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I’m not an overly dramatic person (must be the residual effects of my tomboy youth…) but I have to say, the lack of candied ginger in ALL the local Whole Foods stores has me freaking out.  I am officially out.  Like Kyle’s chapstick stash, I had back-ups upon back-ups, but they are all depleted now.  Yikes.  Hoarding fail.


It gets worse!  The above photo is the last of my carob chip stash too.  Folks, this is a state of national emergency. 


My pre-packed work eats will just have to do without my beloved ginge. 

More leftover Surprisingly Vegan waffles with frozen bloobs (they thaw by the time I eat/heat it the next day). 


Plus, some Artisana raw cacao bliss nut butter.  For the record, this flavor needs mega kneading before it’s ready to squeeze, but it’s worth the hand exercise.  Mmmmm…


Cherries, apple, dried fruit, yadda yadda. 

Not the best snacks for eating on the go, but the weekends are generally slower paced on the weekends so I pack fewer bars and more fresh fare.


I did have one of my favorite desserts though…easy enough to eat whenever and/or wherever.  Nana’s Oatmeal Raisin cookies are a gift to vegans. 


My salad is admittedly hideous, so for the record, please ignore it’s appearance.  It has huge amounts of avocado and leftover tofu stir-fry on mixed greens


Happy weekend all!  Who else is working?  Who is lounging in the sun for me?


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This week is nurses appreciation week (hooray!) but unfortunately the breakfast potluck party on my unit was the day I left for vacay.  Had I not just finished night shift I may have stuck around, but I was so tired and ready to start my two weeks on holiday, I didn’t care too much about free bagels.  As soon as I gave report to the day shift nurse I was mentally checked out.  I may as well have been in Spain on Thursday.  Sad face.  Next year I’m going to bring yummy vegan food to the celebration though.  Nothing like vegan waffles to make a perfect work day. 


I hosted my own celebration after getting home from work instead. 

Raisin Bran + banana + blueberries + almond milk (not quite as grand)


I think that bran flakes are the best thing since sliced bread.  Well, unless it’s my home-made bread.


Speaking of. 

Could I slice it thicker?  Probably not.  

This bread and hummus combo was actually a post-nap snack.  I only managed to sleep from 8 to 11 am, and then I was up and at ‘em dead tired.

I still had mega errands to do before leaving Santa Monica. 

1) Get a mani/pedi

2) Buy a dress for the weekend (we are currently in Napa for a friend’s wedding)

3) Return clothes that I ordered online

4) Caffeinate my face

5) Buy sulfate-free (Brazilian Blowout friendly) shampoo/conditioner for my trip

6) Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

7) Print out French Open tickets (yup, I’m going to Paris after Spain)

7) Pack!!

I managed to cross every single thing off my list by 5 pm (well, not #6, but that’s a late night task anyway)…at which point I dug into a massive bowl of fruta.  [Does speaking in Espanol for the rest of this post count as celebrating Cinco de Mayo?]


For dinner, Kyle’s former work colleague from NYC was visiting us so we decided to show him a fun night out. 

I didn’t bring my camera out, but we went to La Sandia and it was PACKED.  It took longer to get drinks than food.  Serrrriously. 

The chips and guac (prepared table-side) were spectacular.  Afterwards we hit up my favorite bar in Santa Monica, Copa d’Oro, where I sipped my favorite cocktail of all time, the Moscow Mule.  Ginger in copious amounts.  Yes. 


Almost ready(ish)?  I packed so haphazardly, I don’t really feel that comfortable about it.  I am usually so organized, so I feel very unsettled about the contents of my luggage.  It’s also hard when you’re packing for another event prior to leaving the country (ie a wedding). 

Either way, I’ll figure out if I overlooked anything soon!  I have my passport and plane tickets though, so I figure anything else can be sorted out in the moment.  Any horror stories with traveling you want to share?  A friend (actually the one who is getting married this weekend) bought a one-way flight for the reverse route he intended to and didn’t realize it until he got to the airport.

