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If I had to summarized Monday through Thursday in a single post…well…I can’t, so I don’t know how to end that sentence.  But, where I was going with that intro was to say my week has been packed and amazing.

Highlights reel?  Sure, why not.

Monday slash Tuesday I had night shift stuff.  The only thing of note food-wise was how many berries I consumed over the course of the day. 


I have likely met my Vitamin C quota until October. 

I also made a pita pie (for those of you who keep asking about the-best-pita-ever, it’s from Whole Foods and the brand is called Turlock Pita Bread). 


My gorgeous pie was toasted then layered (generously) with Tropical Traditions coconut peanut butter and very thinly sliced golden delicious apples.


Any meal that has fewer than five ingredients, takes under five minutes to make, AND tastes this good should be illegal.  Or accepted into the Foodie Hall of Fame.  Is there such a thing?  Nope. 


I also did some late night therapy baking.  I find it a very soothing thing.  Just me and the oven, and the rest of the day fades away…


Kyle’s a big fan of these nights.  Unlike retail therapy, they don’t cut into our vacation rent funds, plus they yield delicious treats.  Who else uses cooking/baking in this way?


(Vegan) peanut butter and jelly thumbprint muffins.  Recipe on the way!

Wednesday morning wasn’t notably interesting, but I did make a really really yummy tropical smoothie.


I had it with a massive bowl of cherries (since the strawbeezies are done-zo).


I didn’t measure anything, but it had: light unsweetened soymilk (365), vanilla soy yogurt (Stonyfield), frozen tropical fruit mix (Costco), and some ice.


I tried to go slow and eat cherries in between, but you know I froze my brain up because I have no self control.

Of course to compensate I had to make some tea.  I may be having issues with my body core thermal regulation, because I always seem to be the temperature of whatever I’m eating.  Humans are supposed to be warm blooded.  I may be a lizard.  My poor patients have to deal with my frigid hands poking and prodding them (ok, ok, I’m not that rough).  Good thing I suck down coffee like a fiend all morning long which is when I do most of my assessments…at least the heat from that helps my hands stay a bit warmer.  I’m sure the fact that I’m cracked out of my mind and bouncing off the walls doesn’t even phase them. 


Fact: I drink Yogi tea more for the inspirational messages than the flavor of the tea.  This flavor happens to be Cocoa Mayan Spice.  It’s no Chai, but it fills the roll when my Tazo stash is on empty.


Wednesday afternoon we picked up our friend at the airport.  In our new car.  His name is Carson and he’s a new 2011 silver CRV.  Yes, we name all our cars.  Who doesn’t? 


The best feature is the cup holder in the door.  It fits a Kombucha perfectly.

After navigating our way back to Santa Monica (LA traffic wasn’t that bad actually), we immediately dropped off Dean’s luggage and walked to dinner.


Blue Plate is one of my absolute favorite places ever and I have been craving their falafel burger for a solid month now. 


We started with chips ‘n guac for the table.


Plus a nice white bean dip with bread crisps (on the house).


Kyle got the chicken & veggie soup and the falafel burger


Dean got the falafel burger with fries.


And I got the falafel burger on a salad with fresh greens, cucumber, carrots, sprouts and huge amounts of avocado


I used all the balsamic dressing, plus the remainder of the guacamole that wasn’t eaten with chips.  It would be a crime for avocado to go unclaimed!

SO GOOD.  There’s no two ways about it, Blue Plate makes a damn fine falafel.

Wii tennis and golf duels took up the remainder of the night.  We are party animals!


Thursday morning was not meant to start at 5 am, but that it did.  Why you ask?  Because we have crazy effing birds that crow incessantly like they are the alarm clock for the entire West Coast (and their home base happens to be directly outside our window).  The rage I was feeling…gah!  Let’s just say there’s probably never been a more conflicted vegan.  I may not be a member of PETA, but I’m still not into shooting down angry birds.  


In any event, our plans to got for a hike in Malibu were simply pushed forward a few hours.  So after a trip to WF for coffee and a picnic lunch, we headed off to Point Mugu State Park.


We had a fun hike.  It was relatively mild and only took a bit over an hour.  The weather wasn’t really cooperating, but if we had waited ‘til later on, the cloud cover probably would have blown off.  Sun or no sun, we enjoyed the views. 


After reaching the bottom again, we made our way to the beach for lunch. 


