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As Kyle and I attempt to empty our fridge and freezer before moving, I have discovered both the pros & cons of pre-packaged meals. 


Pro:  Mindless, easy prep (box –> plate? even a caveman Kyle can do that)


Con: Stipation (where the greens at, yo?)


Ok, we aren’t eating ONLY thawed sh!t…


I still had some odds and ends that I pulled together for a salad, which included the raw One Lucky Duck Rosemary quackers I bought last week.


I sampled a few with hummus and they were pretty tasty.  My only issue was that they are a bit dense and tend to get stuck in your teeth.  I hate to say this (given my O.L.D love affair), but the Livin’ Spoonful raw crackers are way better.  The quackers are better suited as appetizers for dips and the like, whereas the Livin’ Spoonful ones are more versatile (ie salad crumble-able).


The few that I managed to crumble in the salad were great, but I ate the rest on the side.

Here’s another winner of a meal.


Talk about ghetto.


I mixed the LightLife BBQ SmartWings with edamame and corn, letting the excess sauce coat it all.  And as embarrassing as it is to admit, it was kinda good. 


This meal looks rather hideous, but at least it featured some greens (praise the lord).  I used the stir fry veggies with teriyaki seasoned tofu and scrambled eggs.  Yup, eggs.  Being broke and desperate sometimes trumps being vegan.  At least when you have 2 more days until moving across the country…

And in case you didn’t already think I was the most pathetically cheap creative person on the planet, here’s dessert.


Toast + carob chips + raw cashews = a make-shift nutty sammie

No joke, all I did was toast the bread then melt the carob chips to hold the nuts in place.


Now, on to a serious matter.

We are peacing out of NYC and heading to CA this weekend, but we are only going to be there for a few days and then we are off to Cabo San Lucas for vacay.  So, the serious part.

Question: How do I bring a pound of white powder into Mexico without ending up on Locked Up Abroad?


The thought of going without my NuNaturals Stevia for the next few months is frightening…but then, I really don’t want to go to jail over some non-sugar (as amazing as it is).

Please.  All suggestions are welcomed.

And now, back to packing, the most miserable task ever. 


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Thanks for the support guys!  I am soooo excited to head West, and we don’t have that much time left until we peace out of the big apple either!  It’s crazy.  So my latest activities have been moving related:

  • truck rentals/appraisals
  • packing/storage research
  • transferring my RN license
  • changing my address for everything under the sun
  • updating my resume
  • renewing my passport (unrelated to moving but it does expire soon)
  • wedding, wedding, wedding

So cooking has been on the backburner…and pics of my AM eats are MIA, but trust me you’re missing nada.  Dinner isn’t exciting either, but I still got it on film.


Sweet potato & hummus (are you getting sick of this combo yet?), carrots, and a completely thrown together stir-fry thang.


Looks a hot mess.  Tastes the opposite.  It was the last of my TJs faux-meat strips (still pretty meh about them) with zucchini and edamame cooked in soy sauce. 


Look, the meal wasn’t anything I am remotely proud of in terms of plating, but I can’t deny how good it tasted. 


Earlier today this was full of luscious medjools.  They are insanely good, and I am so glad WFs has been stocking them again.  I savored every single bite. 

And now, in a completely random and non-Hungry Hungry Hippie related topic…

What happened to Lady Gaga?  Is it just me or does she seem much skinnier lately…


Circa Poker Face pictures. 


Cut to the latest Telephone photos.


I can’t help but notice the change in her arms, thighs, and face (she’s the third from the left below).


I still love her like crazy…just sayin’


The above photos are image clips from a video, so I don’t see how they could have been touched-up or edited in any way, but the below is a campaign she just did with Cyndi Lauper…her arms are definitely MIA, but that may be due to the magic fault of photo shop(?).


Regardless of her physical appearance, I’m clearly obsessed with her music and her willingness to fly her freak flag (love the little monster), but, it does make me wonder how the limelight has affected her own feelings about her role as an icon (yes, she is totally an icon) and her body image.  Opinions?

What are the chances my patients (or boss) would freak out if I wore my make-up like this?


I dunno…I’m bookmarking this one for Halloween, if nothing else. 

Night all!

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This weekend I relaxed more than I have in a loooooong time.  I didn’t exercise.  I hardly cooked.  To be honest, I pretty much spent the weekend watching the Australian Open, football, and hanging out with Kyle (I did a fair amount of eating as well).  If that’s not the picturesque weekend, well, shoot me. 

