc, and cauliflower…talk about catching up on my greens. Oh happy day!
I got another coffee for the rest of the shift, and by the time I got back from my lunch, the day was nearly over. As a Christmas present, my coworkers took over my patients for the last hour, so I could leave early…since I’m working tomorrow 😦
So sweet. I was out of the hospital by 6 pm. Arrive late, leave early, best shift ever!?!
Once I got home I snacked on some corn nuts from whole foods. I don’t think these are healthy, but they are too freakin’ good for me to care.
I called Kyle and my fam to pretend I was there…then I got to work making dinner.
Salad with romaine, grape tomatoes, edamame, and raisins.

I also threw a GN veggie burger on top for good measure. Food and christmas music, the best.

Dessert was the rest of the edamame that I had thawed. Now I gotta get ready for bed, so I don’t sleep though tomorrow’s shift, too!
Happy holidays!!!!!!

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It’s an apple!!!

Wow, I am talented! I have been practicing on my frothing technique, and this is the first design that really looks cool 🙂 I used mostly skim plus (1/3 cup) with just a touch of vanilla “creamer.”

Today started off with a nice snooze. No complaints there. After yesterday’s neverending shift, I didn’t feel the least bit guilty for sleeping in. After my coffee (a new blend from starbucks…more details later) I hit up the gym and ran for 60 minutes. I was feeling really pumped since I took yesterday off from working out. I stretched for 20 full minutes too, then did some ab stuff. On the way home I was in a rush, so I grabbed some sushi. It is my fav, with texturized protein, carrots, spinach, and brown rice.

I had to be home from 2-4 pm for my fresh direct order. Well, 4 pm came and went and there was NO sign of any fresh direct delivery…I snacked in the meantime (since we all know that’s what I do when I’m stressed).
Good thing I had lots of shows tivo-ed to pass the time while I blogged and munched. Dried edamame (above) and the REST OF the corn nuts (below). Honestly, corn nuts are so good, they are rapidly climbing the charts of my fav things — hummus better watch out or it will get de-throned soon. Salt just trumps everything.
Before I knew it 7 pm rolled around and I was getting super annoyed. WTF to these people think they are…I can’t just sit around and wait for them? I had things planned. I have a life!!

I was totally starving, but I couldn’t leave the house…so I made an iced coffee with the leftover coffee from the AM. Pretty delish, but I still wanted food, and after talking to a million different FD representatives, the food was no closer to arriving. Then, all of a sudden, it occurred to me to check with the doorman…and there it was. Sitting in the hallway, no notification, no nothing. Ugh. This company really has it’s good days and bad days.

I was so hungry (and since I was still unaware that my food was actually just chilling 2 floors below me) I had Kyle pick me up some food on his way home from work. Big salad.
Lettuce, brocc slaw, cherry tomatoes, raisins, and tofu chunks.

Plus, the obligatory handful of dates for dessert. Weekend with my boyfriend tomorrow!

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My last day of work for the week could not have arrived sooner – no joke, I was exhausted and my entire body was aching like a 90 year old geriatrics patient. I think I will need monthly massages just to keep myself walking! Anyways, the day started off bright and early with a Bruno’s coffee…which actually didn’t keep me alert enough at ALL. I was forced to do some non-vegan snacking just so I didn’t keel over at work. I’m not proud of what I did, but sometimes my stomach takes over…I stole a patient’s breakfast!!! In my own defense, the patient was NPO for a test, so the food was probably just going to get thrown out, so really I was being green. Anyways, I had corn flakes and milk (not even a cereal I like), and that seemed to tame the ravenous beast that is my GI system, at least temporarily.

The day was SO hectic, I hardly had a second to break so it was good I had this bar in my pocket!

Review: Odwalla’s bars are YUM…superfood is actually my fav flavor (no refined sugar plus 500 mg of spirulina). The best part is there are no nuts, and it is packed with soy ingredients and other delicious things like grape juice conc, date puree, raisins, organic rolled oats, banana flakes, organic dried banana, oat bran, dried coconut, organic soy butter…yadda yadda, I could go on and on about these babies.

So I finally had time for lunch. At this point my stomach lining was just about eating itself. I had a sando with A Street bread (my new can’t-live-without ingred) along with “turkey” smart deli slices, hummus, honey must, and broccoli slaw. A kinda new spin on my old classic (basically, I was out of lettuce, and I needed some form of green on my sandwich).

I also had a baggie filled with corn nuts…sorry this picture is a blurry mess.

I sipped on an iced soy latte over the pm hours at work. Then had an apple on the subway on the way home from work.

For dinner, I had a big salad with tofu. I added in corn and raisins to the below ingredients.


Dessert was actually 5 times the amount of dates shown…mmm (SO good!)

Sleeping in tomorrow 🙂

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Monday. Blah. After such a nice, relaxing weekend with my parents in town, the fact that I had to go back to work was a harsh reality. At least I was working with my lovely Miranda. I started off the day with a Bruno’s coffee, which was as good as ever. Since, it was just the 2 of us with a full load, I only managed to squeeze in 45 minutes for lunch. Still…I had my typical sando (A Street, smart deli, lettuce, hummus, etc) which I packed the day before.

I also had a baggie filled with corn nuts, along with the rest of the things shown below (apple, raisins)…

The best part about work was my schedule change, so now I have tomorrow off!! I’m going back and forth about if it is actually a good thing or not, since now I have to work Wed and Thurs instead. But it will be nice to watch the election tomorrow all day and get some housework done. I made it to the gym this evening (Mondays are my fav gym days because Gossip Girl is on — the dirty lives of manhattan’s upper east side elite just makes the time fly by).

For dinner I wanted salad, AND I wanted to try out a new ingredient in my salad. I have been craving salad like crazy ever since my parents were here. I think if I go a few days without greens, I go into salad craving overdrive…also, the blog world has been raving about broccoli slaw, which I finally managed to get my hands on.

It is like confetti for your salad!! So good…plus even 1/2 cup of it adds so much to a plain salad. I also added some tofu edamame salad and raisins to the mix.

The end product was a massively amazing creation. I’m quite proud it.

Plus a handful of dates for dessert.

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