Not too bad of a view. 


I got a veggie sando from WF with hummus, avocado, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and mustard


I could’ve used more hummus, but that’s pretty much always the case.  In life.


The rest of the day was mellow.  We strolled on the Promenade, stopped by the Santa Monica Pier, watched some volleyball games, and enjoyed the sun that finally did show up.


For dinner there was no question about what we were making.  Dean simply HAD to try some home-made vegan waffles.


We tried out Surprisingly Vegan’s latest flavor and I have to say, it’s even better than the OG recipe.

They really are SO good.  Unfortunately, they take quite a while to make from scratch…and grinding and blending and mixing everything uses up just about every single appliance and counter space in our kitchen.  Needless to say, I’ll be glad when these babies finally hit shelves, because just-add-water is so much simpler. 

The good news is that by late summer they will be sold online!!!  Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to let you all know when, where, and how you can get your hands on them. 


Vegan, gluten-free, delicious, and nutritious.  :) 

If you’re wondering about the above creation, it’s a waffle ‘wich that I made with two waffle squares, blueberries and Follow Your Heart vegan cream cheese.  I had two servings.  And even though I was very full after my double serving, I didn’t feel like my stomach was coated in lead.  Heavenly!


And now I am getting ready for a Friday at the hospital.  Big salad, quinoa with tofu, Inka Crops corn nuts, apple (x2), Nana’s fudge bites – yep, it’s gonna be a good day. 


Lunch is packed and I have a breakfast of vegan waffles ready for early morning leftovers.  Yeah buddy. 


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My second night shift came and went without incident.  It was pretty much a dream 12 hours.  I staggered my way to the parking garage and arrived home just before 8 am to pass the car off to my better half (as in, the half that doesn’t crash the car).  Oh, did I not mention my little accident?  Twitter followers may have read the news, but for those who aren’t in the loop, I suck at driving. 

Don’t worry, I’m being slightly dramatic (I’m fine).  The passenger side door, on the other hand, wasn’t so lucky.  I got into an accident with a wall.  Big picture – it’s not that big of a deal.  But I’m still annoyed with myself.  For being such an aggressive driver, it’s actually kinda a miracle I’ve never been pulled over, gotten a speeding ticket, or had any accidents before…so to taint my pristine record with such a ridiculous thing is frustrating to say the least.  I’m not saying I’d rather have been in an accident with another vehicle.  When it comes to auto accidents, the phrase “go big or go home” definitely doesn’t apply.  It’s just so stupid to hit a stationary object!

Have you ever been in a car accident?  Have you ever hit a wall/pole/non-moving object? 

So back to yesterday’s night shift.

Before leaving for work, I enjoyed a slice of vegan coconut “cheesecake”.


This is pear and coconut perfection.  And it just keeps getting better and better.  Who says you can’t have dessert for dinner? 


There was fruit too. 


I’m out of spinach so the non-green appearance was a change up.  I doubled up the frozen strawberries which required extra almond milk (so that it would blend), and in the end, it tasted like a strawberry milk shake.  No complaints on my end. 

For work I packed the following eats:


Two apples and a couple of slices of Alvarado Street sprouted bread to soak up my black eyed pea masala leftovers


I steamed kale to bulk it up in the greens department, which was totally yummy with the masala flavors. 

If you want to know the truth, yes, bringing leftover Indian food to work was a daring move.  I’ll admit, I was nervous about how my body would deal, but I’m happy to report everything was A-ok.  And combined with the hearty bread, this meal kept my hunger at bay for the entire night. 

As per usual, I was peeing every 30 minutes on account of all the tea I was consuming.  And I’m proud to say, I had NO coffee last night and all but 2 mugs of tea were caffeine free.  Progress people. 

Consequently, my body was ready to crash when I got home.  So after I passed the car off to Kyle, I showered, PJed, put on my night vision goggles blackout mask and went to zzzzz.


I woke back up around 11, but still wasn’t ready to start the day.  With my fabulous sweatpants and sweatshirt, I looked like a home-less gray monster.  Isn’t it great that I could capture the essence of my morning in one photo?  Sweats.  Coffee.  Remote.  Are you there, Bravo?  It’s me, lazy.


Almost four seconds after the coffee was gone, I made some breakfast. 