I have a TON of photos, but they aren’t very glamorous and don’t require much in the way of explanations…so…without further ado…


JAVA the hut


Bluffin’ with my muffin


How to make quinoa ghetto


Afternoon delight(s)


YouShake customized “Blended Bliss” flavored protein shake


😦 Needed more cowbell strawberry (sorry, but not worth the $$)

Finally, a little taste of domesticity!


Mushrooms, broccoli, and zucchini sautéed in Bragg’s liquid aminos…with seitan tossed in after the veggies got their sizzle on.


Mountains out of molehills


Love me some sloppy seconds


Truth in Yogi tea bags


Kashi GoLean Chocolate Almond Toffee chewy bar – because sometimes 31 g of sugar before you go to bed seems like a good call

(Let the record show I had a very interrupted night’s sleep, which I’m blaming on my monthly lady situation the crap filled bar I had just before zzzzzz…)


Hormones can’t be ignored


Notice a chocolate trend? 

The new chocolate flavored Oikos greek yogurt by Stonyfield gets a thumbs up from me…the chocolate part is in the bottom and after you stir it in, it’s a nice sweet contrast to the tangy greek yogurt. 


Peebers & jazz


Lemony Snicket zevia


Hummus + Salsa + Avocado = guac-hum-mole


Rick Bayless is a Mexican genius…his chips make me feel like I should have a margarita in my hand


Asking me to choose between two kinds of hummus is like asking Heidi to pick one plastic surgeon…crazy talk.


Lasagna and Caesar salad (vegan versions of both).


Atop the romaine I sprinkled a blend of lemon juice and balsamic vinegar with vegan parmesan.  The lasagna was perfection if I do say so myself.

Dessert was a rather decadent open faced banana split…


1) Split the nanner

2) Apply nutbutter of your choosing (Justin’s Maple Almond Butter)


3) Add toppings (I went halfsies with raisins and vegan chocolate chips)


4) Devour


Could you die?


Yogi Stomach Ease tea is my ever-faithful sidekick




Overnight oats made with PB + 1/2 banana + cinn + agave syrup + coconut milk


Simple is as simple does eats


Tree of Life popcorn?  Well, I’ve never heard of this brand, but there are only four ingredients and they are all organic. 


Salted and nooch-i-fied to my liking


Apple-aholics rejoice


Four little sweet potatoes sitting in a tree…k-i-s-s-i-n-g…

There is a direct correlation between the shelf life of BBQ sauce and the number of sweet potatoes in the apartment…I’d say anything over a week is being generous.


Xanthan Gum is great in smoothies, but a disaster if you spill it…seriously, the table is still a slippery mess after 4 mega wipe downs

This smoothie contained:

  • 3/4 bag of frozen cherries (approx 1 1/2 cups)
  • 2 tbsp Xagave nectar
  • 1/3 cup Lactaid
  • 2 tsp (plus unmeasured spilled amount) Xanthan gum


So creamy smooth!  The xanthan gum makes it so fluffy!!

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Doing three (12 hour) shifts in a row is my least fave thing to do.  I avoid it like the plague swine flu.  However, my parents are coming into town today (yipeeeeee!!!), so I had to get all my work out of the way so I could have the weekend off :) 

It was an especially rough stretch because I only had one day off between my last weekend of chaos and this 72 hour stint.  No matter.  Ready for all my work lunches:



Salad, bars, Whole Foods’ spelt pretz, carrots, apples, and tea bags.


The salad had spinach, sweet taters, cannellini beans, cherry toms, and dried cranz.  Tast-tay.


Long long ago, when I first received these samples from Amazing Grass, I was NOT into the bars.  They were SO green and blah, and for some reason I just didn’t enjoy them.  Well, the other day I found them in the bottom of my bar stash (it’s massive and ever growing…twss) and decided to give them a second shot.  Turns out, this time around, I actually liked them, a LOT.  Sure, they look like something you might find in a compost bin or the excreted mash from the lawnmower…but if you can get past that…the taste is pretty good!  It’s hard to describe the flavor because there is a distinct “green”-ness to them, and they do have detectable chunks of nuts (something I’m usually not into), but I think the fact that the ingredients are so pure and wholesome negates all those aforementioned ick-factors.  Hmm.  Interesting.



Salad with spin, steamed brocc, cherry toms, chickpeas, and raisins.


Bar central!  Carrot cake Clif bar, Honey Graham Z bar, and Chocolate Chip Z bar.  Love ‘em all.



Do you love the face?

I’m such a loser.  Here’s a more visible photo.


This salad contained spinach, BN squash, shrooms, and dried cranz


The salad was good, but the butternut squash was a bit too al dente if I’m being honest.  I steamed it the night before work, but I was in such a hurry to get to bed, that I didn’t test it adequately.  No worries, I supplemented the salad with an unpictured multigrain seedy roll (fresh from the Bruno’s oven).  They are so clutch when I’m in a bread craving mood. 

