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If I had to summarized Monday through Thursday in a single post…well…I can’t, so I don’t know how to end that sentence.  But, where I was going with that intro was to say my week has been packed and amazing.

Highlights reel?  Sure, why not.

Monday slash Tuesday I had night shift stuff.  The only thing of note food-wise was how many berries I consumed over the course of the day. 


I have likely met my Vitamin C quota until October. 

I also made a pita pie (for those of you who keep asking about the-best-pita-ever, it’s from Whole Foods and the brand is called Turlock Pita Bread). 


My gorgeous pie was toasted then layered (generously) with Tropical Traditions coconut peanut butter and very thinly sliced golden delicious apples.


Any meal that has fewer than five ingredients, takes under five minutes to make, AND tastes this good should be illegal.  Or accepted into the Foodie Hall of Fame.  Is there such a thing?  Nope. 


I also did some late night therapy baking.  I find it a very soothing thing.  Just me and the oven, and the rest of the day fades away…


Kyle’s a big fan of these nights.  Unlike retail therapy, they don’t cut into our vacation rent funds, plus they yield delicious treats.  Who else uses cooking/baking in this way?


(Vegan) peanut butter and jelly thumbprint muffins.  Recipe on the way!

Wednesday morning wasn’t notably interesting, but I did make a really really yummy tropical smoothie.


I had it with a massive bowl of cherries (since the strawbeezies are done-zo).


I didn’t measure anything, but it had: light unsweetened soymilk (365), vanilla soy yogurt (Stonyfield), frozen tropical fruit mix (Costco), and some ice.


I tried to go slow and eat cherries in between, but you know I froze my brain up because I have no self control.

Of course to compensate I had to make some tea.  I may be having issues with my body core thermal regulation, because I always seem to be the temperature of whatever I’m eating.  Humans are supposed to be warm blooded.  I may be a lizard.  My poor patients have to deal with my frigid hands poking and prodding them (ok, ok, I’m not that rough).  Good thing I suck down coffee like a fiend all morning long which is when I do most of my assessments…at least the heat from that helps my hands stay a bit warmer.  I’m sure the fact that I’m cracked out of my mind and bouncing off the walls doesn’t even phase them. 


Fact: I drink Yogi tea more for the inspirational messages than the flavor of the tea.  This flavor happens to be Cocoa Mayan Spice.  It’s no Chai, but it fills the roll when my Tazo stash is on empty.


Wednesday afternoon we picked up our friend at the airport.  In our new car.  His name is Carson and he’s a new 2011 silver CRV.  Yes, we name all our cars.  Who doesn’t? 


The best feature is the cup holder in the door.  It fits a Kombucha perfectly.

After navigating our way back to Santa Monica (LA traffic wasn’t that bad actually), we immediately dropped off Dean’s luggage and walked to dinner.


Blue Plate is one of my absolute favorite places ever and I have been craving their falafel burger for a solid month now. 


We started with chips ‘n guac for the table.


Plus a nice white bean dip with bread crisps (on the house).


Kyle got the chicken & veggie soup and the falafel burger


Dean got the falafel burger with fries.


And I got the falafel burger on a salad with fresh greens, cucumber, carrots, sprouts and huge amounts of avocado


I used all the balsamic dressing, plus the remainder of the guacamole that wasn’t eaten with chips.  It would be a crime for avocado to go unclaimed!

SO GOOD.  There’s no two ways about it, Blue Plate makes a damn fine falafel.

Wii tennis and golf duels took up the remainder of the night.  We are party animals!


Thursday morning was not meant to start at 5 am, but that it did.  Why you ask?  Because we have crazy effing birds that crow incessantly like they are the alarm clock for the entire West Coast (and their home base happens to be directly outside our window).  The rage I was feeling…gah!  Let’s just say there’s probably never been a more conflicted vegan.  I may not be a member of PETA, but I’m still not into shooting down angry birds.  


In any event, our plans to got for a hike in Malibu were simply pushed forward a few hours.  So after a trip to WF for coffee and a picnic lunch, we headed off to Point Mugu State Park.


We had a fun hike.  It was relatively mild and only took a bit over an hour.  The weather wasn’t really cooperating, but if we had waited ‘til later on, the cloud cover probably would have blown off.  Sun or no sun, we enjoyed the views. 


After reaching the bottom again, we made our way to the beach for lunch. 


