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Hooray!  I’m so so glad you guys like the new look.  I could never have done it without Julie’s services, so if you’re looking for a blog makeover, she’s your gal.  Seriously.  She took a sketch of a header I drew and made it into the reality that you now see.  It’s amazing.  And she was ever-so-patient with my (nonexistent) technology skills.  Not that it’s over…there are still some kinks to be worked out, but for the most part things are running smoothly. 

Feel free to click around and let me know what you think.  Any feedback is greatly appreciated so I can make my site as user friendly (and pretty) as possible.  Aside from the font, which people have mentioned can be difficult to read, let me hear your thoughts!

Moving on…

Night shift steam rolled on by these past two days. 


I actually really lucked out with my patient load…not only were they the sweetest group of people, but they were stable and compliant and slept through the night.  In the words of Michael Scott: win win win.


Now that I’m riding my bike to work, it allows for a more restful day too.  I don’t feel rushed and/or anxious about when I’m going to squeeze in exercise (while still letting myself sleep in some) and my commute time is always the same.  For those unfamiliar with LA traffic, having a constant like that is invaluable. 

Biking to work means I can leave the apartment at 5:45 pm, arrive at the hospital at 6:15 pm, clean up, change into scrubs, relax, and I’m ready to get my nurse on when 7 pm rolls around.  Much better than guessing how the day’s 405/Wilshire drama is going to go down (my commute by car can take anywhere between 15 and 60 minutes, no joke).  That construction is getting to be too much stress! 

Next month they are closing the entire freeway down (July 15-18th) and the hospital is already looking to recruit staff to spend the night.  I predict a riot.  Or maybe a plot for J.J. Abrams’ next movie…


The only thing you need to know about this bowl of oats is that it was made with almost as much peanut butter and raisins as oats


The combo of PB&R (not to be confused with the beer PBR) makes breakfast (or early dinner in my case) taste like cookie dough. Anyone else think that raisins are very underrated in the oatmeal world?  Or maybe you never consider the rankings of breakfast ingredients like I do…  Eh.  Your loss. 


Work eats were packed, as per usual…


Sidekicks of mixed nuts, Three Sisters honey graham cereal (obsessed!!!), apples, and cherries.


Salad with veggies and grains galore, topped with chopped seitan


This salad was an everything in the fridge kind of situation.  In other words, a delicious, one-of-a-kind beast.  It fueled me all through the night.  Also, I had fun coworkers to work with, which always makes shifts fun and fast.

How is your work commute?  Do you drive?  Bus?  Subway?  Is it the same every day or does traffic come into play?


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Like I mentioned in my last post, I was on night shift last night.  It was a pretty crazy day all around.  Usually Mondays are pretty chaotic in general because the hospital tends to come to a stand-still over the weekend.  As a result, Mondays are full of catch-up tests and procedures and whatnot.  This weekend was extraordinarily busy with the LA marathon…especially since the hospital I work at is located at mile marker 18.  Given the extra admits (runners), the spillover lasted well into Monday, and so my shift last night was on the more active side. 


Before I headed to work I made a trail mix type snack with Quaker Oatmeal Squares (I got this mini sampler in the mail).


They are on the healthier end of the spectrum, although the serving size was pretty teeny tiny.  I felt like I was opening those Russian dolls because each package revealed a smaller and smaller container…finally I got to the actual cereal.  There was so little, I had to combine it with some other yummies (namely nuts and dried fruit).


I could eat this entire tub in one sitting.  It’s one of my riskier Costco purchases. 


There we go! 

Food was also packed to get me through the 12 hours.


Salad of leftovers (see below), Corazona’s Cranberry Flax Oatmeal Squares, my last apple (EEK!), candied ginger and a Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Larabar


So about that salad…


Once upon a time (Sunday night) I ate at Tender Greens…  This meal was so delicious it deserves it’s own post (and eventually I promise to get my act together and review this awesome restaurant).  Anyway, I ordered the Happy Vegan and had some green hummus and tabouli leftover, which thus made it’s way into my ensalada.


