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If I had to summarized Monday through Thursday in a single post…well…I can’t, so I don’t know how to end that sentence.  But, where I was going with that intro was to say my week has been packed and amazing.

Highlights reel?  Sure, why not.

Monday slash Tuesday I had night shift stuff.  The only thing of note food-wise was how many berries I consumed over the course of the day. 


I have likely met my Vitamin C quota until October. 

I also made a pita pie (for those of you who keep asking about the-best-pita-ever, it’s from Whole Foods and the brand is called Turlock Pita Bread). 


My gorgeous pie was toasted then layered (generously) with Tropical Traditions coconut peanut butter and very thinly sliced golden delicious apples.


Any meal that has fewer than five ingredients, takes under five minutes to make, AND tastes this good should be illegal.  Or accepted into the Foodie Hall of Fame.  Is there such a thing?  Nope. 


I also did some late night therapy baking.  I find it a very soothing thing.  Just me and the oven, and the rest of the day fades away…


Kyle’s a big fan of these nights.  Unlike retail therapy, they don’t cut into our vacation rent funds, plus they yield delicious treats.  Who else uses cooking/baking in this way?


(Vegan) peanut butter and jelly thumbprint muffins.  Recipe on the way!

Wednesday morning wasn’t notably interesting, but I did make a really really yummy tropical smoothie.


I had it with a massive bowl of cherries (since the strawbeezies are done-zo).


I didn’t measure anything, but it had: light unsweetened soymilk (365), vanilla soy yogurt (Stonyfield), frozen tropical fruit mix (Costco), and some ice.


I tried to go slow and eat cherries in between, but you know I froze my brain up because I have no self control.

Of course to compensate I had to make some tea.  I may be having issues with my body core thermal regulation, because I always seem to be the temperature of whatever I’m eating.  Humans are supposed to be warm blooded.  I may be a lizard.  My poor patients have to deal with my frigid hands poking and prodding them (ok, ok, I’m not that rough).  Good thing I suck down coffee like a fiend all morning long which is when I do most of my assessments…at least the heat from that helps my hands stay a bit warmer.  I’m sure the fact that I’m cracked out of my mind and bouncing off the walls doesn’t even phase them. 


Fact: I drink Yogi tea more for the inspirational messages than the flavor of the tea.  This flavor happens to be Cocoa Mayan Spice.  It’s no Chai, but it fills the roll when my Tazo stash is on empty.


Wednesday afternoon we picked up our friend at the airport.  In our new car.  His name is Carson and he’s a new 2011 silver CRV.  Yes, we name all our cars.  Who doesn’t? 


The best feature is the cup holder in the door.  It fits a Kombucha perfectly.

After navigating our way back to Santa Monica (LA traffic wasn’t that bad actually), we immediately dropped off Dean’s luggage and walked to dinner.


Blue Plate is one of my absolute favorite places ever and I have been craving their falafel burger for a solid month now. 


We started with chips ‘n guac for the table.


Plus a nice white bean dip with bread crisps (on the house).


Kyle got the chicken & veggie soup and the falafel burger


Dean got the falafel burger with fries.


And I got the falafel burger on a salad with fresh greens, cucumber, carrots, sprouts and huge amounts of avocado


I used all the balsamic dressing, plus the remainder of the guacamole that wasn’t eaten with chips.  It would be a crime for avocado to go unclaimed!

SO GOOD.  There’s no two ways about it, Blue Plate makes a damn fine falafel.

Wii tennis and golf duels took up the remainder of the night.  We are party animals!


Thursday morning was not meant to start at 5 am, but that it did.  Why you ask?  Because we have crazy effing birds that crow incessantly like they are the alarm clock for the entire West Coast (and their home base happens to be directly outside our window).  The rage I was feeling…gah!  Let’s just say there’s probably never been a more conflicted vegan.  I may not be a member of PETA, but I’m still not into shooting down angry birds.  


In any event, our plans to got for a hike in Malibu were simply pushed forward a few hours.  So after a trip to WF for coffee and a picnic lunch, we headed off to Point Mugu State Park.


We had a fun hike.  It was relatively mild and only took a bit over an hour.  The weather wasn’t really cooperating, but if we had waited ‘til later on, the cloud cover probably would have blown off.  Sun or no sun, we enjoyed the views. 


After reaching the bottom again, we made our way to the beach for lunch. 


Not too bad of a view. 


I got a veggie sando from WF with hummus, avocado, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and mustard


I could’ve used more hummus, but that’s pretty much always the case.  In life.