Not too bad of a view. 


I got a veggie sando from WF with hummus, avocado, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and mustard


I could’ve used more hummus, but that’s pretty much always the case.  In life.


The rest of the day was mellow.  We strolled on the Promenade, stopped by the Santa Monica Pier, watched some volleyball games, and enjoyed the sun that finally did show up.


For dinner there was no question about what we were making.  Dean simply HAD to try some home-made vegan waffles.


We tried out Surprisingly Vegan’s latest flavor and I have to say, it’s even better than the OG recipe.

They really are SO good.  Unfortunately, they take quite a while to make from scratch…and grinding and blending and mixing everything uses up just about every single appliance and counter space in our kitchen.  Needless to say, I’ll be glad when these babies finally hit shelves, because just-add-water is so much simpler. 

The good news is that by late summer they will be sold online!!!  Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to let you all know when, where, and how you can get your hands on them. 


Vegan, gluten-free, delicious, and nutritious.  :) 

If you’re wondering about the above creation, it’s a waffle ‘wich that I made with two waffle squares, blueberries and Follow Your Heart vegan cream cheese.  I had two servings.  And even though I was very full after my double serving, I didn’t feel like my stomach was coated in lead.  Heavenly!


And now I am getting ready for a Friday at the hospital.  Big salad, quinoa with tofu, Inka Crops corn nuts, apple (x2), Nana’s fudge bites – yep, it’s gonna be a good day. 


Lunch is packed and I have a breakfast of vegan waffles ready for early morning leftovers.  Yeah buddy. 


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A few months ago my parents went to this restaurant in Newport Beach.  And when they told me about it, I was actually kinda jealous…until I found out a Santa Monica location was coming soon.  Hooray! 


Kyle and I went to celebrate him being done with finals.  One year down!  Since the weather was gorgeous, we walked to Santa Monica Place.


The menu has a variety of options, from vegan to meat courses.  They even indicate which items are vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free to assist the diner.  Also, the staff is super knowledgeable about why certain dishes aren’t vegan (the panang curry has shrimp paste that can’t be left out).  And they are able to help you make certain non-vegan dishes animal-free…which is what I did.


Tuscan Kale Salad made vegan.  But first we had shared some starters.

Kyle and I both brought our appetites, so we got two different appetizers.


This is the Herb Hummus with pita bread, tomato, onion & feta.  It was savory and delicious.  I navigated my way around the feta and olives, but hogged all the tomato and cucumber which were marinated to perfection. 


The second app we chose was the Shiitake & Tofu Lettuce Cups with ginger, cashew, and toasted garlic. 


If you’re familiar with P.F. Chang’s version of this dish, you know taste-wise what we’re dealing with.  Now imagine all that flavor, but with fresh, local produce.  It was stellar.  All of it.  Even the lettuce was amazing.  I could easily order twenty-four plates of these as my entree. 


Pretty cool that we could watch them in the kitchen the entire time. 

Foodie that I am, I scoped out the menu before we arrived.  But, true to myself, I changed my order six more times before finally choosing the Tuscan Kale Salad.  Despite the fact that there were several vegan items on the menu, the kale caught my eye.  I asked if they could leave the parmesan off and add tofu for some extra oomph.  They were perfectly happy to oblige and voila!


Look at this beauty!!

The salad was topped with a yummy lemon based dressing and breadcrumbs.  So good.  Also, there was quite a bit of tofu, which was totally awesome. 


Kyle got the Roasted Chicken with basmati rice, English peas, and Indian spices. 


He moaned (literally moaned) out loud the entire time he was eating it and swore it was the best chicken he has ever had.  And he repeated this to me multiple times.  Aside from the perfect preparation of the chicken, he couldn’t get over how flavorful the rice was.  He thinks the spices were chimichurri, which calls to mind one of the dishes I miss most from NYC


Kyle’s beer was from Weed, a tiny town we passed on our I-5 drive up to P-town.  I tried a sip and loved it.  I’m picky with my beers, and this had delish flavors with no bitter aftertaste. 


As you can see, the restaurant is quite spacious.  I love the open feel with the views of the staff prepping the food and the chefs cooking.  It also felt down to earth and casual without feeling cheap.  It is definitely going to be a new favorite spot. 