Cooked (and then chilled) oats, apple cinnamon granola, blueberries, and almond milk.  I need to start remembering to prep overnight oats because waiting for them to cook and then chill is torture.  I’m not nearly patient enough.  Obviously I enjoy warm oats, but lately I’ve been craving my grains cold. 

I’m now gearing up for my first ever yoga class, for which I’m a big ball of nervousanxiousexcited.  Can you believe I’ve still not used my YogaWorks gift certificate from my birthday?!  Such a pansy.  I just wish I hadn’t done 50 minutes of Jillian’s Banish Fat Boost Metabolism yesterday because my muscles are already burnin’.  Maybe yoga is the perfect remedy, though. 

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Last night I saw a movie that affected me unlike any other has in a long time.

The Cove is a documentary that follows a team of activists, filmmakers and free-divers as they attempt to penetrate a remote and hidden cove in Taiji, Japan, to capture evidence of the slaughter that happens there.  The goal of the covert mission is to shed light on the town’s hideous secret.  The story is unforgettable and inspired me, saddened me, and I know it will stick with me forever.  Corruption.  Murder.  Massacre.  It’s horrifying to discover such gruesome activities exist.  And even worse that they are covered up by a government agency and the public doesn’t even know about it.

The film won the Academy Award in 2009 for Best Documentary.  If you haven’t seen it, please do.  It’s very intense, but needs to be shared.

I never intended to become a vegan for animal rights.  My decision to eat a plant-based diet was/is primarily based on (a) the health benefits and (b) the improvement in my GI discomfort (and reduction of IBS flare-ups).  The eco-friendly impact and ethical treatment of animals are merely added bonuses.  But after seeing this film, it’s hard not to react with outrage and disgust.  I’m still processing it all…

If you have seen The Cove, what were your thoughts?  If you haven’t, it’s available on Netflix on demand.

Anyway, now I’ll get to the weekend food wrap-up.


Organic ricemilk is currently on sale at Whole Foods (along with almond milk and other non-dairy milks).  I decided to give it a try and I was shocked at how much I liked it!?  Usually I try to ease myself into new things with the sweetened, flavored varieties (almond milk took me a while to get used to).  Then, once my taste buds have adjusted to the flavor and consistency of a nutmilk’s sweet vanilla version, I wean myself to a more pure and wholesome form (not that I take issue with the aforementioned flavors, but I generally prefer the least number of ingredients possible).  This 365 organic ricemilk required none of that.  I liked it right off the bat.


I first had it with this breakfast bowl.


Vanilla almond granola + banana + pear + cinnamon + coconut.


Everything about this bowl was stellar.


After digestion occurred, I went for a run along the beach.  I started slow, but by the end of it, I really hit my stride and finished the last mile+ at a fairly fast pace.

For lunch I was craving greens in bulk and I knew a big a$$ salad was the only way to satisfy my hunger.  So I decided to make a tupperware beast.


I realize it’s a bit weird to eat out of tupperware when you are at home, but there’s actual logic behind this decision…and that is the shake ‘n bake dressing coating ability that tupperware affords.


Having a lid is key because I want each and every bite of my salad to have dressing.  No leaf left behind, right Mr. Bush.


Layering from the bottom up: spinach, bell peppers, carrots, roasted butternut squash, steamed cauliflower, leftover WF tofu.


Then I added in BBQ sauce and roasted red pepper hummus and shook it like a Polaroid picture.



Post-lunch, Kyle got back from campus and we took a stroll to the Promenade.  Mindless wandering turned into window shopping turned into wish list making.  Of course this is all thanks to the iPhone coming to Verizon.

When we got home it was almost dinner time.  But since  I had a soy misto on the way home, I really didn’t have much going on in the appetite department.


Hmmmm…out of indecision boredom, I snacked on a gala while debating what to make.  I only took a picture because I thought it was especially pretty with it’s cute little red stripe.

Cut to a few hours later.  It was almost 8 o’clock and I still had no clue what I felt like eating.  That’s a lie.  What I wanted wasn’t a real meal.


Here’s what I ended up eating.


Apparently my sweet tooth cravings have been replaced with salty ones.

It started innocently enough.  I poured a small bowl to snack on…which turned into several bowls…which turned into the entire bag.  Roasted salt is addicting!!

Fortunately, I saved a few to add to a real meal because my body needs food of substance.


Rolled oats with frozen peas, fresh chopped carrots, nutritional yeast, and cashini butter.  Hello B12!