The rest of the day was mellow.  We strolled on the Promenade, stopped by the Santa Monica Pier, watched some volleyball games, and enjoyed the sun that finally did show up.


For dinner there was no question about what we were making.  Dean simply HAD to try some home-made vegan waffles.


We tried out Surprisingly Vegan’s latest flavor and I have to say, it’s even better than the OG recipe.

They really are SO good.  Unfortunately, they take quite a while to make from scratch…and grinding and blending and mixing everything uses up just about every single appliance and counter space in our kitchen.  Needless to say, I’ll be glad when these babies finally hit shelves, because just-add-water is so much simpler. 

The good news is that by late summer they will be sold online!!!  Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to let you all know when, where, and how you can get your hands on them. 


Vegan, gluten-free, delicious, and nutritious.  :) 

If you’re wondering about the above creation, it’s a waffle ‘wich that I made with two waffle squares, blueberries and Follow Your Heart vegan cream cheese.  I had two servings.  And even though I was very full after my double serving, I didn’t feel like my stomach was coated in lead.  Heavenly!


And now I am getting ready for a Friday at the hospital.  Big salad, quinoa with tofu, Inka Crops corn nuts, apple (x2), Nana’s fudge bites – yep, it’s gonna be a good day. 


Lunch is packed and I have a breakfast of vegan waffles ready for early morning leftovers.  Yeah buddy. 


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M is for microwave, what is your favorite microwave meal/snack?

Sweet potatoes are one thing that I’ve always preferred to microwave over cooking in the oven.  It’s faster and yields a very similar (if not better) steamed tater.  [The exception to this is if you are making fries out of them]


There’s also the matter of oats.  Although I prefer the stove top version (and always make them on the stove when I’m home), I do microwave oats when I bring them for work.


It’s so simple, it’s hard to knock it. 


N is for nutrients, do you likes carbs, fats, or proteins best?

This makes me think of Mean Girls.  “Is butter a carb?”  Ha.


I live on carbs.  My diet is probably 50% bread, 35% fruit, 25% veggies, and 50% hummus.  What?  That doesn’t add up to 100%?  News to me.  So as far as I’m concerned, carbs are the best of the best. 


Protein schmotein.  Carbohydrates for President!

I don’t want you to get the wrong idea though…I’m talking about carbs in the purest form.  Sprouted whole wheat bread and whole grains (like quinoa, millet, wheat berries, brown rice, etc.) are where it’s at!


Best in the West baby!

O is for oil, what kind do you like to use?

I prefer Extra Virgin Olive Oil for almost all uses, but Coconut Oil is my favorite for baking.


I wanted to highjack this truck on our drive to Madrid so badly.  Lifetime supply of olive oil?  Yes please!

P is for protein, how do you get yours?

Uhhh…through food? 


Beans, grains, nuts, seeds, ‘fu, nutritional yeast, Bragg’s liquid aminos, etc.  One of these days I’m going to actually track the amount of protein I eat in a day just to prove vegans can easily obtain adequate amounts of this macronutrient without giving it any extra special attention.  I bet I eat a day’s worth from hummus alone. 


Q is for Quaker, how do you like your oats?

I think this is an unfair question.  I eat oatmeal on a nearly daily basis, and I pretty much enjoy it a new way each day.  Most of the time I follow the following guidelines for add-ins:

  • nutbutter/nuts (peanut butter, almond butter, sunflower seed butter, cashew butter, coconut butter, etc.)
  • dried/fresh fruit (raisins, dried cranberries, blueberries, apples, bananas, strawberries, pears, etc.)
  • sweetener/spice (stevia, cinnamon, vanilla, cocoa, etc.)
  • extras (shredded coconut, chia seeds, flax seeds, pumpkin puree, cacao nibs)


R is for roasting, what is your favorite thing to roast?


Squash.  Especially butternut squash.

S is for sandwich, what’s your favorite kind?

I made a BBQ tofu sammie the other day which will be making an appearance soon…


T is for travel, how do you handle eating while traveling?

I try and eat as much traditional cuisine as possible (provided it’s not meat or dairy laden). 


Go big or go home. 




Chocolate con churros.

Of course, we all saw that I had some petite problems with my recent trip to Paris.

U is for unique, what is one of your weirdest food combos?

Hmmm…what do I combine that others think is weird? 


Well, I can’t think of anything off hand, but I do know that very few others love Kombucha the way I do.

V is for vitamins, what kind do you take?

I don’t take vitamins regularly but I do take herbal supplements (these ones).