On Friday morning, Kyle and I dropped off our house guest at his hotel and hit the road.  Nor Cal or bust.  The drive was relatively painless (says the girl who didn’t even get behind the wheel). 


I’m not sure who was more excited to arrive home, me or the pups.  They greeted us rather enthusiastically (under-statement of the week) and after throwing the tennis ball for what seemed like a decade, they were finally worn out. 


While the dogs were happy to have humans back at the casa (my parents have only been gone a week, but they are so damn needy); however, our cat was prancing around, clearly content on having the entire place to herself.


If you’re reading this mom and dad, she has been on every countertop.  And I’m not even bothering to shoo her off (this is why I’m her favorite).

I tried to get my heart rate up by going on a run around the neighborhood, but it was a pretty poor effort. 


Kyle and I ordered take-out from a local sushi joint for dinner.  I’ve blogged about Kane before (I love this place). 


We got lots of rolls (most for Kyle) and a seaweed salad (for moi).  I had a brilliant idea of making a monster salad with an avocado I brought from Santa Monica and the sunomono deliciousness.


I couldn’t bear the idea of letting a perfectly ripe avocado go to waste in our apartment while we were gone, so I brought it with me.  Who else would do this (aside from maybe this girl)? 


Check out my perfectly manicured nails.  :) 


Avocado, seaweed, cucumber, spring greens and that’s it.  Such an amazing dinner. 

I had heaps of ginger too because that’s almost the best part about sushi.  Almost. 


Yup, I ate on the floor. 

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I have a new favorite cookie by the way.


[Yes, I know I already revealed that’s how I feel about every single one of Nana’s cookies, but this time I may be telling the truth]


The chocolate crunch flavor has a sinfully delicious rich chocolate flavor with the crunch of rice crispies mixed in.  It’s fantastic. 


Anyway.  Aside from the cookie food porn, I’m only popping in to announce the winner of the Nana’s giveaway.

I really enjoyed reading everyone’s cute cookie memories.  And other drool inducing comments. 


As for the randomly generated winner…congrats to Kaleigh who tweeted “@elisehippie and @NanasCookieCo Tweeting for the hungryhungryhippie/Nana’s cookie giveaway! Lovin’ this blog!”

Email me your address and also let me know if you’re gluten free so I can get your Nana’s cookies on the way!

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Cookie Sunday

This post will be especially appealing to the following people:

  • people who are gluten free
  • people who are vegan
  • people who gave up sweets for Lent (and are now able to indulge)
  • people who like cookies 🙂

If you are none of the above, then perhaps you should reevaluate your life stop reading.  For the rest of you…


This is where the good stuff is.


Nana’s cookies have always been my absolute favorite.  I’ve tried MANY dairy free desserts, and there’s always something a little bit off about the flavor/texture/whatever, but not with Nana’s.  They are SO soft and chewy.  They bend like they are fresh out of the oven and literally have a gooey center that makes you wonder if there’s some kind of magic involved in Nana’s recipe.  I’m not exaggerating when I say they are completely perfect in every way.  I’m convinced there is no better cookie.  Anywhere.  Oh, and did you know they are certified gluten free?  Yeah.


They are also vegan, sweetened with 100% natural fruit juice.


Last week I got a big package in the mail…and quickly dug in.  The coconut chip was the first flavor I tried because I had never seen it before in stores.


It had a subtle coconut flavor with a soft baked oaty texture.


They were unbelievably moist and chewy.  Unbelievable, as in, I couldn’t believe I was eating a packaged cookie.  I can’t be any more enthusiastic about it.


The cookie is sweet, but in a mellow way that makes you want to eat a dozen more in one sitting.  And the occasional chocolate chip puts the yum factor over the edge.


The next cookie I tried was peanut butter.


Just like the rest of Nana’s cookies, it was vegan and delicious.


Every time I try a new flavor I swear it’s my favorite one.  And this has happened with the last 4 flavors I’ve tried.  So if you ask me which is my favorite, I’d have to say all of them.  Or whichever one I had just had.  Or whichever one I was about to have.  Seriously.  I could never choose.