After stirring it all up together, I added the last few cashews.


No dessert needed after this hearty meal!  I was full all the way ‘til late Saturday morning.

Rather than show the exact same breakfast (if it ‘aint broke…), I’ll skip straight to Saturday’s lunch.


I know what you’re thinking.  Veggie burger.  Hummus.  Snooze.  It’s true.  But I was in a hurry to get to the beach, so I didn’t care about making some elaborate meal.

I feel guilty showing photos of the incredible weather, so just picture miles and miles of sunshine, sand and ocean.


When I got home from the beach, I cooled off with a refreshing green brown monster.


This was my first time adding in Spirulina and I have to say, it was pretty yummy!  It’s definitely not flavorless; there’s a distinct green taste to it.  But if you’re the kind of person who enjoys the flavor of spinach and kale in your smoothies (I do), then I think you’d be all about this stuff.  The benefits are outstanding.

Spirulina is actually a blue-green alga (and as a bio geek I feel compelled to dispel the myth that these are related to algae).  I won’t get uber-nerd on you, but they are classified differently from seaweed.

The reason it is such an amazing supplement is simple.  It has an unparalleled nutritional profile.  Are you ready for these truly impressive stats?

Spirulina is a complete protein, containing all essential amino acids and an unusually high amount of protein (between 55% and 77% by dry weight).  This makes it a vastly superior plant-based protein.

Spirulina is also rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.  And when it comes to health benefits, I would have to write an essay to do it justice.  Needless to say, this is one packed little cyanobacteria!


Frozen papaya, mango, spinach, ice, ricemilk, and spirulina.


Healthy and delish.


If you’re not into the “green” flavor of smoothies, extra fruit and stevia easily mask this, so you can still get the benefits without forcing yourself to choke down blended veggies.

Saturday’s dinner was the black eyed pea masala dish that I already posted.  So now I’m off to enjoy some football.  Go Packers!!

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Is it January?

East Coast readers avert your eyes.


This is the morning view from our rooftop.  I went upstairs in a tank top and boxers after pouring my first cup of joe.  And it’s mid-January. 

I couldn’t even finish my coffee because it was too hot!


Instead, I made some fresh lemonade with stevia and the juice from one whole lemon. 


With temps in the high 70’s there’s only one thing to do!


Bust out the blender.


Green monster time!!

My perfect summer LA winter smoothie included:

  • 1/2 cup almond milk
  • fist of spinach
  • 1/2 cup frozen tropical fruit (mango, strawberries, papaya)
  • 1/2 frozen banana
  • 4-5 ice cubes
  • stevia (optional, to taste)


It was absolutely delightful. 


And that’s all I have for this Friday.  I have big plans to soak up the sun for the next few days.  And football.  Obviously. 

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Clean eats with minimalist descriptions.  Ready, set, blog.


Pumpkin Pie smoothie


Toast with “cream cheese” and cinnamon.


I have mixed feelings about Tofutti cream cheese.  It’s got an odd saltiness to it that can sometimes make for an unexpected flavor, but it’s great for subbing into pasta dishes. 


It does melt when it meets warm bread, which is a win in my book.  🙂



Self explanatory addiction.


Ditto to the above.


Avocado + pea mash up


It’s not easy being green…when avocado is involved. 


On toasted sprouted bread.  


My night shift work eats were identical to yesterday’s so I won’t re-post them… I had a more active night, complete with a 2 am heart attack.  Patient is stable now, but it kept me busy.  I slept most of the morning, but I work day shift tomorrow so I will be trying to trick my body back into a normal schedule with an 8 pm bed time tonight. 


Batch #2 of hippie-roons

Just a few more days to enter my coconut giveaway!!

Ciao for now. 

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I actually didn’t take too many pictures at the tasting pavilion because I was busy, well, tasting! 


Here are the ones I do have, supplemented with ones borrowed from my roommates Danica, Holly, Susan, and Janetha.


Before heading into the tasting, Kyle and my sister joined up with me (I’m not the only foodie in my family).  :) 


So stripe-y.  We took some photos in the sunshine…and then the clock struck one and it was time to go. 

Waiting for the event to start reminded me of being in a corral before a running race.  We were all ushered up to the entrance with our ears craned in anticipation of the go-ahead.  And a runner is the nicer of the two analogies that came to mind, because it was also very much like we were a bunch of cattle being herded into the slaughterhouse (hideous, right?).  Sorry.  