What’s especially cool is how much they support local farms and emphasize the produce in their cooking.  On the wall in the back of the restaurant is a list of their favorites, along with the items they purchase from them. 


Oh, hey there Alana…methinks I’m gonna have to seek out this roasting coffee soon.  All in all, I loved True Food Kitchen.  I’m planning on returning frequently. 

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Before I get into the latest and greatest from the hippie kitchen, I wanted to say thank you to everyone who took the time to offer their thoughts on yesterday’s post.  The discussion certainly got more heated than I anticipated (and some comments were a bit harsh), but it was great to read how others felt about sharing your views with your family/friends.  Being brave enough to stand up for your beliefs while not pressuring others to feel guilty about having differing opinions is definitely a fine line…and it seems that many feel there’s a time and place for being outspoken (as well as a time and place for simply shutting your lid).  I’m very grateful for everyone who commented in a thoughtful and respectful way.  I tried to respond to as many of the comments as I could.

In the meantime, however, I was at the hospital doing my thang.  As a result, I have compiled quite a collection of work eats on my computer…


Breakfast #1 – granola by Big Sky Bread (an Alabama based company with cute home-made wholesome products).  It’s actually a granola plank not granola since it’s one big crispy crunchy granola block.  They also make bread products (as you’d guess from the company name), all of which feature their stone ground whole wheat flour that they make in the bakery every morning.


So how did I discover this adorable company?  Well, Big Sky Bread was at Expo West and they were kind enough to hook me up with this sample.  For some reason I have been saving it and saving it, waiting for the perfect time to try it.  Well, I’m not sure when I thought that time would be, but the other day I spotted it in the pantry and it was exactly what I wanted at that exact moment.  So I guess that makes it the perfect time.


You can (kinda) see the nutritional stats above.  At two servings a package it rounds out to 400 kcals a pop.  The granola planks are basically a lightly sweetened oatmeal base with whole almonds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and sesame seeds.  It was crispy and crunchy like granola, not chewy like a granola bar so I had to break it into bite sized pieces in the bag so the crumbs wouldn’t get all over me (thus enabling me to sprinkle them atop yogurt later).  The flavor reminded me EXACTLY of these bars I used to get at the Union Square WF in NYC.  I haven’t seen them since moving to CA and now I realize how much I miss them.  I think it’s the sesame and pumpkin seeds that makes the taste so unique.


Breakfast #2 – oats with cinnamon, dried cherries, and Tropical Traditions coconut peanut butter

Dried cherries are a really good way to bring a new twist to an old simple morning routine.


Lunch part I – Boca vegan burger (lazy much?) and apple x2, orange x1, Bakery on Main Cinnamon Apple Granola Bar

Bakery on Main is another Expo West discovery.  They make both granola and granola bars and I got a big ‘ol shipment of their goodies to try out.  🙂  The granola bar kinda reminded me of those Nutri-Grain bars (by Kellogg’s).  The texture and flavor seem nearly identical (I think?), but the ingredients are way better in terms of being whole foods without preservatives or additives.

[NO GMOs • NO Dairy • NO Casein • NO Wheat • NO Trans Fat • NO Cholesterol]

I liked the flavor, but the bar was really small and therefore didn’t have as much staying power as I typically like in my on-the-go options.  It did taste just like a bite of the top of an apple pie, though.  So there’s definitely a yummy factor going on.  As an FYI, the soft & chewy bars are gluten free (made with certified gluten free oats, amaranth and quinoa).  They also have flax and chia seeds (hello healthy omegas!).


Lunch II – leftover purple potato salad with peas for extra green


All together now!

Night shift doesn’t require quite as large of a line up.


I’ve been craving lots and lots of fruit at night.  Apples and cuties and mangoes, oh my!


I know for a fact I looked like a primitive cave(wo)man as I ate this.  I had juice dripping from my chin to my elbows.  Not attractive.  Maybe I’ll cut it up first next time, huh?  😉


This salad was a twist on one of my favorite recipes of my mom’s.  Growing up she made a bomb a$$ poppyseed salad with avocado, butter lettuce and cantaloupe.  It is seriously fantastic.  Unfortunately, my dairy-free life now makes the dressing she used a no-go.