Peanut butter is one of them.


Same great nutritional stats.


And just for size comparison, here it is next to my blackberry.


Large and in charge.

So…have I whet your appetite yet?  Have I convinced you that Nana’s has perfected the vegan and gluten free dessert?  Would you like to try some and see for yourself?  I thought so.

Lucky for you Nana’s has offered to give one HHH reader the following:

– 1 box of GF Chocolate Munch Bars + 1 box of GF Lemon bites + 2 large GF ginger cookies (if you are gluten free)


– 1 box Fudgy Wudgy Bars + 1 box of peanut butter bites + 2 large double chocolate cookies (if you aren’t gluten free)

So, here’s what you have to do.

  • Leave a comment telling me your favorite kind of cookie (feel free to browse Nana’s website for ideas).
  • Leave a comment sharing a home-made cookie memory.
  • Tweet about this giveaway mentioning @elisehippie and/or @NanasCookieCo

I’ll announce the winner on Wednesday April 27th, 2011.  Until then, happy (belated) Earth Day, happy (early) Easter, and happy cookie dreaming…

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Before I get into the latest and greatest from the hippie kitchen, I wanted to say thank you to everyone who took the time to offer their thoughts on yesterday’s post.  The discussion certainly got more heated than I anticipated (and some comments were a bit harsh), but it was great to read how others felt about sharing your views with your family/friends.  Being brave enough to stand up for your beliefs while not pressuring others to feel guilty about having differing opinions is definitely a fine line…and it seems that many feel there’s a time and place for being outspoken (as well as a time and place for simply shutting your lid).  I’m very grateful for everyone who commented in a thoughtful and respectful way.  I tried to respond to as many of the comments as I could.

In the meantime, however, I was at the hospital doing my thang.  As a result, I have compiled quite a collection of work eats on my computer…


Breakfast #1 – granola by Big Sky Bread (an Alabama based company with cute home-made wholesome products).  It’s actually a granola plank not granola since it’s one big crispy crunchy granola block.  They also make bread products (as you’d guess from the company name), all of which feature their stone ground whole wheat flour that they make in the bakery every morning.


So how did I discover this adorable company?  Well, Big Sky Bread was at Expo West and they were kind enough to hook me up with this sample.  For some reason I have been saving it and saving it, waiting for the perfect time to try it.  Well, I’m not sure when I thought that time would be, but the other day I spotted it in the pantry and it was exactly what I wanted at that exact moment.  So I guess that makes it the perfect time.


You can (kinda) see the nutritional stats above.  At two servings a package it rounds out to 400 kcals a pop.  The granola planks are basically a lightly sweetened oatmeal base with whole almonds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and sesame seeds.  It was crispy and crunchy like granola, not chewy like a granola bar so I had to break it into bite sized pieces in the bag so the crumbs wouldn’t get all over me (thus enabling me to sprinkle them atop yogurt later).  The flavor reminded me EXACTLY of these bars I used to get at the Union Square WF in NYC.  I haven’t seen them since moving to CA and now I realize how much I miss them.  I think it’s the sesame and pumpkin seeds that makes the taste so unique.


Breakfast #2 – oats with cinnamon, dried cherries, and Tropical Traditions coconut peanut butter

Dried cherries are a really good way to bring a new twist to an old simple morning routine.


Lunch part I – Boca vegan burger (lazy much?) and apple x2, orange x1, Bakery on Main Cinnamon Apple Granola Bar

Bakery on Main is another Expo West discovery.  They make both granola and granola bars and I got a big ‘ol shipment of their goodies to try out.  🙂  The granola bar kinda reminded me of those Nutri-Grain bars (by Kellogg’s).  The texture and flavor seem nearly identical (I think?), but the ingredients are way better in terms of being whole foods without preservatives or additives.