Either way, once the flood gates opened, there was definitely a mini-stampede to get to the food.  Ha!  


First on the menu was 479 popcorn – a company I had never heard of until the festival.  I was a little daring, trying the Ginger Sesame & Caramel flavor.  It tasted mostly like caramel corn, and I didn’t really taste much in the ginger or sesame department.  I got a sample to take home in my swag bag so I’m looking forward to trying out another flavor.


Frog Hollow Farm had cheese and pear platters set out, plus they gave us all a bag with granola, dried fruit, and some other goodies.  I tried the pears, but couldn’t really say if it was anything extraordinary.  I was hungry, so of course it tasted good.  I do have a fresh pear sample from their farm still, so that may be a second shot for a review.


There were a LOT of different wine vendors.


Seriously, the booze to food ratio was really surprising!  There were nearly the same number of alcohol brands as food companies. 

I think I had more of Jakq’s cabernet than any other wine.  And what’s better than pairing a nice glass of red with some nibbles and bites…


This table provided most of the food for my wine pairings.  I practically had to tackle other bloggers to get my plate of dried figs, apricots, salted cashews, raw almonds, crackers, and grapes.


When it came to Alexia Foods’ goodies, there was a rather extensive line.  I thought I was so clever waiting until later in the day to return to the stand, but when I finally made my way back, there was only one flavor left (Carolina BBQ Sweet Potato).  Flavor-wise I liked it, but the inside was mushy.  Maybe because they made them in bulk?  However, the whole point of Alexia’s stand was to have us, as foodies, taste and review all four new flavors to help choose a favorite (which, in theory, will be the next product they launch).  Difficult to do after trying just one flavor…

Anyways, I definitely like the idea of frozen sweet potato fries, so I am excited to use my coupons for a free package.


The recipes for these shortbread biscuits and apple squash soup were definitely amazing.  I tip my hat to you Tyler Florence.  They made me one without the crème fraiche on top.  I got a copy of the recipe and it seems so simple.  I added it to the ever growing to-make list. 


Fresh Express had a stand too.  Finally, some greens!! 

After the morning session sponsored by Fresh Express, I was happy to get the opportunity to ask them about their product.  You see, I don’t really like bagged salad mixes or lettuces.  I’ve never seen an organic variety by Fresh Express, which is a major negative in my eyes.  Also the plastic bags produce way too much waste for my liking.  And even if the bags weren’t made of plastic, they still use a ton of fuel to ship them all over the country. 

I prefer local organic lettuce.  The impact on the Earth is negligible in comparison, and the lettuce is better.  Sorry Fresh Express, I’m just saying what I think. 

In their defense(ish), they did have a new bag design on display with less plastic, but I’m still am not a fan because it will never be more eco-friendly to buy a bag of lettuce that has been shipped from some farm factory who-knows-where.  Buy local!  Buy organic! 

The salad wasn’t anything super creative.  It had quinoa in it, which was a nice effort to be unique.  The dressing was weird though, and there was something oddly smoky/bacon-y about it.  Hmmm…


Cupcakes are such a fad right now. 

Which is good news for Mission Minis.


And guess what!?  This time they had a vegan flavor!  Good news for me.


The ones on the right in the above photo were the vegan “cupcakes.”  I used quotations because they weren’t really true cupcakes.  In my opinion, cupcakes are defined by two very distinct characteristics; (a) their thick frosting layer of icing and (b) their fluffy cakey-y base. 

These were more or less small banana bread bites.  There wasn’t frosting (boo) and the inside reminded me of banana bread, not dessert cake.  I don’t mind banana bread, so it was all good in my book, but don’t call it a vegan cupcake, because it’s not. 


Now that’s a cupcake.





Next on the menu, some real food. 

The line to get the tacos was INSANELY long.  As in, tick tock half an hour later I still haven’t moved any closer. 


It was worth the wait though.  They had every single topping imaginable!  Mango, avocado, pineapple, pico de gallo salsa, jicima, a squeeze of lime, and who-knows-what-else on top of corn tortillas and wild Alaskan salmon

Second to the Tyler Florence soup and biscuit combo, this was my fave. 


After lunch, it was time for (more) dessert.


Annie the Baker!