W is for wasabi, yay or nay?

NAY.  Very very nay.  My grandpa dared me to eat a marble sized ball of wasabi when I was little and I never quite recovered.  Pickled ginger, on the other hand, I can’t get enough of. 

X is for XRAY.  If we x-rayed your belly right now, what food would we see?

Let’s ignore the medical problems with this question and just pretend X-rays worked that way…you’d see hummus. 


Lots of hummus. 

Y is for youth, what food reminds you of your childhood?

Where, oh where to begin!  My mom’s quick curry is a classic.  I could list so many, but that dish holds the top spot. 

Z is for zucchini, how do you prepare it?

Kyle detests all things pickle related, which includes zucchini (as well as cucumber, dill, vinegar things, and basically anything resembling a pickle in appearance or flavor). So I rarely prepare zucchini because I have to eat it solo. 

That said, I like it roasted as well as raw (spiralized into noodles).  Hmmm…that reminds me…I should dust off my spiralizer and make some raw pasta for dinner!  

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My flight(s) home were a disaster, but I’m here now! 🙂  I’ve actually been back for a couple of days, but I’m still trying to readjust to the time change.
I was sad to leave vacation mode, but if I’m being perfectly honest, I was very ready to return home.

I plan on doing more detailed posts (most likely in flashback fashion) about my trip and being vegan while traveling through Spain and France, but for now, I’m going to soak up everything I missed while I was away.

Shockingly (or not shockingly, depending on who you ask), what I missed most of all wasn’t even food related.  I’ll spare you all the mushy sentiments, but I missed my beau immensely.


It’s weird being away from him for such a long time.  I’m very much my own person (cue the Destiny’s Child song), but it’s hard to deny how much he’s a part of me.  Anyway.  I’ll cut it off there so nobody starts gagging (ahem, Laura).

So it was absolutely heaven to be greeted in the terminal by my adoring husband.  With a Whole Foods in his hand.  [seriously]

I actually wasn’t hungry, but then I saw the Kombucha and…my Pavlovian response was embarrassing to say the least.

So here’s my top five things I’m happy to be reunited with:

1.  Kyle



2.  New running shoes


[the return to exercise (!!)…tri-training here I come]

3.  Fermented tea


[and the consequential drain on my wallet]

4.  Home-made oats


[with apple slices, raisins, peanut butter, cinnamon and vanilla extract]

5.  My kitchen


[oh cooking, how I missed you!]

I made us both dinner, which we ate together.  This isn’t necessarily rare, but doesn’t happen that often due to our different schedules and slightly different diets.  That said, Kyle is eating very little meat these days and actually requested tofu for dinner.  No problem.


Asian stir fry with tofu.

Prep time: negligible (full disclosure, I had quinoa already going in the rice cooker).  Cooking time: 15 minutes


I literally threw the frozen veggies in the pan with water, Bragg’s liquid aminos, sesame oil, and covered it to thaw.

Then I drained and pressed the tofu (not very much though because the excess liquid just cooks off in the stir fry anyway).

Once the veggies were cooking I tossed the tofu in.  Then I added more Bragg’s, a dash of soy sauce, a sh!t ton of ginger powder, and a (really) big spoonful of Tropical Traditions coconut peanut butter.

Simmer.  Done.


Served over quinoa.  Easy and delish.


Welcome home me.  🙂

Question: When you go on vacation, how long ’til you get homesick?  Or even slightly antsy for your own bed, shower, friends, family, food, whatever?

I think it varies based on where you are.  In Europe, I think two weeks is when I start getting a bit worn out.  Of course it totally depends how much you are doing.  Our travels were PACKED with very little down time to stop and breathe.  Having relaxing locations without tons of sights to see mixed in with museum & monument heavy cities is ideal.  And if we are talking about Hawaii, forget it.  I could live in a beach paradise for eternity.

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Check out my dinner!


Vegan waffles made from scratch :)  The recipe is so hearty and delicious (and also top secret), you may or may not recall why…but I’ll get back to that later. 

For now, breakfast.


I suppose this could be seen as a parfait of sorts.


On the bottom: pumpkin oats with 1/2 cup pumpkin puree, 1/2 cup whole rolled oats, NuNaturals liquid stevia, and Tropical Traditions shredded coconut.

On the top: vanilla greek yogurt sprinkled with cinnamon.