[NO GMOs • NO Dairy • NO Casein • NO Wheat • NO Trans Fat • NO Cholesterol]

I liked the flavor, but the bar was really small and therefore didn’t have as much staying power as I typically like in my on-the-go options.  It did taste just like a bite of the top of an apple pie, though.  So there’s definitely a yummy factor going on.  As an FYI, the soft & chewy bars are gluten free (made with certified gluten free oats, amaranth and quinoa).  They also have flax and chia seeds (hello healthy omegas!).


Lunch II – leftover purple potato salad with peas for extra green


All together now!

Night shift doesn’t require quite as large of a line up.


I’ve been craving lots and lots of fruit at night.  Apples and cuties and mangoes, oh my!


I know for a fact I looked like a primitive cave(wo)man as I ate this.  I had juice dripping from my chin to my elbows.  Not attractive.  Maybe I’ll cut it up first next time, huh?  😉


This salad was a twist on one of my favorite recipes of my mom’s.  Growing up she made a bomb a$$ poppyseed salad with avocado, butter lettuce and cantaloupe.  It is seriously fantastic.  Unfortunately, my dairy-free life now makes the dressing she used a no-go.


Enter Follow Your Heart!  They make oil-free salad dressings that are vegan and this Citrus Poppy Seed flavor is a new one!  However, unlike the other oil-free salad dressing on the market, this one doesn’t compensate for the fat with excessive amounts of sugar.  Have you ever noticed that?  So many fat-free dressings are jam packed with other sh!t to make your taste buds forget that you are missing out on the oil.  Not this one.  It’s got the same pure and wholesome ingredients that you’d find in any home-made dressing, minus the oil.


Vegan.  Gluten free.  Dairy free.


Strawberry and Avocado Poppy Seed salad

  • spinach
  • clover sprouts
  • carrots
  • strawberries
  • avocado
  • dried cherries
  • Follow Your Heart Citrus Poppy Seed salad dressing

I have to be honest, normally I don’t use salad dressings, aside from basics like extra virgin olive oil and/or balsamic vinegar (or Bragg’s liquid aminos).  But ever since I received Follow Your Heart’s line of vegan dressings, I’ve been experimenting more and more.   And loving them more and more.


This salad is a winner.

And when I got home from a loooong 12 hours, I had overnight oats waiting for me in the fridge.


Oats, frozen blueberries and strawberries, dried cherries, coconut peanut butter.


Maybe it’s the change in the weather, or maybe it’s just a random phase, but I’m really into chilled oats lately.  After I cook them, I put them in the freezer and then eat them so they are thick like cookie dough.  Thick thickity thick.


Night shift numero dos was less fruity, more hummus-y.  There was still a big bad salad (because me and fiber are more of a dynamic duo than Gary and Ace).


Seitan Spinach salad

  • spinach
  • clover sprouts
  • carrots
  • bell peppers
  • log seitan (this version with bell peppers)
  • Bragg’s liquid aminos

This salad was great, but the seitan was definitely the star of the show.


Lots of people have been making my log seitan – a true testament to how simple and delicious it really is.  I swear, you’ll be blown away by it, and then you’ll make it again and again and again (just like me!).  C’mon, what are you waiting for?  Give it a shot!


Pita pieces and Haig’s roasted red pepper hummus rounded out the meal, along with the (lone) apple and a lot lot lot of candied ginger.


Once again I had chilled oats waiting for me when I got home…with blueberries dried cherries and TJ’s peanut flour all mixed in.


Oh, did I forget to mention my latest stock pile?  Yeahhhhhh.  Once I found out peanut flour was getting the axe from Trader Joe’s I quickly jumped into action (aka called my mom and begged her to hit up the local TJ’s before we came upon hard times).  Hoarding mode much?  She did me proud.  🙂 I better make these last!

And as if things weren’t good enough already, I received another package in the mail.  My pantry is officially stocked!


Are you a packrat?  Hoarder?  Pantry supply collector? 

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Monday started bright and early (well, if we are being technical about it, I never went to bed Sunday night…sooo…I guess it started at the stroke of midnight?).  Whatever.  I got home around 8 am and immediately showered, put on my PJs, and started some oats on the stove. 