Enter Follow Your Heart!  They make oil-free salad dressings that are vegan and this Citrus Poppy Seed flavor is a new one!  However, unlike the other oil-free salad dressing on the market, this one doesn’t compensate for the fat with excessive amounts of sugar.  Have you ever noticed that?  So many fat-free dressings are jam packed with other sh!t to make your taste buds forget that you are missing out on the oil.  Not this one.  It’s got the same pure and wholesome ingredients that you’d find in any home-made dressing, minus the oil.


Vegan.  Gluten free.  Dairy free.


Strawberry and Avocado Poppy Seed salad

  • spinach
  • clover sprouts
  • carrots
  • strawberries
  • avocado
  • dried cherries
  • Follow Your Heart Citrus Poppy Seed salad dressing

I have to be honest, normally I don’t use salad dressings, aside from basics like extra virgin olive oil and/or balsamic vinegar (or Bragg’s liquid aminos).  But ever since I received Follow Your Heart’s line of vegan dressings, I’ve been experimenting more and more.   And loving them more and more.


This salad is a winner.

And when I got home from a loooong 12 hours, I had overnight oats waiting for me in the fridge.


Oats, frozen blueberries and strawberries, dried cherries, coconut peanut butter.


Maybe it’s the change in the weather, or maybe it’s just a random phase, but I’m really into chilled oats lately.  After I cook them, I put them in the freezer and then eat them so they are thick like cookie dough.  Thick thickity thick.


Night shift numero dos was less fruity, more hummus-y.  There was still a big bad salad (because me and fiber are more of a dynamic duo than Gary and Ace).


Seitan Spinach salad

  • spinach
  • clover sprouts
  • carrots
  • bell peppers
  • log seitan (this version with bell peppers)
  • Bragg’s liquid aminos

This salad was great, but the seitan was definitely the star of the show.


Lots of people have been making my log seitan – a true testament to how simple and delicious it really is.  I swear, you’ll be blown away by it, and then you’ll make it again and again and again (just like me!).  C’mon, what are you waiting for?  Give it a shot!


Pita pieces and Haig’s roasted red pepper hummus rounded out the meal, along with the (lone) apple and a lot lot lot of candied ginger.


Once again I had chilled oats waiting for me when I got home…with blueberries dried cherries and TJ’s peanut flour all mixed in.


Oh, did I forget to mention my latest stock pile?  Yeahhhhhh.  Once I found out peanut flour was getting the axe from Trader Joe’s I quickly jumped into action (aka called my mom and begged her to hit up the local TJ’s before we came upon hard times).  Hoarding mode much?  She did me proud.  🙂 I better make these last!

And as if things weren’t good enough already, I received another package in the mail.  My pantry is officially stocked!


Are you a packrat?  Hoarder?  Pantry supply collector? 

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I fell in love with Palo Alto this weekend.


The downtown area has such charm and Stanford’s campus is absolutely gorgeous.  Huge.  And gorgeous. 


The first time we walked down this palm tree lined street, I was mesmerized by the endless green.  It is one of the prettiest entrances to a campus I’ve ever seen.  The second time, however, I was less impressed (and more annoyed) with the distance.  The third, fourth, and eighth time I schlepped from the hotel to campus I dragged my feet the whole way, cursing the campus for being so massive.  Freakin’ Stanford. 

So yeah.  This Challenge for Charity weekend event was the reason we were in Palo Alto in the first place. 


MBA kids professionals playing sports and raising money in the name of charity.  Kyle was on the basketball team.


I was on the drinking team.  :) 

After spending Friday morning on the road (and lunching in town), by the afternoon I was ready to partay.  Kyle hooped it up, I cheered, and then it was time for drinks and burritos. 


I was so pleased that the dinner option was veg friendly.  They provided 4 foot long burritos by The Treehouse and in addition to the typical chicken and beef options they had a veggie filled one too.   See all those vegetables!  There were peas, zucchini, squash, mushrooms, beans, red rice, and other stuff I can’t even remember.  I’m blaming it on the Gordon Biersch. 

Speaking of Gordon Biersch…


Somehow that’s where we ended up for a second dinner (slash late night drinks and apps).  After Kyle’s team lost, we made our way into town for a night cap and wound up at Gordon Biersch, where I continued (and Kyle began) the beer-fest. 


We both ordered the Golden Export.  Yummy. 


Kyle ordered beef sliders with crispy onion fries.


I ordered a Tapas platter with roasted garlic, bruschetta, olive tapenade and hummus with herbed flatbread.