I managed to take a picture of my snack, too.  I pretty much eat apples by the dozen that go unpictured (average = 4 a day).  Taking such repetitive photos seemed annoying and pointless, so I gave up on it, but you can bet I’m going through bushel after bushel on a daily basis.  Sometimes I wander the kitchen absentmindedly trying to determine what to make, all the while munching on an apple.  It seems a nice way to start a meal…


I really craved nothing more than veggies for lunch.  Since I finally restocked our spinach supply, I made a salad beast.


Roasted veggies (butternut squash, brussels, parsnips, etc.) plus chopped carrots and (yep, more) apples.


All tossed together and doused in Bragg’s liquid aminos.


Afternoon (post-jog) snackage.  I had a rather slow run today because for some reason my body has been achy around the clock.  I’m not sick, but I am definitely not on my A game fitness-wise.  I have a feeling I’m just exhausted with the bizarre work schedule I’ve been rocking.  I haven’t had a consecutive day off in a reallllly long time, so I feel like I’m never all the way caught up with my sleep and whatnot.  Playing catch-up all day long is kinda annoying.


Fizzle my nizzle.  Check out the new labels!  They are shiny silver and slick.  I like. 


Dinner required the use of some of my Christmas presents.


A waffle maker from Kyle’s parents.


And vanilla paste from Janetha


Here are some of the other ingredients to the top secret recipe.


Someone had a field day at the new bulk bins section of the Westwood Whole Foods… ;) 

You guys.  It’s THE best bulk bins wall I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been to my fair share of WFs so you know that means something.

I digress…


In case you were wondering, food processors DO NOT grind flax seeds.  All it did was make a lot of noise and a big mess.  


Fortunately, we have a grinder.


Flaxy lady.

The food processor did do it’s job with the rest of the ingredients.


Please note the mess the flax seeds created. 


Vegan waffle mix.


Just add water.


The flax did it’s thang, and soon enough a “gelled” up batter was prime for the cooking.  I actually prefer “flax eggs” to real ones now in my baking.  Being plant based, they are cholesterol (and nasty goopy ick) free.  And they add a much heartier flavor, too. 


Ladle ladle ladle…I made you out of oats…


While we made the rest of the batch, we kept the first rounds warm in the oven.


We couldn’t forget about the toppings. 


In addition to the organic maple syrup, I made a simple strawberry compote (frozen strawberries thawed then chopped with cinnamon added in)

For my first helping, I drizzled syrup and strawberry compote on top.


Look at the beauty as the hearty grains meet the fruit and syrup.  Mmmmmm…

For my second plate, I went au natural with vegan butter and nada mas.


So flipping good.  It tasted just like I remembered with a hearty, yet light texture.  The color makes them look so rustic too.

My final serving almost escaped the camera…


Luckily, I remembered before the last bite was gone. 


Because if there were one to be captured on film, it should be the PB&J version.  ‘Gasmic is the only way to describe it.  Truly. 

This was a really fun dinner project, but I have to say, it was a LOT of work making the mix from scratch.  I hate to advocate the just-add-water stuff, but seriously, this was a pain in the a$$.  Hopefully if all goes well in Kyle’s business ventures, this will no longer be an issue.  Fingers crossed? 


It would be pretty cool to eat these on a daily basis with minimal effort right?

Room for dessert?



Have you entered to win free cereal yet?  Hop to it!

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Clean eats with minimalist descriptions.  Ready, set, blog.


Pumpkin Pie smoothie


Toast with “cream cheese” and cinnamon.


I have mixed feelings about Tofutti cream cheese.  It’s got an odd saltiness to it that can sometimes make for an unexpected flavor, but it’s great for subbing into pasta dishes. 


It does melt when it meets warm bread, which is a win in my book.  🙂



Self explanatory addiction.


Ditto to the above.


Avocado + pea mash up


It’s not easy being green…when avocado is involved. 


On toasted sprouted bread.  


My night shift work eats were identical to yesterday’s so I won’t re-post them… I had a more active night, complete with a 2 am heart attack.  Patient is stable now, but it kept me busy.  I slept most of the morning, but I work day shift tomorrow so I will be trying to trick my body back into a normal schedule with an 8 pm bed time tonight. 


Batch #2 of hippie-roons

Just a few more days to enter my coconut giveaway!!

Ciao for now. 

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Oh my!?

It’s been a sweet sweet weekend so far in Hippie-land.  I’ll spare my male readers from any gory PMS details, but I think it’s pretty clear that my body’s chocolate cravings are well founded [as if you ever need an excuse to stuff your face with sweets!?].