There’s also a new trend in my packed lunches.


Notice all the tea bags?  I’ve been saving $$ and bringing my own java (instant coffee with cocoa powder) in the AM, along with several teabags (Chai and others) to keep me warm and hydrated (and not spending $) throughout the PM.  Smarteee pants.


No worries, I’m still showing my love for Starbeezies with the mug 🙂

Some of my dinners were good, but some weren’t exactly blog-worthy (read:  tubs and tubs of hummus).  Here’s a few photos I did take and some new products.


Barbara’s Wheatines (yum, salt!) with roasted red pepper hummus.


Times three.

I did make my own hummus one night. 


I like adding nooch to mine – and pretz 🙂


Making my own beans…


Look at that poor black sheep in the chickpea sea!! 


On Thursday night I mustered up the energy to make a simple stir fry (it’s easier for me to cook when I know I don’t have to focus on getting to bed super early for work the next day).  So even though I was barely standing (not Lindsay Lohan status, but close…) after just finishing a 3 day work stretch, I still wanted a real meal.


Some carrots, brocc, shrooms, and green beans sizzled in the pan with soy sauce and Bragg’s liquid aminos while I heated up some home made seitan.


All mixed togethah!  Heart it.


Don’t even bother trying to convince me that BBQ doused sweet potatoes don’t go with an Asian stir fry.  Sweet potatoes go with everything.  And BBQ sauce and soy sauce are not exclusive dinner ingredients.  Call me crazy, but that’s just how I feel. 


Orange snowman dessert.  These tangerines were MUCH easier to peel than oranges.  Me gusta. 

I may be M.I.A for the next few days because my parental units are in town.  I’ll be back with lots of delish restaurant reviews and exciting eats.

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I loved hearing about all your PM routines!  Such planners we all are.  Well, most of us…

I have to say, it’s a little reassuring to know there are other freaks out there just like me.


As I said before, I was kinda behind getting my ducks in a row on Thursday night.  As a result, I expended minimal energy making this lunch (probably a 2 out of 10 on the effort scale).  Basically, I just kept adding more snacks in the hopes that the next day there would be at least something I wanted in my backpack.

When I got to work they were overstaffed and asked me if I wanted the day off.  Ummm, no! It’s 6:30 and I’m already here – you better believe I’m getting paid.  Fools.  Since none of the other nurses wanted to take the day off, it was a reallllllly easy shift.  Loves.

In the interest of full disclosure, I only ate 35% of my (above) packed lunch.  I guess my insatiable appetite that plagued me all last week was “out to lunch” so to speak…har har har (wow that was a bad pun).  Actually, there seems to be a cold going around the hospital right now and I’m feeling the beginning stages of it coming on.  I was sucking on lozenges for most of the day, and downing hot tea for the rest…fightin’ the cough!  Grrr.

FYI: Topping salads with sweet potato slices is AMAZING, espesh with the hummusI am feeling a sweet potato hummus concoction in my near future…



I’ve had this sesame asian tofu in the freezer from I don’t even remember how long ago.  I decided it was time to clear things out, so I made some stir fry veggies and topped it with this thawed out tofu.

I copied the Whole Foods asian marinade to the best of my ability: first I pressed some slabs of extra-firm tofu and dusted them with flour (it makes the marinade cake on better).  Then I dipped it in a mix of teriyaki sauce, honey, ginger, sesame oil, rice vinegar, garlic, red pepper flakes, and a TON of sesame seeds.  If you want to thicken it more you can add in some cornstarch.


I baked mine in a pan with the leftover sauce on the bottom so it could soak up more flavor as it was cooking.

I was nervous that freezer burn would kill the flavor and texture, and although it wasn’t as plump and savory as the first time I had it, it was still good.  Tofu does tend to shrivel up a bit after it’s cooked, but I ‘aint hatin’ on it.


Dessert won the fave-meal-of-the-day award, hands down.  Nothing makes my tummy happier than an english muffin lathered in Naturally More almond butter (aside from pounds and pounds of hummus, that is…). 

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I got a car at 4 am to Newark airport.  Nothing like being awake when it’s still pitch black out.  Btw, my ride to the airport cost $87!!!  Normally, I’m a public transportation girl all the way, but I called a car the night before (since it was so early and I wasn’t about to try to hail a cab to take me to New Jersey at the godly hour I was awake)…they could pave the road in gold charging fees like that!!  I’m still in shock.

I brought these Raw Revolution samples on the flight with me. Picture 037

I only had the chocolate coconut, and in a word, meh.  I’ll do proper product reviews later, though.