I tossed the leftover dips/toppings in with spinach, broccoli, and dried cranberries


On the way home I stopped in at Starbeezies for a decaf soy misto which I chugged in 3 minutes flat.  By the time I made it home, the coffee was gone, so I showered and crawled into bed…and didn’t wake back up until 11. 


As per youj, my single bowl of cereal turned into 6.  Also in typical Elise fashion, I showered once AGAIN because I wanted to warm up (I swear I’m cold blooded).  I rocked sweat pants, a sweat shirt, and knee high socks for the rest of the day until it was time to get ready for round two of PM work.


Before heading back to the office, I made a huge bowl of half oats half buckwheat.  At the end I tossed in frozen strawberries and blueberries


I love the way the fruit turns the hot cereal pink and purple. 


I added a scoop of peanut butter as an afterthought, and continued to add another few spoonfuls as I ate my way to the bottom of the bowl.


With a few peanut buttery graham crackers under my belt, I was ready to start my shift. 

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Happy (belated) St. Patrick’s Day!  I seriously forgot to wear green – yikes!  My grandpa would disown me if he knew such a thing!  This is also the first St. Patty’s in a long time that I didn’t celebrate with green beer.  I’ll try and make up for it this weekend.  But more on those plans later. 

I definitely had a rough time waking up yesterday morning.  It didn’t help that midnight came and went and I was still awake…

My alarm buzzed me back to life at 4:20, at which point Jillian and I got our sweat on.  [That sounds dirty] 


Since I had such success with this combo the previous day, I went for a repeat combo.  This time it was sans Attune cereals, but I made a mix as close to the OG version as I could with Love Grown Foods Cocoa Goodness granola plus Three Sisters Cereal Honey Puffs.  It was another brilliant breakfast combo and I made it til noon before my stomach needed more sustenance.  Baller. 

I had an apple as a snack since my lunch break wasn’t until 2 pm.


This beauty was what I had awaiting me when I finally broke free from my patients. 


Spinach, strawberries, alfalfa sprouts, avocado, pepitas, and balsamic vinegar.  100% amazing.


On the side I had an Alvarado Street tortilla dunked piece by piece into a mini-tub of Sabra hummus.  The tortilla and salad combo was a bit like a deconstructed wrap when eaten together.


Naturally, I packed half the produce aisle with me too, including a few cuties and a pair of galas.  This lunch I brought the pure green tea flavor of Ito-En Teas’ Tea.  Kinda strong for green tea, but maybe I am just a wuss.  I’m trying to decrease my stevia intake a bit, so the fact that their teas are unsweetened is nice.  The candied ginger is a given.  I’m probably on my 800th box at this point.  If I could grow it myself, I’d probably cut my Whole Foods bill in half.  No seriously.  It’s an addiction. 


The last piece of the above scene is the newest PROBAR.


Halo S’mores – The Sinfully Healthy Snack.  In a word: fabulous. 

Work was especially exhausting, made even more so by the fact that I had some patients with heart breaking diagnoses that required LOADS of attention.  When I have these kinds of cases, it’s a good (yet, sad) reminder to ditch my own unnecessary stresses.  Life is too short to worry about the ridiculous things that you can’t control.  [Sigh] 

I got home to a clean apartment and freshly folded laundry.  Now that’s a how you pick a husband.


Dinner doesn’t require much in the explanation department.  Butternut squash, red quinoa, falafel.


After a nail biting UCLA game, I was finally able to relax a bit.  I had seconds of the above meal, followed by a chocolate packed dessert.

I decided what this flavor of Love Grown Oat Clusters & Love reminds me of. 


Skor bar flavored oats!  Crispy, chocolaty, sweet, crunchy bliss. 


Love love love, love in my tummy!  So, I had 3 bowls to polish off the bag.  And now I’m off to pack!

Guess where we are headed this weekend.  Here’s a hint…

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