Ok, it was WAY bigger than I expected for an appetizer.  I wasn’t even that hungry after an evening of beer and burritos, but walking through town, smelling all the amazing food, I just had to get something to eat, too. 


As you would expect the flatbread was unbelievable.  Warm and fluffy, like a good carb should be.  I enjoyed the bruschetta with it’s acidic vinegar zing, but to be honest, I had no interest in the olive tapenade (I should have asked to replace it with extra hummus).  The hummus was good, but there needed to be way more.  WAY way more.  As a result, I ate 50% of the flatbread without any toppings.  Still good, though.


This guy was sitting next to us.  Sweet.

Saturday came and my lack of sleep really caught up with me.  Going to bed after midnight and waking up at 4 am  several days in a row is not healthy. 


For the life of me, I couldn’t make my body work on Saturday.  I told Kyle to go ahead without me, and after an extra few hours of snoozing, and a stop at Le Bux, I was ready to join the drinking ranks.

The sports were fun, but the cheerleading competition was where the real party was. 

Pepperdine was a joke.  They had 3 people.

UC Irvine was a little better, but still failed to get much of a cheer.

UW was at least clever with their song selections of Nirvana and “Under my Umbrella.”


U$C attempted Britney Spears.  It at least appeared to have involved some rehearsing.


Cal had an actual cheer routine.  Not too bad.


Stanford was pathetic.  [WTF?]

And then it was time for UCLA…


Clearly there was a significant amount of prep here.  The number of people involved was triple that of any other school, not to mention the fact that everyone was talented and in sync.  Bruins represent!


There were multiple acts, starting with an actual cheer routine (including girls being tossed in the air).


Then a black swan number.  Interesting?


Then a few dance routines. 


It was legit. 


The crowd was going wild over it.  And I was on my feet screaming like some kind of crazy Bieber fan.  Turns out the choreography was done by a professional back-up dancer who is also a first year at Anderson.  He was amazing.  Chris Brown has competition. 


Anyway.  The night went pretty late, and the weekend concluded with a battle of the bands.


I was SO impressed.  So very impressed.  It was like a real concert.  Who would have figured these MBA kids would be so insanely talented in other areas of their lives!?  There were former collegiate and pro athletes, professional back-up dancers, Broadway singers, and amazing musicians…all around really impressive people.


Kyle and I enjoyed the full moon and the free beer, but not the walk home.  Damn never-ending-palm-tree-street.


At least this time I had some drunk good entertainment.


Sunday was uneventful as compared to the rest of the weekend.  We stopped at Starbucks and Whole Foods before heading home. 


I really wanted to hit up several dining spots that were recommended to me in downtown Palo Alto (like Crepevine, Fraiche, Cafe 220, Joya, Loving Hut, etc.) – thanks to everyone who sent me recommendations.  We will definitely have to go back because I am in love with the place. 


I made a beast of a salad that took a few different sessions to polish off.  Yes, it was THAT big. 

Kale, avocado, roasted potatoes, roasted veggies, farro, grilled tofu, and who knows what else…


I also had roasted red pepper hummus and ciabatta


I even sucked it up and paid the extra $$ for the local brand.  Haig’s is from San Francisco and the roasted red pepper flavor was creamy and spicy and really good.  Super runny after being in the car for 5 hours, but still a big fat winner. 

I’m glad to be home now.  Ready to start the work week?  Not so much.  But I think I’ve had enough beer for a while. 

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First of all, this venti soy misto was FREE, because believe it or not, there are some perks (beyond heart palpitations) to my Gold Card membership and caffeine addiction. 


I had to go to the hospital on Tuesday even though I wasn’t working.  Enduring an early wake up call and morning traffic without the promise of a paycheck demands a special treat – hence the Starbeezies.


I had breakfast prepared for the waiting room.


[Yes I got odd looks as I busted out a tupperware of oats in a waiting room]


This genius creation was overnight oats with cinnamon, NuNaturals vanilla stevia and frozen strawberries.  But then I added vanilla soymilk and more (fresh) strawberries in the AM.


Lots of vanilla and lots of strawberries.  Lots of yum.

By the time I got home my one-track-mind was so focused on hummus, my hand was on this tub before I’d even hung up my jacket or set down my purse.


I found it at Whole Foods and it looked like the most thick, creamy, and dense chickpea dip ever.  EVER!  I still have no idea what company makes it.  What I do know is that it’s raw and contains chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice and that’s pretty much it. 