I added a chopped gala to cook with the oats.  By the way, this was a pretty hefty batch (in the 2 cup range).


Can you believe this bowl was only half the yield?  I was feeling crazy so I decided to bust open a brand spankin’ new jar of nutbutter to add in.

Drumroll please…



I can’t even tell you how thrilling this was to find.  I randomly stumbled upon this company’s booth at Expo West, and after seeing Sunbutter throughout the blog world, I couldn’t help but try a sample (or three).  I tried creamy, natural, and natural chunky and (obviously) wound up licking the spoon full of natural sunbutter clean.


And that, my friends, is how sunflower seed butter found it’s way into my life.  I am determined to try every single flavor now.  It is so good!  I can’t really think of a good way to describe it – it tastes like ground up sunflower seeds.


Sunflower seeds are packed with Vitamin E, which is the body’s primary fat-soluble antioxidant.  By neutralizing free radicals, it’s anti-inflammatory effects can result in reduced symptoms for chronic conditions like asthma, osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis (read: conditions where free radicals and inflammation are the key causes).  The antioxidant properties of Vitamin E have also been shown to significantly reduce the risk of atherosclerosis.  I don’t want to get too scientific on you, but Vitamin E prevents free radicals from oxidizing cholesterol (and cholesterol can only adhere to blood vessel walls after it’s been oxidized). 


Cardiovascular disease prevention AND delicious flavor?!  Win win.


I love healthy food that tastes like it’s sinfully good.

After my second bowl, I found my eyes drooping.  Somehow I never made it to the bedroom though, and an hour later I woke up to the ladies of The View screaming.  Yikes.  I can’t imagine a worse alarm clock.

For second breakfast (because I always wake up from naps feeling jittery and hungry), I had a bowl of Love Grown cocoa goodness.


Kyle got home around noon and all hopes of getting more than an hour of sleep went out the window.  He studied quietly while I organized the apartment. 


Then I snacked my way to the bottom of this hummus.  Serving sizes shmerving schmizes.  I thought an afternoon jog would pep me up, but my run was pretty uninspired.  I’m bored with my running music. 

Because I worked night shift the previous night, I was ready for dinner at 5 pm.  Early bird special?  Sure why not.  I asked Kyle if he wanted pizza and he was all about it.


His and hers.

The crust was made of these three ingredients.


Bud light pizza with 3 cups flour, 1 can of beer, and 1 tsp baking powder.


And voila!  Dough!  Mix and form into crust.


Unlike last time, I decided to make two personal pizzas rather than one HUGE pie.




These were pretty massive for the term “personal pizza” to still apply, but you know how my appetite is.  I baked them at 350 for 15 minutes, after which they were nicely browned and had risen a bit. 


Kyle suddenly changed his tune about eating dinner at a senior citizen hour once he smelled the hot-from-the-oven dough.


To start, I added red sauce, fresh tomatoes, and bell peppers to each of our pizzas.


A good solid red and orange colored base.


After this, our pizzas went in pretty different directions…


His went cheesy, while mine went noochy.


Cheddar & parmesan.


Baked eggplant & nutritional yeast.


Back in the oven for another 10 minutes.




Dinner time :)  His was perfectly melted.


But my pizza wasn’t quiiiiite ready. 


There we go! [Nothing is complete without hummus]


Now doesn’t that look yummy!


Kyle was pretty stoked on his too…a meal well worth the study break. 


Would you believe me if I said we both cleaned our plates?  Because that’s exactly what happened. 


Taking photos only slowed me down momentarily…and then I was back at it. 


Chowing piece by piece.


Sorry for the insane number of photos…it was so pretty and the lighting was outstanding.  Daylight savings has me loving the extra sunny time.


Post pizza beer belly left me feeling perfectly satisfied. 

More than anything, I wanted to go to bed right then (despite the fact that it was 6 pm and still light out).  My body wasn’t into it.  I think my body and I have differing opinions on what’s considered a proper amount of sleep.  Ideally, I’d like 6 hours.  My body, on the other hand, considers 3-4 hours a perfectly fine amount of snoozing.  WTF!?!  So infuriating. 