This is a borrowed photo.  I only tried the peanut butter flavor.  It was like cookie dough it was so dense.  Wowzers. 


The last thing I sample were the Lactaid smoothies.  The avocado vanilla one (middle) tasted like a combo of guacamole and a vanilla pudding Snack Pack.  Totally weird.  The pumpkin one (far right) was insanely thick.  It actually had a really good flavor going on, but it wasn’t cold.  Room temperature smoothies aren’t my thing.

All in all, there were kinda a large number of misses in my opinion.  Again, I wasn’t overly impressed with the vegan options.  Maybe I’m being super critical, but it just wasn’t as great as I thought it would be.  I mean, I get samples in the mail all the time, and I rarely have anything negative to say about them.  Whereas reading back on this post, I feel like Debbie Downer.  Let me assure you that I enjoyed myself and would do it all over again. 

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My morning started with this newbie.


To me, “Au Naturel”…is the classy way of saying “hippie food”…so clearly this was right up my alley. 


Like the rest of Udi’s products, this granola is gluten free.  It also happens to be dairy free, soy free, nut free, and egg free (it’s is not vegan because it contains honey).


The only ingredients are certified gluten free oats, wildflower honey and canola oil.  That’s it!  THREE ingredients.  No wonder they call it Au Naturel…


I packed myself a tupperware full of granola to add to my (unpictured) plain greek yogurt for my work breakfast. 

The flavor was simple, but good.  It had that signature crunch that tasted toasted, and not the least bit stale.  I like my granola crunchy because then it has the ability to be used for many things.  If you want to soak it in milk, it can soften up like oats and be enjoyed like cereal, but if you want to eat it with greek yogurt or add it into a trail mix, it’s definitely better to have a more crunchy consistency.  What’s your favorite way to eat granola?


The rest of my pre-packed eats included an apple, carrots, and big salad…plus an unpictured tub of hummus and (aforementioned) greek yogurt


Love me a kale-face salad.  It had kale, avocado, bell peppers, carrots, and dried cranberries.


Que grande!

Work was work, nothing too thrilling about it, but I am so excited to officially be done with orientation.  Starting next week I will be nursing for real.  For real for real.  Having patients.  Finally!  Yesssss. 

I got home from work in the afternoon, so I made use of my Udi’s gluten free granola – this time jazzing it up with carob chips, raisins, and salty roasted nuts


Trail mix at it’s finest.  I refilled this tupperware more than once ;)  It was too tasty!  As a result, I was not remotely hungry once dinnertime rolled around.  Instead of making a meal, I decided to make a smoothie.  Not just an ordinary smoothie though.  A tofu & protein powder based treat that was so delicious, it could have passed as dessert, but was still nutrient dense enough to pass as dinner. 


I know there are many pumpkin recipes going around the blog world right now (with everything from baked goods, to lattes, to hearty entrees), so I’m sure my inspiration came from many of them.  But in terms of following a recipe, I just winged it based on what I had on-hand.  In the end it tasted JUST like pumpkin pie, so I will show you exactly what I put in.


Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

  • 1/2 cup non-dairy milk (I used So Delicious coconut milk)
  • 1/2 block (6 oz.) silken tofu (I used Mori-Nu light)
  • 3/4 cup (~1/2 can) pumpkin puree (I used Libby’s)
  • 1 tsp cocoa powder (I used Hershey’s)
  • 1 serving vanilla protein powder of choice (I used Vega vanilla chai)
  • 1 tsp cinnamon (I used a lot more)
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla (I used ~4 drops of NuNaturals vanilla stevia)
  • sweetener of choice* (I used ~2 tbsp agave nectar because I like things sweeeeeeeet)
  • 1/2 cup ice cubes

*optional depending on how sweet you want your pie smoothie


Blend away.


It was eerie how similar to actual pumpkin pie this tasted.  Even Kyle was blown away, and he’s a pie fiend.  He also said it was perfect if you have a sweet tooth (guilty!). 


This smoothie recipe may cause me to buy stock in Libby’s.  I’m going to be having this every day from now until I can’t find anymore canned pumpkin. 



Before I sign off to enjoy the gorgeous weather goin on right now, I want to be sure you all click this link to vote for my girl Kailey…she’s the diva of all divas and 100% deserves this job.  So go to the site and help her win the opportunity to do what she loves (while getting a paycheck).

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