Can you see that creamy amazing consistency?!?  It was thicker than Jenny from the Block.  It was heavenly.  In all honesty, I could have eaten it with nothing but a spoon.  Instead, I dipped pitas, carrots, and apple slices in it. 


I know people think I’m crazy for dipping apple slices in hummus (it wouldn’t be the first time people have told me I inappropriately pair hummus with other foods), but I swear it’s good.  Savory and sweet were meant to mingle peeps!


Turlock whole wheat pitas are becoming available at more and more Whole Foods locations, so please do yourself a favor and find them.  They are the fluffiest pitas I’ve ever tasted.  Like beautiful carb clouds.  Now, my question is this: who in their right mind thinks this tub is going to be more than one serving?  For the record, it’s supposed to be 8 servings.  I finished it all though.  Obviously. 

Afternoon checklist:

  • Run – check!
  • Dessert – check!



I tried a twist on my log seitan recipe, this time adding in chopped bell peppers


I admit, it looks like a pair of turds, but dayam, it smelled freakin’ phenom!

I added some to Wednesday’s work lunch.


Spinach, sprouts, steamed sweet potatoes, carrots, and peppered seitan


Also pre-packed for Wed…


Oats, candied ginger, and orange slices.


When my parents visited a while ago they brought a ton of oranges from their tree…and while I’m not typically a big citrus person, these have captured my fancy. 


I also had two apples and dried apples that Kyle brought me home last weekend. 


They had the texture of stale apple rings, but the flavor of fresh apples.  They were so good.  A bit hard to chew, but still, very very tasty. 


And then, of course, there was my oaty breakfast of champions.  Oats, cinnamon, NuNatural’s vanilla stevia and Tropical Traditions coconut peanut butter. 

Little bit of sweet and a little bit of savory.  Happy belly! 

Million dollar question: hummus vs nut butter?

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In November I was bragging about how great the 80 degree weather was.  And then in January I was happily soaking up the sun’s rays on the beach.  And now it’s March and the weather is cold and dreary!?  What gives?

Since it’s LA, I know it won’t last too long, but I have to say, these stormy skies and rain clouds aren’t fun at all.


Breakfast came really late on Saturday.  After saying goodbye to my sis (until we reunite in Europe in May), Kyle and I drove back to Santa Monica so I could get a loooong night’s sleep in preparation for Saturday’s night shift.


I didn’t get up until after 10 am, and didn’t eat breakfast until almost noon.

To get the day under way, I painted a Alvarado Street sprouted tortilla with Sunbutter.  Look how caked on it was!  I’m a modern day Van Gogh 🙂


I jazzed up the breakfast quesadilla with thinly sliced apples, then topped it with cinnamon and folded it into thirds.


If a PB&J sammie had a menage a trois with a quesadilla and a fruit basket, this would be the love child.  Except instead of peanut butter I used sunflower seed butter.




In between Jillian and basketball games, there was a fair amount of snacking.  I had the rest of the tropical dried fruit and two more bowls of nuts, raisins, and carob chips than pictured.  I have to say, salt is amazing.


Before heading into the office hospital, I pre-gamed with another sprouted tortilla wrap.  This one was more traditional with ‘shrooms, spinach, butternut squash and hummus.


Even though my pre-shift appetite was pretty much non-existent, I had a feeling it would kick in at some point (most likely around midnight).  The solution?  A snack-esque meal.  Leftover white bean dip with various scoop-ables fit the bill.  Snyder’s gluten-free pretzels were good, but I actually prefer the spelt ones by Newman’s or 365 brand.


I also packed some veg in the form of blanched broccoli, raw carrots and red bell peppers.  Cold crudités have never tasted so good.  They were crisp and crunchy and I craved 200 more.  Needless to say, the bean dip was gone by midnight, as expected.  The apples suffered a similar fate.


When I got home, there were leftover waffles calling my name.  They were so hearty and flavorful, this may be the best batch I’ve tried yet!  They were so tasty, they required absolutely nothing on top.

A shower and warm glass of almond milk (with a few drops of NuNaturals vanilla stevia) later, I was ready to tuck into bed.  Lucky for me, Kyle was still asleep (this was his last weekend of spring break) so I was actually able to fall into a semi-deep slumber.  I didn’t wake up until 11:30 – a personal record!