To help soothe myself into a sleepy mood, I made a big mug of ginger tea.  I tried this stuff at the Natural Foods Expo this last weekend and loved it.  However, when I went to make it myself from the sample packet, I obviously jacked up the ratio of water to mix.


It was SO effing strong, I thought my nose hairs were going to singe off just bringing the mug to my lips.  No joke.  I choked down a couple of sips before pouring the rest out.  Oops!

I turned to a Nana’s ginger cookie instead.


I like the purity of the ingredients, although I’m getting a bit tired of seeing tapioca flour in all gluten free foods. 


I ate half of it and saved the rest for later.


KIDDING!!!! Ha.  Like I could ever.  Nana’s are the most deliciously soft cookies on the planet.  It would be against every fiber of my being to not finish the entire thing.


Unfortunately, this cookie didn’t quite quench my sweet tooth, but rather awakened it from it’s slumber more drowsy state (I think my sweet tooth suffers from insomnia as well).


My little plate of sweets included dried tropical fruits and various Sunspire chocolate goodies.


With a satiated tummy, I was finally able to get my zzzzs on.  

How many hours do you sleep on a typical night?  Weekends? 

[I think your answers are going to make me feel really bad about my sleep habits] 

When I work day shift, I average 4 hours, but night shifts get me all crazy out of whack so there’s no real pattern.  Eventually I catch up on weekends with a nice 8-10 hour block though. 

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Imagine a Whole Foods the size of 15 football fields…now imagine browsing it’s aisles for two days straight…now imagine representatives from every product giving your samples of their latest and greatest to try (for free!)…and THAT, my friends, is EXPO WEST.


In other words, hippie heaven.


Friday started bright and early as Kyle and I made our way to Anaheim to register and all that jazz.  And before we knew it, the doors pearly gates opened and BAM!

Instantly we were slammed with people pushing samples at us…nibbles and bites of savory, creamy, sweet, smooth, crunchy, and everything in between.  Nothing like making a breakfast of mini-spoons of peanut butter followed by burritos, naan, soy yogurt, noodle stir fry, and vegan cream cheese!  To be honest, my stomach wasn’t happy (but how could I say no to all these wonderful treats!).


Food for Life had a HUGE booth but I never saw a single representative.  I didn’t see any new products out to display, so I’m assuming their presence was mostly for buyers/customers that didn’t yet have their standard lines.


Of all their products, their sprouted breads and english muffins are my favorite.  The faux chik’n nuggets and veggie burgers aren’t the best.  I still have yet to try their granola or pasta though.


Mary’s Gone Crackers will soon have COOKIES on the shelves.


N’Oatmeal Raisin (without oats) was out for people to try.  Mmmm.

The thing I noticed very quickly about the show was how huge the role of allergies were in all the new product lines.  Gluten free was DEFINTELY this years hot trend.  There were wheat-free options at every turn, and even the most obviously non gluten items (ie pulled pork) had the GF label proudly displayed on every part of their packaging.

While I love this trend of awareness for the gluten free community and those suffering from food allergies, I am leery about the motives behind some of the companies.  It seems that several of them had no idea WHY there was a need for this kind of food in the market.  Rather than research the rationale, they simply went with the buzz word of the moment to get attention on their product.  I suspect these are the companies that won’t have the longest shelf life and come 2012 they will be absent from Expo West.  By contrast, the more responsible companies (ie Enjoy Life Foods) with actual knowledge supporting their motives will continue to thrive.




Chocolate Chip Brownie, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Carrot Cake, and Blueberry Muffin




Of course I had to stop by and say hi to my beloved Alvarado Street Bakery.


Their new line of breads are bigger (as in wider) and look especially fluffy for sprouted breads.  Can’t wait for them to hit the shelves!


Navitas Naturals superfoods


New from Clif Bar…drumroll please…


Coconut Chocolate Chip!!!!




Eat your heart out.