My vampire schedule came to an end this week, and luckily enough, I slept like a baby through Thursday night.  It felt awesome.  And when I say that I slept like a baby, what I mean is I slept like a comatose patient, because my blackberry alarm went off at 2 am and I didn’t even wake up.  Poor Kyle had to blindly make his way across the room to shut it off because I was OUT (I’m talking GCS 5 status here people).


I woke up with a sweet tooth, which I happily obliged with a cocoa frothed coffee.

Breakfast came earlier than normal, so I made another heaping portion of Coco-Cherry Bliss oatmeal.  This time I cooked it (as opposed to the raw overnight version).


I’m really kinda obsessed with using soy nog to cook the oats.  It’s such a simple idea that truly boosts the flavor to another level.  I also added in chopped apples as the rolled oats were cooking, so they were warm and nearly baked by the time it was done.

Next came the cinnamon, dried cherries, shredded coconut & stevia.


Kyle took over my photo station the dining table.  Can you tell it’s finals week?


I sprinkled a bit more coconut on top because aesthetically speaking, it makes the oats much more photo-friendly.


Despite appearances, this was a massive portion, which I never wanted to end.  I used a mug in lieu of a bowl because (a) it’s more fun to eat from huge mugs and (b) it’s actually bigger than most bowls we have.  The entire cup of dry oats cooked with all the fixins still fit in it.

Note to self: buy more Silk nog (yes, it’s currently on a need basis).


Apple numba 3 (why did that make me think of Mambo #5?)

When the weather got warmer I went for a jog but I wasn’t super energetic, and as a result, it was a pretty lame effort.  I walked home because I didn’t wanna force it.  My body clearly wanted to rest, so I listened.


I made a late lunch which centered around the remaining Healthy Times seitan.


Sliced, then diced, then added on top of brown rice (that oddly looks white) and carrots.


I subsequently added a pint or two of Bragg’s liquid aminos.  Another thing I’m running low on.  Geez, someone has grocery shopping to do.



Not fancy.


Kombuchaaaaa. 😀

The Trilogy flavor was a welcomed change up from my Gingerberry streak.

Because Kyle and I were dead set on seeing Harry Potter, we bought tickets online so we couldn’t find any excuses to put it off.  We have a habit of doing this (case in point…we still haven’t seen Inception…and it took us months to finally see The Social Network).  Anyway, the 7 pm movie time, meant I was going senior citizen for dinner.

Not surprisingly, I wasn’t exactly hungry at 5.


I decided to make the same kale salad as the other day, this time adding in edamame and carrots.


The Asian Peanut Dressing is what makes this salad so good.


I know you want to make this now.


Pre-theater dessert 🙂



What I love most about theo’s Nutcracker Toffee is that it has made me totally reevaluate my previous thoughts about Dark Chocolate.  You see, I’ve never been a fan.  Try as I might, it’s always been too bitter for my liking.  The high percentage of cacao just doesn’t do it for me.  Since going vegan, I found that I actually preferred carob (which is why I always have carob chips in the pantry).  As a result, carob completely replaced chocolate in my diet, and I never felt sad about it, or missed it, or felt denied.  I know others swear by the darkness…Kyle is a huge fan…but when it comes to the mega cacao flavor, I’m just not into it.

Until this bar.


The organic, fair trade dark chocolate has a delicious buttery toffee flavor that wipes away all bitterness.  Plus, it has cracked almonds and hazelnuts in it.  And it’s vegan! [It’s also dairy free, gluten free, & soy free]  In other words, amazing.

Another thing I like about it is the serving size.  None of this one square, two square BS.  One serving is half the bar, which is pretty much the amount I would eat in one sitting.  It’s too rich to gorge on much more (although I’m not saying it’s never happened…or won’t happen in the future).  Because it’s a seasonal bar, I may have to buy a few in bulk.  I think they are sold in Whole Foods, but if not, you can order them online.

Between this new obsession, the 500 cookbooks I’m lusting after, and all the organic raw goods available at NutsOnline, it could potentially be a very foodie Christmas. 🙂

Whoa, kinda went off on a cacao tangent there!  Back to Harry Potter.  One word:  AMAZING.  It was hands down the best movie of the series, and I’m generally a pretty harsh critic when it comes to books that are made into movies.  I want the final installment to come out tomorrow!




So this is what happened when I got back from the movie.

Kyle had more studying to do, and my cocoa cravings were at an all time high…which naturally led to a cocoa almond dessert-fest.

I’ll post the recipe soon.  Until then, how about a giveaway?

Tropical Traditions has generously offered to hook up one lucky HHH reader with 3.5 pounds of coconut flakes.