These were my other plane snacks, although I only ate the apple.  Lately I’ve been really scared of flying, which has never been an issue for me before.  And all the latest news about New York’s airports doesn’t help…anyways, I arrived home safe and sound.

My parents are stocked with TJ products, so I was a happy girl 🙂


I couldn’t fight the urge, so I made a classic fave.


HLT (hummus, lettuce, tomato) with an apple on the side


Mid-bite there is a knock on the door and a flower delivery guy presents this!  Absence makes the heart grow fonder?  True dat!


Is my boyfriend the SWEETEST or what?  He sent me this monster bouquet here at my parents house just because he missed me (since he’s returned from China he’s been pulling some super late nights in the office).  Don’t be jealous, girls, he’s mine.

Shopping time!  Living in Manhattan makes me miss the dumbest things.  Just driving in a car was so nice.  We spent some serious time at the mall buying gifts for birthdays, bridal showers, and bachelorette parties (oh my).  I didn’t get anything for myself because I’m on a budget.  Ok, that’s a lie, I got a coffee at Starbeezies, and a package of vital wheat gluten at a health foods store on the way home (can’t find it in NYC anywhere). 


PM snack: Oikos vanilla geek yog with POM seeds sprinkled on top

I’m going to have to disagree with Caitlin on this one…I was not a fan!  The consistency of the yogurt was the only good part (it was nice and thick).  But I didn’t like the vanilla flavor at all.  I definitely prefer Chobz’ fruit flavors.  I know you hear me K?!  I think vanilla should be left to regular yogurt, not Greek yogurt.  Too bad because I really like Stonyfield’s o’soy yogurt, especially the vanilla.  Oh well, can’t win ‘em all…

I snuck in a mini run to my elementary school before getting to work on dinner.  I was so exhausted though, so it’s hardly worth mentioning. 


For dinner I had stir fry with MorningStar’s chik’n meal starters (my parents had chicken) and white rice (gasp!) because my parents were out of brown rice.  Veggies included: eggplant, zucch, yellow squash, onion, edamame, brocc, orange bell pepps, ‘shrooms, snow peas, water sprouts, and fresh ginger I feel like I’m forgetting some, but whatever).  I love fresh veggies!


We all shared a bottle of red, too.

I had another plate for “dessert” later in the evening (while watching Sense & Sensibility).  I know what you’re thinking…I didn’t have carob raisins!!!  I did miss them (tear)…but life goes on (I’ve heard).

This morning I made a strong ass brew of coffee to get the day going right…you know how I like it.


Someone stole my seat while I was making the coffee…


She moved once she discovered I had no problems sitting on her…


And then lounged in the sun while I did the crossword (slash got a nice caffeine buzz going).

I had an early lunch since the day was looking like it was going to get busy…

Picture 047

I threw some spinach and MorningStar chik’n starters in the skillet…

Picture 048

Toasted and hummus-ed the bread (end piece!)…

Picture 049

Now that’s a sando!

Picture 050 Picture 017

TJs spiced chai tea + an apple…

And I’m off to do errands before the bridal/bachelorette weekend officially begins! 

I love coming home!  CA, sunshine, fam/friends, it’s all good!

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Nope.  Not a typo.  I had QUITE a demanding patient load today at work.  Talk about a shock back into reality.  I’ve been off for about a week now, so I knew it was going to be an abrupt change from the lackadaisical days I’ve been having (lounging around the warm apartment without a hint of an agenda).

Anyways, today’s eats were as thrilling as ever.  Ok, I’ll admit it, I’m laying on the sarcasm pretty thick. 

Starbucks soy misto to get the day going.

Odwalla bar when I couldn’t ignore the growling in my stomach any longer.


Sammie with Alvarado Street bread, hummus, greek yog, bell pepps, and Smart deli “turkey” meat.



Figs and dried pineapple.


Round 2 and 3 in the Starbucks department.

Apple in the PM.

And HOME at last…I actually had a bit of energy when I got home, so I decided to whip up a stir fry. 


Seitan is not the devil, kids.


This literally took 15 minutes (even less for the “eggs”).


This was one of 2 plates piled to the very edges.


That’s also half a tomato sliced on top.  The seitan chunks were HUGE and sooooo flavorful!!  I really heart seitan.  It’s the easiest non-meat protein to cook with BY FAR.  You literally can’t mess it up, and it’s so healthy.  Mmmmm…

Anyways, no new Gossip Girl 😦

So I pretty much crashed right after dessert.


:)  Figs, papaya, pineapple, oh my!!

BEST.WEBSITE.EVER.  Create your OWN cereal!!

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