Medjools stuffed with coconut butter and peanut butter.


I’ll take the whole tray thanks.


Artisana repping their delicious, unique, raw nut butter creations!


If I worked for this company I’d be so obese.  Cashini is one of my desert island foods for sure.


Luna and Larry’s organic Coconut Bliss


They are debuting new flavors in 2011, including lunaberry swirl, chocolate walnut brownie, ginger cookie caramel, and mocha maca crunch.  I think it differs for Canadians, but as usual, the entire line of ice cream is non dairy, soy free, gluten free, and vegan.  Holler.


Steaz (I was so obsessed with these back in NYC but then I moved to CA and completely forgot about them!)


They were kind enough to hook me up with a four pack, but accidentally gave me the regular kind as opposed to the zero calorie ones I requested.  Oh well.


Alexia had the grillers on full blast.


Sweet potatoes anyone?


So Delicious was pushing their coconut milk products full blast – coconut ice cream, coconut milk, coconut yogurt, coconut creamer, etc.  And who was there to pimp out the goodies on Saturday???


My fave hard a$$ trainer Jillian Michaels!

Pacific Natural Foods was another company with a display the size of a small country…

Much more than boxed soups!


Look at all those non-dairy options!  Oat, hemp, 7 grain, almond…and the latest to hit the shelves is a CHOCOLATE flavored hemp milk.  Sweet!


Everybody loves Nature’s Path.  I never knew how many different products they had though!  This was a mere fraction of their display.


I only wish Stonyfield had more dairy free items.




Zico debuted the world’s 1st chocolate coconut water.  Uh, blech.


Mrs. May’s is not only a Costco staple (Trio bar love!), but they are the perfect snack for anyone with a food allergy.


Rounds are their new product coming out soon with fruit and nut fillings wrapped in chocolate love.


Baby balls


Had to say hi to my ooey gooey cheesy Daiya friends 🙂  They have a new flavor (Pepper Jack) coming soon!  They were grilling up sammies on one side of the booth…


While offering up vegan mac ‘n cheese and “cheese” pizza on the other end.


Bob’s Red Mill had a rather massive area on the show floor…did you know they have over 400 products!?


Oh and guess what?  I met Bob!!!


While Nana’s isn’t offering any new flavors, they did have Curious George on staff to get kids (and me) excited about their cookie bars.




Justin’s nut butters





Dear Justin, You officially have my heart and soul (and taste buds).

New Gardein goodies!


According to their rep, frozen meals are their best sellers.  I like that their products come in re-sealable bags so you can choose your own portion based on what you are doing with it (salad topping, entree, whatever).  This is especially useful in the packaging of their frozen veggie burger patties, which never seem to avoid frostbite in my experience (I’m looking at you Boca).


I sampled the Mandarin Orange Crispy Chik’n made fresh on the skillet one frozen bag at a time.


Oh ma (faux) chik-a-dees was this good.  Vegan or not, add this to your grocery list stat.

Ozery Baking Inc.


Time for Morning Rounds!


This Canadian company wins the award for cutest product name.


Sunland Peanut Butter



Nasoya’s Super Hummus is basically like the tofummus I made way back when (but far thicker).  They also make a spinach garlic flavor.  I don’t really buy into the whole mega protein thing, but it tasted good, so that’s all that matters.



Given the small percentage of photos I took, and the even smaller percentage I am showing you now, you can imagine the magnitude of the day.  There were THOUSANDS of companies present.  I was in vegan foodie heaven.  I came home with some major loot, which I have already started to make my way through.

Like trick or treating in a Whole Foods – could you fathom anything better?

All in all, the weekend was a huge success – I saw new items that I am thrilled to see hit the shelves and I met people who are changing the way the nation eats.  Vegans have much to look forward to, but then, so do non-vegans as well.  I truly can’t wait for the average market to catch up with the natural foods market, because what I saw at Expo West was more than an explosion of fabulous flavors, companies have the consumer’s health in mind.

What’s your favorite healthy/natural foods company?

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