The next day was the same old, same old.


I had a big bowl of fruit, followed by a snickerdoodle cookie.


The wrapper is all I managed to capture on film because it was THAT good.  Alternate Baking Company makes a mighty fine cookie, but it wasn’t as chewy as Nana’s.

Like the rest of ABC’s cookies, this flavor is 100% vegan (sans dairy, eggs, hydrogenated oils, or artificial ingredients).  Unlike the other flavors, Snickerdoodle is one of the two wheat-free flavors (the other one is Mac the Chip).


As you can see, the ingredients are wholesome, but the nutritional stats are still pretty dessert-like.  I’m not saying I take issue with this – it is a cookie after all – but the fact that the cookie is two servings brings the totals to an area that I would pretty much designate for treats alone.  That said, it was a huge cookie!  I liked the first few bites, but by the end, there was an after-taste that was less like dessert and more like a non-wheat flour.  Yes, I know that taste.  It was like gluten free pancake batter.  Kinda weird.

Nana’s still occupies the #1 spot in my heart for sure, but I plan of trying the rest of ABC’s cookie flavors (just to be extra sure).


My odd lunch was created out of desperation.  The empty fridge turned me to the freezer…which led to a pita pizza.


Topped with Sabra’s artichoke spinach hummus and a crumbled up vegan Boca burger.  It may sound ghetto, but it was actually awesome.

I again filled the afternoon with basketball, Jillian, and couch time with my beau.  ‘Aint no shame in soaking up the rainy day inactivity, right?


Just before work, I made a grilled cheese sammie with Almond Cheddar Style veg cheese.


I’m not sure what to make of this product (by Lisanatti Foods), because it was good, but nothing like cheese.  I think I liked it, but it shouldn’t be compared to other veg “cheeses.”


Once I got over the fact that it in NO way resembled real cheese (or Daiya) I enjoyed it for what it was.  A flavorful sandwich option.  It didn’t really taste or melt like cheese, but then it didn’t taste like almonds either.  I can’t think of how to describe it.  I doubt I’d buy it regularly (kinda $$$ to be a fridge staple), but it’s a nice option every once in a while.


As far as nutritionals go, it’s a winner.  Sure, it’s a processed food, but it’s definitely in a different category from cheetos.  It should be noted that this products does contain casein (however, I had no GI reactions).

Anyway, with that, I was off to work.  Another weekend spent in scrubs and PJs…

Do you eat breakfast in your pajamas or work clothes?  Or does it vary?

I avoid doing anything in my scrubs.  I ditch them within seconds of stepping foot in the door and almost always shower before I do anything else (especially eating).  However, when I work day shifts, I’m typically at work for breakfast and therefore in scrubs.

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I’m pretty sure my version of the phrase is just as true (and not nearly as morbid).  I mean really, is there anything more certain in life than the fact that I’ll consume pounds and pounds of hummus?  No.  The burden of taxes, on the other hand, is a far less joyous inevitability.

Kyle and I have nearly finished ours, though, so at least that will be one big check off the to-do list.  I have to say, moving to a different state and starting new jobs certainly made things more difficult this year.  Good thing my dad has been making me do my own taxes for years.  [I can’t believe I’m admitting that this has been beneficial since I hate hate hate it]

But I digress.

Breakfast was my only meal on Saturday that didn’t contain hummus.


Banana + MaraNatha almond butter + pita pita

In case you have been on the lookout for the best whole wheat pita ever, do yourself a favor and find Turlock Pita Bread asap.  Mmmm.


Pac man the pita (see above), stuff in sliced up nanner, copious amounts of nutbutter, and enjoy.



Apple slices got their own almond butter a la mode.  There is no sharing when it comes to nutbutters.  Definitely a “go big or go home” sitch.

Lunch was wrap-tastic


Not too complicated – hummus, butternut squash, and bell peppers on an Alvarado Street sprouted wrap.




I attempted an afternoon jog, but found the wind to be quite distracting.  There were several points that I nearly wooshed off the street…hideous.  I cut it short and Netflix-ed the afternoon away instead.


Afternoon snackage.


The heel piece (best piece!) of my latest loaf of pumpkin banana bread topped with almond butter.  Decadent!

Dinner involved this bad boy.


With, what else, hummus.  🙂

Recipe to come.

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