This is the same stuff I used in my hippie-roons as well as my oats, and I can assure you it is truly a quality product.



That’s a GALLON pail guys.  So trust me, this is a giveaway you really want.

How to enter?

1) Comment with your favorite sweet or savory recipe that calls for shredded coconut.

2) Tweet about this giveaway and then comment back telling me you did so.

I’ll announce the randomly chosen winner next Saturday, Dec. 11th.  Ready, set, coco!

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Sunday’s commute back down the I-5 was, well, whatever.  It’s done, so there’s not much to say about it.  I had packed many food options for the road since I was convinced it was going to take us 8 hours.  In the end, we arrived by 2 pm.


I’m pretty sure I was meant to be a Brit because in my book, 2 pm is – without fail – afternoon tea time (not to be confused with high tea, which in fact is dinner-time tea).  In any event, I had an almond milky Tazo chai tea with a pair of hippie-roons


Prince William clearly has no idea what he’s missing out on 😉


I only have two hippie-roons left.  One for me, one for the future King of England.  [Read: two for me]

I pretty much did nothingness for the rest of the afternoon because my head was still throbbing, but by 4 pm, I managed to get my butt off the couch for a 20 minute jog in the chilly fall air. 

As I prepped dinner I snacked.


Sugary fingers?  Whatever could this mean?  


Yup.  Candied ginger.  Obsessed. 


40 minutes on 375 allowed time for salad making.


Salad: Spinach, carrots, bell peppers

Dressing: Artisana raw organic cashini butter, Bragg’s liquid aminos, agave


This is such a unique and flavorful nut butter blend.  It tastes like it should be sinful, but it’s raw, 100% organic, and full of fantastically nutritious and pure ingredients.  I am savoring each and every lick because it’s that good. 


Finally my sweet potato fries were done.


And dinner was served. 


Dessert almost escaped the camera.  Remember these treats?  I still have a few vegan cranberry coconut fudge cups left.  IMG_4720

My sweet tooth wasn’t satisfied so I had another dessert.  Dried cranberries, almonds, and carob chips.  Salty and sweet – check and check. 

In other words: OMGsoDeliciousThankyouVerymuch.

I tried to stay up a little later on Sunday and sleep in a little extra on Monday because I’m gearing my body up for a night shift on Tuesday.  Synching my schedule is harder than I thought, though. 


It didn’t work very well as I was up and attacking the coffee maker by 8 am.  I fancied my java up with some cocoa-infused froth.  Fabulous.


Apple and oats?  Nope.  Look closer.


Quinoa with peanut butter.  No more.  No less.

Kinda held me over longer than usual.  It was 2 pm before my stomach requested more comida.  At which point I obliged with a twist on breakfast’s meal.


First, I chopped up both a D’ Anjou pear and a Golden Delicious apple.  Next, I heaped on 1 cup of quinoa.  Finally I drizzled peanut butter on top. 


Yeah boi.


Afternoon fizzies were all I needed to get me geared up for a jug on the beach.


30 minutes got me to Ocean Ave with two trips up and down “the stairs” and back home again.  Schweaty.  


After showering, I holed up in the kitchen, prepping food for the next week.  I was baking, roasting, and cooking up a storm.  Only pausing for sips of tea and hand washing. 


Recipes are coming your way…

Given how much time I spent with my head in the oven, you’d think I would’ve at least made something for dinner.  But no.


Amy’s to the rescue.


I chopped up some carrots to add in the organic vegan chili because I don’t really like have such veg-less meals. 




Chili will never be photogenic.  Plain and simple, it’s deliciousness is the reason I crave it, because visually it’s not remotely appetizing. 


Cornbread on the other hand, is both tasty AND purty.

After seeing a few posts featuring cornbread and chili around in the blog-world, I had them both on my mind all day. 


So dinner was a no brainer.


Don’t let this photo deceive you.  I had 12 cornbread muffins in total, plus a second bowl of chili. 

One can has two servings.  So ridiculous.  If I ever have half a can of soup, somebody slap me. 


This dinner produced a mega fiber baby.


I still wanted dessert though.  After just a few hours my metabolism was ready for more…hello sweet and salty…cashews, carob chips, and dried cranberries.

Alrighty.  Time to get some caffeine in my system.  I definitely need it if I’m going to try and synch my sleep schedule for Tuesday’s night shift.  Wish me luck! 

If anyone else has done night shifts before, feel free to chime in with some tips.  I’m starting a 3 day stretch of them…

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